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Strawberry Muffins - TheGreatEater

My entry to the Fillyfooler Shipping Contest. Ditzy Doo crashes into Holly Dash landing an amazing date. This is dedicated to everyponies favorite mailmare, and the other members of Dashie's family that need some love.

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The Date

Ditzy Doo lay in the hot tub of the local spa, letting the warmth and mineral oils soak into her muscles. Soothing out aches and sores that she didn’t know she had. As she did, she looked over at her host, Rarity Belle, as her mind wandered over the events that led up to her .

~A Week ago~

For Ditzy Doo it was an ordinary day as a mail mare. Flying in loop de loops, swerving to miss obstacles that seemed to magically appear before her, delivering mails, muffins, and happiness to other ponies. Well, when she wasn’t being yelled at for almost breaking their property, or when her wingmare Raindrops couldn’t guide her away from trouble in time when she slammed head first into the most amazing mare.

Usually when she slammed into things ponies tended to call her mean names, or degrade her for her accident. But this mare apologised for it as if it was her fault, and after much back and forth apologising that amazing mare introduced herself as Holly Dash. Now to be fair it wasn’t just the kindness that made her amazing, it was more like love hit Ditzy at the speed of gravity. Everything from Holly’s polychromatic mane, to her adorable shade of pink. To that sweet, sweet, flank with a cute strawberry cutie mark. She was like a beautiful muffin on display, and she asked her out. Ditzy almost died of heart attack right then and there.

So with a stuttering acceptance Holly Dash asked her for her address, and told her that she’d pick her up next Sunday at seven leaving Ditzy Doo to restart her brain as she struggled to figure out what just happen. When she eventually came too she saw Raindrops at her side cheerfully laughingly congratulating her. but that left one thing… What to do? Since her last date was twelve years ago a year before her little muffin was born.

When she got home she told Dinky Doo, her birth daughter, and Sparkler, her adopted one, the good news, “Hello my little muffins, you two will never guess what happened to me today!” She said with a grin that could give Pinkie Pie a run for her bits.

“What?! What?! What!?” They chanted in unison, Dinky Doo practically catapulting herself into Ditzy.

“I got a date!” She screamed happily, trotting in place with uncontained excitement.

“Finally!” Sparkler said throwing her forelegs upwards with a roll of her eyes before giving her mother a hug, “I’m happy for you. I was getting worried that you’d never get a special somepony.”

“So mommy! Who’s going to be your special somepony?” Dinky asked her eyes glittering as they looked up at her mother.

“Her name’s Holly Dash. But what am I going to do? I haven’t dated in forever.” Ditzy asked.

“Well in the books that I read the mare being wooed dresses up and get looking nice so that her wooer can sweep her off her hooves. Then they go run off into the sunset, and beat up the dragons, and stop the draconequui from using the magical artifact that can only be destroyed by magical things of magic!

“Oh! And you have to go out to a nice restaurant where you two accidentally kiss before the evil ex runs in and stops the marriage! Then she defends your honor in a fight to the death! That would be so romantic!” Sparkler said with her eyes growing wide and misty as she got carried away in fillyhood flights of fancy.

“Ok! Well, looking good, and the restaurant sounds like a good idea. Those others … well … I hope that I don’t run into all of that on the first date. Did I ever tell you two that you are the most best things to happen to me?” She said giving them a hug while her mind went to plan for the following week.

The next day saw her at Carousel Boutique, when she told the shop owner that she needed something for her date. She was hit up for details. Finding out that she had a twelve year dry spell the mare shrieked, “What! You are telling me that mare such as yourself has not dated in twelve years. This is an outrage and shall not stand! When I am finished with you, you will be unable to keep your special somepony off of you!” She said as she wrapped Ditzy Doo up in an aura of magic. Measuring tape taking her measurements as Rarity’s shrewd eyes shrewdly gazed at the inspiration for her next piece.

Ditzy felt slightly intimidated as if everything she was, and every quality she had was being measured along with her body and weighted on a scale that eluded her understanding. As the sound of quills on paper echoed throughout the room, “So … what do you mean a mare like me by the way?” She asked to break the ice.

