• Published 23rd Aug 2013
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Sweetie Belle Gains a Soul - Bad Dragon

In her darkest hour, Sweetie Belle finds salvation, but it comes with a terrible curse.

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40 - Plan Set in Motion

I gazed upon the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle before me. It was too late to turn back. I knew that I was bound for greater things, and Twilight stood in my path.

Within my saddlebag, I carried a threat note. I had wanted to write it in Clonie’s blood to make it more threatening, but I remembered that Twilight would be the receiver, so I decided against the red. Gluing the text together with torn out letters from books would surely be far more threatening to her.

It had taken me several last pages to tear out all the letters that I needed. Nopony ever reads the author’s notes anyway, but Twilight wouldn’t know that those were the pages I had used.

Hoof by hoof, I crawled closer from the side of the castle. I kept away from the main path to avoid being seen. Just when I approached the doorstep, I heard a squishy sound below me. My foreleg would have sunk if I wouldn’t tense up the other three legs. When I looked down, I noticed that I stood in a mud puddle. Twilight must have had her flowers watered that day; the earth beneath me was soaking wet. It was probably Spike who left the water running and forgot about it.

After escaping the mud trap, I made it to the entrance on the top of the stairs. The door to the castle was new. There were no bumps and bruises in it yet. That’s how I knew I haven’t encountered it before. I slowly pressed against the handle and pushed forward. It didn’t budge. The door was locked.

I wouldn’t let myself be stopped by a little obstacle such as that. With magic on my side, I was going to make an example out of the door by opening it.

While I lit up the horn, I stuck out my tongue and gently bit on it to help me focus. I spread out the channels into the lock, feeling the mechanism. I had no idea how locks work, so I bit harder on my tongue to compensate for that disability.

“Who!” Sounded above me.

I flinched, charging up my channels.


I cut off my magic and looked toward the door. There was a hole where the lock had used to be.

Spike yelled out from within the castle. “Zombies! Zombies are attacking. Barricade the doors and windows!”

I pulled in my tongue and clenched my teeth. Things weren’t going as stealthy as I had planned. I looked up to spot the meddling owl, but it was already gone.

“I thought Zombies are dumb,” Spike yelped from a room far in the castle. “How did they manage to avoid my mud trap?”

They were on to me! I had to hurry.

“Is anypony there?” Twilight yelled down the hallway.

I wanted to say something that would make her think that nopony was invading her castle. Yet, nothing convincing enough came to mind, so I risked blowing my cover by not saying anything at all. My focus was needed for shoving the letter through the hole. Being a mailmare required some delicate work, but I also had to do it as fast as possible or I could get caught in the act.

“Don’t yell at them!” Spike exclaimed. “They’re attracted to noise.”

The sharp edges of the door made cuts into the paper.

“So that’s what you hear whenever I read aloud through your chore list. Just noise.”

“Pst! You’re making noise again. They’ll come for us if they hear you.”

“Good! I want to meet whoever woke me up in the middle of the night!” Twilight said.

Just when I managed to push most of it through the opening, the kindling part of the door infected the paper with hotness, and it also started to burn. I blew at it, but that sent the paper forth to the other side of the door. Through the hole, I saw that the fire wasn’t blown out but was spreading to the rest of my note.

“We don’t have any brains!” Spike yelled out.

I tried opening the door again. It was still locked, despite the whole handle missing.

“Firstly, Spike, that’s a lie. Secondly, you do know that there, probably, aren’t any zombies out there, right? Just step away from the door so I can inspect the rattle, please.”

“You said probably. Why did you say probably, Twilight? I was right, wasn’t I? There are zombies on the lawn!”

There wouldn’t be much of the threat note left if I failed to get myself inside and save it from burning up. It was time for the drastic measures. I needed to make the hole in the door bigger so that I could jump through it and put out the fire.

Taking a few steps back, I aimed with my horn and fired.


The whole door got blasted into the castle. A loud boom roared and echoed through the hallways.

“They’re not just on our lawn. They’re inside!” Spike screamed in a high-pitched voice. “The zombies are coming for my special brain!”

After jumping in the foyer, I looked under a charred wooden plank. The letter wasn’t on the previous spot. It must have gotten blown away by the blast. I didn’t have time for lollygagging! I needed to get myself out of there as soon as possible. The point of leaving a note for somepony is that you aren’t there when it gets read!

“Zombies don’t make explosions, Spike…”

Still, I needed to find the paper so I could put it in a visible spot. I spun around in circles, trying to locate a piece of white in the dark.
“How would you know?” Spike whimpered. “What if they explode when they get close enough.”

