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This is blasphemy, this is madness!:twilightangry2:


This is another in this annoying theme of trollfics, and it has grammatical errors to boot! :flutterrage:

Do not want on all applicable levels.

254363 Hey, maybe you can incorporate this into your story. I'm sure Wolf would love to kick some ass.

Guys. I think I had a seisure.

For fuck's sake that was not only terribly written but also disgusting, out of character, and feels like nothing more than the author's perverse fetish. Shit like this just makes the fanfiction community look bad.

And that kind of comment tell's me I'm doing something right! You think this was written to be taken seriously?

nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE YOU SHALL BURN IN HELL:flutterrage::flutterrage: if thats ok with you:fluttershysad::fluttershyouch:


4 down, 2 more to go it seems... :fluttershyouch:

For the love of God.....ADMINS!!! ARE YOU EVEN DOING YOUR JOB?! :flutterrage:

How the Fucks is this SITE FULL OF THESE F***KED UP STORIES!!!

SUMBODY BOOT THIS MTHFKER!!! :twilightangry2:

Methinks that you're going to go beyond the mane six, Dracoliat. Is it possible that we might see some for side characters such as Trixie?

3 more, next is Pinkie Pie.
Their job is not to control the content, their job is to make sure I have the proper mature tag on it.
Perhaps, but probably not.

I'm going to like this just to spite the author.

It's like Cupcakes, expect it other of character.

I like that dildo, I rather have that then the penetrator in SR3, it will be like a freaking lightsaber. I want a real life model to use as a weapon (slamming, not raping).

It's a stupid story, but I somehow like it, maybe because of how the author as a fetish with dildos and how Rarity won't kill somepony for gold thread (maybe...but for a much bigger price).

Still out of character and will never rival the GENIUS of Cupcakes :pinkiesmile:

True, but this was not meant to dethrone cupcakes. However you have presented me with that challenge and I gladly will accept by making the next one's even more wrong and graphic.



Troll fics are still being accepted?

254599 Do it. More lightsaber dildos!

But Cupcakes came first, so if you do dethrone it, only I and a few others would acknowledge it.
I will track you for now, remember to keep the criminals in character.


Your really asking that? jk :pinkiehappy:

Dude... the fuck is wrong with you.

and oddly enough it´s been done before refer to "prince charming" it even got on EQD.
pinkie pie - cupcakes
rainbow dash - rainbow factory
rarity- this one and prince charming
twilight - pancakes(don´t read that one, don´t)
fluttershy - pattycakes (no gore but weirdness)
applejack - i got nothing
maybe a secret ingredient in applejacks cider?
she seems to be the only one without a proper gore fic on her

YOU clicked the mature button, why don't you act it?

People ought to stop complaining about this, It's labeled with Mature, Dark, and Pedo I think they should know what is in store.
On the account of your story I agree with them that it is out of character, Cupcakes and Sweet Apple Massacre were good maybe if you write another you could use them as reference about how to change the character's personality but make it like an underlying character. Big Mac seems like he could be a secret killer or a closet homosexual easily and that (the first not the later) was easily portrayed and made for a good albeit vicious story.
Also I'm sorry but while this follows normal clop-fic or erotic stories of any kind that is not always all too good. You may wish to expand vocabulary, add plot, use more sensual leads. Don't just jump in like that- it dry's the act or writing.

I'm not liking these to spite the author, I'm liking these 'cause I think they're funny! :pinkiecrazy:

I have readed plenty of gore and sex related fic before even before this piece of sht came along....this has absolutly nth to do with me pressing the mature button otherwise.

There's a differences between good piece of work...and a total mashed up crap of personal fetish.....You disgust me! :twilightangry2:

254999 255166 :eeyup:

"She asked loudly before the two filly's looked at each other" - fillies is the plural form of for filly
"she handed the filly's two small rags and they did as" - :trixieshiftright:
"they are used on dead filly's and therefore there" - ...!
"Again let's see how it works on you" - You forgot to put a quotation mark after this
"I shall do something for you, as I said before." - And this
"the toy over to Apple Blooms pussy" - You forgot the apostrophe. Also, you used "Applebloom" in the rest of the story, so why put "Apple Bloom" here?
"before inserting the Dildo deep inside" - :unsuresweetie:
"causing her ab muscles to flex" - What are "ab" muscles?
"caused the Dildo to shift pwoerfully pushing" - :unsuresweetie:
"the Dildo still sticking out of her" - :ajbemused:
"proper amount of gold fabric, to bad for you." - :facehoof: LOOK HERE. You also forgot the closing quotation mark.