“Well darling, from what I hear from my sister you are always giving muffins to ponies who look down. You are a kind and loving mother, and if I may say so have quite the figure. With a little work you would be a good model. Then there is the air of determination and innocence that radiates off of you. And when I’m done with you, anypony who lays eyes on you will see that as well. So when is this date anyway?”

Ditzy was for a moment speechless. Mostly because most ponies had a totally different way of viewing her, “Ummm … most ponies don’t see me that way. But thank you. As for the date it’ll be this Sunday at seven. You can have something by then right?”

“The reason they don’t is because they simply refuse to see anything unless it’s on the surface, and yes that would be perfect. Although I would think that it would be perfect if I do a little more than just do a simple dress for you. I dare say that a first date of this proportion needs a makeover. It would be my pleasure to do one for you on the day of your date. I insist.” Rarity said with a grin.

“Why? I couldn’t possibly afford that.”

“No need. After all this is an important part of your life, and I insist that you let me treat you to this. I won’t take no for an answer.”

“Well ok then … I guess. But I will find a way to pay you back.”

“If you must pay me back. Then if anyone asks about your dress then tell them who made it. That and knowing that you will be looking fabulous will be payment enough.”

~Back in the Hot tub~

So now the fated day was upon her and she was as excited as a filly in a candy shop. She had to admit that this was looking to be a good day, and while she was originally nervous at having a makeover. Which Rarity said that a stop at the spa was a necessity. It started off with a stop at the sauna which led to a soak in the hot tub she currently resided in before she took a stroll down memory lane, “So Rarity, are you sure this is alright? I know you must be busy and stuff, but are you sure this isn’t too much of a burden?” Ditzy asked, wiggling deeper into the tub so that only her head was showing above the surface.

“Darling, this is a monumental day for you. It would haunt me if I didn’t make sure that you weren’t looking the best for your date. Although I must admit, where did you meet your special somepony and what is this pony’s name? If you don’t mind me asking that is.”

“Well ok, thank you again. As for how we met, well, I was flying and accidentally crashed into her and she thought she ran into me. So after a bit of apologizing she just ups and asks me out on a date. As for her name, it’s Holly Dash.” She said with a slight hint of embarrassment preparing herself for the jeers and jokes at her expense that she was used to being aimed her way.

“Well that is certainly a lovely story. I think I remember Holly Dash. Yellow, purple, and blue mane? Pink coat? Piercing blue eyes? Almost looks like a unicorn Rainbow Dash but with a strawberry cutie mark?"

“That’s her! You know her?”

“Well she is the cousin of Rainbow Dash. Her and her daughter Mango spend time with her over on Hearth’s Warming Eve or when they stop by. Really sweet mare, I’m happy that you two have found one another.” She replied, falling back in a faux-swoon, causing the water in the tub to slosh around. The cucumbers over her eyes wobbled dangerously, trying to plop off her face.

“That’s good to know. So what happens after the tub?”

“We get the most superb massage you will ever have in your life. Then Fluttershy usually gets her wings preened. If you’re not comfortable with that they can move on to the wing gloss. Me personally I’ll just get a touch up and another horn polish. Trust me, when you get closer together you need to learn to give a good horn polish. Nothing beats the feel of it for a unicorn trust me. Then it will be time for me to show you what I made.”

“What, no makeup?” Ditzy asked. This conversation had her come from trying to hide in the water to having a bit more confidence, and while nothing like she was expecting it was nice to have somepony be this kind to her while asking nothing in return. It was a new experience.

“Darling, you have body similar to my friend Fluttershy. I must admit that I am a little jealous of your looks. I’m also not going to sugar coat it, with your looks you don’t need any real touching up. Just small things here and there to touch up what is hiding. As an artist,” She said the last word with a verbal flourish, “I am happy to work with you.”

That brought a blush to Ditzy’s face that she was glad nopony could see, “Thanks Rarity. Um … I know this is an odd question, but would you like to be friends?”

