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Kickplot - Sparknanator

Follow the adventures of a young stallion who wants to be a real life superhero.

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Chapter 13





Days had passed since Nova had heard news of Red Mist, and now he had to do something. It was something he’d been telling himself that he’d do for a while, but had never had the courage. He was in costume and climbing in a window, specifically Spring’s window. He was finally gonna tell her the whole truth before things got too out of hand.

It took what felt like years, when in fact it had only been a month or so. “Hey Spring.” he said over the sound of her mane-dryer, slipping through the window. “It’s me Nova, I’m Kickplot!” He was dense sometimes seeing as he kept talking even though Spring wasn’t replying. “And I’m straight, alright?”

It was if Celestia had been watching only to give him a punch to the face. Spring screamed when she turned around. She quickly grabbed her hair spray and began spraying Nova in the eyes. “Who the fuck are you?!” She grabbed one of her golf clubs and began hitting him. “How did you get in here?!” Obviously she didn’t believe this guy was the real deal.

Just as she went to get her father's bat to hit him again, Nova backed up, rubbing his burning eyes. “Wait wait wait!” He quickly pulled off his mask. “It's me, so please don’t hit me again!”

“Nova? What the hell? Why are you dressed like Kickplot? And why are you in my room?!”

“I am Kickplot” He was thankful she didn’t hear the last bit of his speech. “And I’m not gay!” He felt the bat hit him. He knew something like that would happen and it still hurt.

“You aren’t… but you...” Spring sat down. “What the hell?”

“I’ll just leave...” Nova walked to the door, only to be stopped.

Spring gave him a look; one he hadn’t expected. “Don’t go that way. My dad is downstairs.” She smiled. “But maybe you should just stay,” Spring winked, “you know, stay the night.”

“Like those sleepovers we had?”

Spring could only facehoof. “Yes, but more grown up.” Nova grinned. In his head he was thanking everypony from Celestia to Sombra for this gift. For once he had a lucky break.


“Hail?” Ignis looked around for his daughter. “Where are you?” He poked his head in her room, seeing no sign of the filly. “Haily?” He sang, knowing how much that tended to annoy her. When he walked into the weapons room he saw her grinning over a crate. “What are you doing in here?” He stopped when he saw it.

“I just got done!” Hail grinned “Looks fucking sweet. doesn’t it?” She asked. having just attached two gatling guns to the device/

“Yes it does.” He couldn’t wait. “But that wasn’t why I was looking for you.” He sat down in front of a small cup of coco. “Just three more days until we take on Sceleri.”

“Oh, hell yeah!” Hail grabbed a throwing star and expertly threw it into the head of the painted picture of Sceleri. They were as ready as they were gonna be.


Nova sat back in his costume, reading the letters. He wasn’t sure how news had spread to that address so fast, but it had spread like wildfire. He levitated a red envelope, slightly surprised. He had never received one with a different color before. When he opened it things started making sense.

“Red Mist…” He read the letter and inside was a match, almost like the one that Big Daddy and Hit-Filly had given him, but this one was a crimson red. From what the letter had said, Red Mist just wanted to meet up and possibly fight some crime with him, and knowing how popular Red Mist was, Nova decided not to turn him down. It could help Kickplot’s image if he was seen teaming up with Red Mist, so Nova decided to write back.

He named a location, a time, and a date.


As the days passed, Nova was growing more and more anxious about meeting somepony he had helped inspire. He wasn’t sure if he should talk to him like somepony would a fan, or as another hero, or as just another pony.

“Hello, Kickplot.” He nearly jumped out of his skin and turned around. When he did, Red Mist jumped off a dumpster. “Ah shit! That hurt!” He hopped around for a second, holding a sore knee. “I gambled and I lost. Shit, that hurts!”

“Uhh, hi, Red Mist.” Nova raised an eyebrow, wondering how in the world somepony like that had managed to catch a crime boss. “So, how do we do this?” He chuckled, ignoring Mist’s awkward pain.

After another moment, Mist composed himself. “Well, follow me and I’ll show you something.” He began walking and Nova quickly followed in suit. When they got out of the alley, Nova saw something that he had only read about and seen in movies. It was a magic powered buggy of sorts. He’d remembered reading about many years ago two scam artists having something like it. This one was more high tech and sleek. They’d began growing popular in big cities such as Manehattan. It was a dark red with black stripes on it, and some sort of little holes.

“Come on and get in.” Nova did just that and instantly he saw Red Mist’s horn glowing an orange color. In moments the buggy began moving.

“So listen, I got this report about some creepy ass stallion following a mare home every night.” Red Mist said, levitating something else, something that Nova would thankfully have no part in. “Want to check it out?” Red Mist took a massive hit of it. “Oh shit where are my manners? You want a hit?” He asked. Nova just shook his head in response. “Well, if you’re sure.”

“Yeah, no thanks.” Nova knew this was going to take a long time, plus he couldn’t wait to see how Red Mist held himself in a fight… It was still probably better than Nova did all he did was swing and get lucky. Then again, Mist just got done losing to gravity.

Nova’s ears twitched when he heard something on the radio. It was an old Sapphire Shores song, and his head began bobbing along to the music. When he looked he saw Red Mist doing the same thing

Before he knew it they were both singing off key like a couple of tone deaf coltsm but that didn’t matter. It helped kill time.

“Oh shit!” Nova’s head snapped over to Red Mist. When he looked he saw a lumber selling place on fire. “Come on! There are ponies in there!” Without a second thought, the colt lunged out of the buggy and towards the building.

Author's Note:

Wowzers its been a while! But I'm sort of to blame I kind of melted Blue Breeze's brain with the amount of chapters (and puns) I sent his way but soon this story will be over and then...well spoilers

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