LOL, you think this is my personal fetish? LMFAO! :rainbowlaugh: Hell no, I'm writing this for entertainment value only, if someone get's of to this, OK. UNLIKE YOU I don't judge people on what they like. If It was my personal Fetish and that was my only motivation, I wouldn't post it online... Think before you type something. :ajbemused:

"if someone get's of to this" - Y U NO (gets off)

Ya, I realized that mistake to late.

Judge you? Hahahaha:rainbowlaugh:
If you would carefully take a look how long the dislike bar on this, i would say its already done by others before me....:moustache:
ohhh...if i would to JUDGE people, i assure you butthurt isnt the only thing ill leave it bleeding....:pinkiecrazy:

We could continue to argue over this....but ill just let you rot in your imagination....And YES...I do THINK when I type something...wish you could have done the same when you wrote this....:raritywink:

I see exactly how long the dislike bar is and I am proud of it. For it is ponies like you that I made this for. It's called a trollfic, something you write specifically to get a reaction and according to the dislike bar and the overwhelming amount of negative comments, it seems quite successful indeed. :ajsmug:

Oh god I love it.

So if all the stories are connected, is this all gonna end in a really disgusting orgy? that would be kinda cool.:pinkiecrazy:

257006 I defy you by liking it then! Ha! Disappointed at the lack of detail on Sweetie Belle's fate, though.

But really, it's not that badly written aside from the theme being one that people don't generally like, and to be fair it is rather obvious what it is before one starts reading so it's not like you're tricking people into it. :raritystarry::applecry::unsuresweetie: I sometimes regret that I don't have the guts to post really disturbing things like this.

Insanity is Magic :yay:
next up pinkie pie I think it's going to be just AWESOME

People need to have a little thicker hides. It's marked mature and dark and the title is Rarity the Pedo-Fabriliac. What the hell were you expecting when you clicked on this?:facehoof:

I'm sure that I don't need to tell you how sick this is, but I've to admit that you're quite creative. I have never seen such an interesting way to be tortured to death. Oh, and I won't read the other stories. That stuff is not my cup of tea.

I thought the whole point of the mature filter as that we can have stories like this.

I did not like the story itself, it was too gory for me. But it was fairly well written, keep it up. :yay:

Thank you very much for the compliment. And yes, that is the point of the mature filter.

Also everypony stop saying the mods aren't doing their job. I visit the IRC often (No I won't give you a link, it's secret.) and showed it off to the mods, they laughed and were disgusted but it's not against any rules.

Well, you DID say they were going to get progressively worse. Glad to see you do not dissapoint. :unsuresweetie:

While reading this I had to skip and reread some part because of the content. xD If the level is this extreme already, I can only have nightmares about Twilight's (which will be the last of the Mane 6 Shock stories methinks) will be. :twilightsmile:

Keep up the wonderfully sickening work!

Does. Not. Want.

I find this difficult to clop to...:derpyderp1:

Seriosly? This is the most stupid thing i ever set my eyes on. Dude... if you want to write F*** up stories like this than be my guest... but were talking about "MY LITTLE PONY" for F**** sake. If you plan writing something like this again... save your time and dont. Disgusting, boring, disturbing, dumb.:facehoof:

Why you may ask?
Why My little pony?
Simple, rule 43: The more innocent and pure something is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.

"This is madness!" :pinkiegasp: "No.... THIS IS TROLLFIC!" :flutterrage: if i hadnt given my share of the internet to ragingsemi i would give it to you this is disgusting vile and makes me want to painfully mutilate my penis and testicles before sticking a knife into my anus multiple times and for that you have been awarded:
congrats my fellow american or mexican :pinkiehappy:

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