The floor was slippery because of all the mud under my hooves. “There!” I saw it in the corner. I tried to stop spinning, but the mud wouldn’t let me. That was very bad because the letter still kindled. It was important that I get to it as quickly as possible.

“Ugh! Just step away from the door and let me investigate the noise, Spike.”

First, I spat on the letter then trampled it with both forehooves. They were muddy, which was a good thing because the mud smothered the fire.

“That’s when they get you; when you try to escape,” Spike said.

The mud got the letter dirty, which was bad, but it was easy to pick up the paper because it stuck to the mud on my forehoof.

Twilight loudly sighed. “You can’t possibly know how they’d react if we ran, Spike.”

I carried the letter to the middle of the hallway where Twilight would surely find it.

“Are you saying there’s no escape for us? But I’m too young to die. I’m a dragon! I should outlive everypony.”

The mud then proved bad because I couldn’t get the letter off my hoof.

“You’re not going to die, Spike...”

“Are you saying I’ll get turned into an undead, as well? What will become of my complexion? My beautiful scales… Will they fall off? Rarity won’t be able to call me scales anymore. What will she think of me? Oh, oh! Maybe I should turn her into a zombie also, and we could half-live together forever. We’re gonna need to find some brains to sustain us, though. Yet, not any will do. Only the best brain can sate her delicate taste. Hmm...”

“Why are you looking at me like that, Spike. You’re not a zombie yet...”

“You said ‘yet’! Why did you say ‘yet’? My fate is sealed; I knew it!”

When I pressed on it with the other hoof, the letter stuck to it. “Ugh!”

“Spike, if you don’t let me pass, I’ll move you by force!”

I plunged my tush on the muddy floor and charged my horn. A magic force field spread across both forelegs. I pushed it forward and it freed me of the mud.

A moment later, Spike exclaimed, “Hey! That could have ripped out my tail if I wasn’t still alive.”

The mud formed a turd-like structure on the floor. Within it was my wrinkled, smoking letter. “Good enough!”

“Watch out, zombies! I’m seeking Twilight on you!”

I turned toward the exit and jumped.

“What am I? Your dog?” Twilight groaned. Hoofsteps tapped on the hallway. She was coming closer!

“Sick ‘em, Twilight!”

My hooves slipped on the mud and I fell face-first onto the dirty floor.

“Go on, make yourself useful, Twilight! It’s situations like this why I keep you around.”

“Wait, did I hear this right? You keep me around?”

“Of course, what did you think our relationship is based on?” Spike asked.

“Oh, you’re in for a long talk after this!”

Spike didn’t reply, but instead yelled down the hallway, “She’s an ex-librarian!” With lowered voice he continued. “The quiet kind!”

I hoofed at the floor, sliding myself toward the exit.

“What in Celestia’s name are you implying, Spike?”

“Don’t feel down, Twi. It’s obvious you don’t have it in you, but they don’t know that.”

I managed to roll myself on all fours. Unlike in my last attempt, I tried walking a few steps first before plunging into a gallop. “I do, too, have it in me!” A hoof impacting the floor boomed down the hallway. “And now that we’ve established my lack of lacking, please tell me what it is that I have in me!”

“She’s coming after you, zombies!” Spike yelled. “You should just explode right away before she gets down there. I wouldn’t want to be in your place right now!”

“Ugh! Just go hide under the bed, Spike.”

“Okay...” he said simply.

The letter delivery proved much tougher than I had anticipated. I wondered how Derpy Hooves managed the delivery for every house in Ponyville. No wonder we kept having to change doors. They really should invent some kind of a box in which ponies could deliver their letters to. There probably wouldn’t even have been a need for me to break into the castle if I were living in such technologically advanced future.

I ran past the castle’s mailbox.

“Whoever’s down there, you better have a good excuse for all the kerfuffle.” The voice grew louder and so too did the clopping of hooves. I needed to make myself scarce fast.

The nearest bush was still a few leaps away. I could make it!

“For crying out loud, my new door!”

I plunged into the bush just before the light from Twilight’s horn illuminated it. I ducked down and observed her through the branches.

“Sweetie Belle, was that you? If you wanted to make a point you could have just said it to my face, you know?” She turned around and directed her horn light back into the hallway. “Wait a moment… What’s this here?” She swung around. “Sweetie Belle, did you just take a dump in my castle!?! Ugh! That’s beyond indecent!”

I silently crawled backward, keeping the bush between me and Twilight. I hoped she got the message.

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