• Published 2nd Jul 2014
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Kickplot - Sparknanator

Follow the adventures of a young stallion who wants to be a real life superhero.

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Chapter 1





“Nova, this is the last time I am telling you to wake up!” A shaded grey pegasus, known as Shadow Breeze, nearly shouted. “Your mother has breakfast on the table!” Shadow said, banging on his son’s door.

Nova groaned, covering his face with his pillow. “Just five more minutes dad, I swear I will be up.” Nova said, not ready to wake up.

“You’ve been saying that for over two hours now so get up!” Shadow stated before walking away.

Nova levitated his pillow off his face; reaching over to his bedside table, he started feeling around for his glasses while grumbling. “Ah, found them!” He stated before quickly levitating his glasses, in his magenta aura, in one swift motion. Nova threw his bedsheets off himself then he let out one more yawn before getting up. Nova opened his door, seeing his father coming to his room with an annoyed look on his face. “Told you I was getting up.” Nova sang to his father, trotting downstairs he could smell pancakes.

He yawned once more as he came into the kitchen, “Good morning, sweetie.” His mother, Evening Breeze, said in her normal cheery voice

“Good morning, Mom.” Nova said as he started making his plate. “So, any plans today?” He asked.

Evening shook her head, “Nope. Just work and come home.”

Nova rolled his eyes a bit as he took a bite of his food. Looking over, he nearly facehooved. Getting back up, he opened a cabinet, grabbed a mug, and filled it with coffee. Sitting back down, he continued to eat. He looked at a nearby clock to check the time, nearly groaning. He did not want to go to school as always. Quickly chugging his coffee, Nova got up before giving his mom a hug, “Bye Mom, love you” Nova said, levitating his saddlebags on.


Yawning once more, Nova trotted through the streets, seeing some of the street lamps turning off while Celestia’s sun was still rising. He couldn’t wait for the day to be over so that way he could relax a bit. Looking around a bit more, he could see ponies waking up just as the school came into view. He picked his pace up a bit.

While walking, he noticed his two friends, Golden Glory and Lime Wire, waving. He quickly trotted up to them. The three started talking immediately as they trotted through the school’s door. Nova went to his locker, opening it, “So yeah, my dad yelled at me again this morning.” Nova complained.

Golden groaned, rolling his eyes, “Dude, it’s because he is trying to wake you up.” He said “And trust me, I’ve seen it before, you are just lazy.”

“I beg to differ!” Nova stated, clearly insulted by such an accusation, even though it was true. He levitated his books and notebooks out of his locker, putting them in his saddlebags. “I am not looking forward to history today, I forgot to study...” Nova scoffed.

“Why not just look at somepony else’s paper?” Lime asked.

“Because, if my dad found out he would probably kill me.” Nova said with a deadpanned expression. “You know how he gets.” Nova said while walking to his classroom, already dreading the next eight hours.


Nova stood at his locker, slamming his head on it in a constant motion. Golden just rolled his eyes at his friend, “What's wrong?” he asked.

Nova slammed his head on his locker one final time, “I forgot they mailed report cards out! I just hope my mom gets ahold of it before my dad does.” Nova said “She is a bit more lenient with these types of things.”

“And your dad?” Lime asked

Nova slammed his head again, “He is so uptight that I swear he wasn’t allowed to do anything but work since he was born if he found out… Celestia knows what he’d do to me.”

“Hey, I know what will cheer you up!” Golden said poking Nova.


Nova laughed when they walked into ‘The Forbidden Planet.’ It was one of Manehattan’s only comic book stores. It was a shame really because it was such a long trek from the school to it, but in the end, it was all worth it. Nova looked around, seeing a new issue of Power Ponies. He levitated it and frowned a bit. They had somehow managed to bring back the Mane-iac

As much as he loved the Power Ponies comics, it always bothered him how they somehow found a way to bring back the same villain. Rolling his eyes, Nova sat down at the small booth that Golden and Lime had managed to get.

“Well, I’ll give it to you both, this did manage to cheer me up a bit.” Nova stated, feeling uplifted.

The group began talking while waiting to be called for their order. As always, Nova had gotten a small order of hayfries and a coffee. He knew he’d need it to keep awake the rest of the day. “Hey guys?” Nova started getting their attention “N-never mind” He said chuckling at his own thought he smiled when their food was brought over to them normally they would have to get up and go to grab it but every once in a while one of the workers who had gotten to know them would be working and bring the group’s order to them

With a small sigh, Nova began to eat


After a few hours in the comic store, Nova had opted to go home. As he reached it, he opened the door as silently as he could, hoping to get upstairs to his room.

“Nova, welcome home.” Evening said, greeting her son. She knew exactly what he was going to try and do, so she had waited in the living room for him. “Did you have a good day?” She asked.

Cursing under his breath, Nova turned to his mother. “Uh yeah, it was alright.” Nova said hoping to escape from his mother. As much as he loved her, sometimes she smothered him. “You know Mom, sometimes it scares me at how cheerful you are.”

“And it scares me at how much you are like your father.” Evening quipped back, causing Nova to cringe. Evening smirked, she knew Nova better than he knew himself sometimes. “You know there is a movie coming on,” Evening said, “And I think you might like it”

Nova shook his head. “No thanks, Mom. I want to do something,” Nova said, seeing his mom frown from his words.

“I just thought you might like it,” Evening said, giving Nova the puppy dog eyes, “I know how you love all of that comic book stuff and from what I read this is right up your alley.”

“If you promise to stop doing that, I’ll agree!” Nova said, avoiding eye contact

“Deal,” Evening said, giggling, “I’ll make some popcorn.” The mother left the room to the kitchen to get the snacks going, with Nova nodding in response.

Given some free time, the colt walked into his room and placed his saddle bags down. Before turning to leave his room, he suddenly stopped “Wait a second,” He mumbled, “Did I just get hassled by my mom?”

Author's Note:

Well then I hope you all liked the first chapter! Now I've had this story in planning for a while and I do not intend to use canon characters so I hope you all liked it

And I want to thank my buddy Blue Breeze. He's been, and still is, a big help with this story. You all should go check him out!