“Darling! I would be honored, and maybe we can get you in touch with Fluttershy. I’m sure you two would make wonderful friends. Now unless I’m wrong it is time to get our messages.”

With that said Ditzy Doo could say that she had an amazing time. The massages worked out muscles that she didn’t even know she had. Rarity was right when she said it was the best she had ever had. The rest was a pleasurable blur after that, that had her body feeling like jelly as they walked to the Boutique. When they got there Rarity sat her down and pulled out a mirror.

“Now I know that you wanted a dress, but when I started I just couldn’t help but add some accessories to go along with it.” She said as she pulled out the dress. It was an open back, polo blue dress with a monte carlo blue-green cloudlike lace trim.. In her hair she had a silver spiral brooch with the top of each spiral a brilliantly shining piece of citrine. Silver plated slippers covered her hooves and gently spiralled up her ankles.

All in all she was utterly breathtaking. Looking at the mirror she had the look on her face that Rarity loved to see on the customers that she treated. As if they were seeing themselves for the first time, and seeing that look she knew that from experience that it would carry on with her for days to come. Giving herself a mental pat on the back she walked over to Ditzy Doo, “Now darling unless I’m mistaken you have a mare that you need to make speechless.”

“I’m beautiful.” Ditzy said not even taking in what Rarity said.

“Well now, I believe it’s time to show the world that you are correct? And a special somepony.” Rarity said with a friendly chuckle.

“What? Oh! Yes, you’re right. I can’t wait to see the look on Holly’s face.”

~A Week ago~

Holly Dash had just finished setting up her trade routes here in Ponyville to sell her strawberries during the winter months with her favorite customers at Sugarcube Corner. The shop was synonymous with the marketplace here in Ponyville, even more so than Bon-Bon’s Confectionaries, or the Candy Shack. As Holly was lost in thought thinking of how to best sell her merchandise now that winter was coming she ran into somepony.

Being knocked out of her revelry she finally noticed the mare she had just ran into. Looking her over she was temporarily dumbstruck. Of all the luck she could have she had to run into a pony that could have been a supermodel if she wanted to, the golden eye that settled on her was bedazzling, and she couldn’t tell if it was the head trauma, or the lighting but her mane was positively glowing. When she could finally open her mouth to speak she started apologising for running into her.

It was kind of cute how she kept trying to apologise for Holly’s inability to pay attention to notice where she was going, but after introducing herself to the mare so she wouldn’t seem like a total mule’s flank, and wanting to both make it up to her and get to know her better she asked her out. When the mare, agreed Holly got her info, and gave her a date and time to hook up. It wasn’t until she was almost home when it hit her that she actually asked her out, giving a loud whoop that gathered the attention of quite a few passing ponies as she walked to the front door she could hear a loud series of crashes that accompanied her daughter trying to mimic her aunt that she idolized so much.

As she opened the door she was greeted to several upturned wooden tables, a flipped couch, and an orange filly with a golden mane tangled up with the couches, floral print, blanket top sheet. “Mango Dash! What have I said about doing stunts indoors, and without adult supervision?”

“Not to do it. But moooommmm! Auntie Rainbow taught me the most epic move ever! And I had to try it out.”

“That’s right, now I’m in a really good mood so I’m going to help you clean up the mess. But please be more careful, I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Ok. So why are you in a good mood? Did Pinkie Pie throw a “Welcome back from Las Pegasus Party” for you again?”

“That’s tomorrow, silly. No I ran into a really beautiful mare and I’m going to be going on a date next sunday. I have a really good feeling about this one.” She said with a smile.

“Great,” Mango said sarcastically, “Just like all the others you tried dating. One look at me and she’ll go running. They always do,” she said with a hint of bitterness,“ so who’s the mare?”

“Ditzy Doo” Holly said a little bit of the joy she was feeling had started to drain away. Since it was true, most ponies didn’t want to give a shot to a single mother who had a rambunctious, and energetic filly who took after her aunt in more ways than one.

“Oh! Well she’s cool I guess.” Mango said with a shrug.

“Cool?” Holly said hopefully.

“Yeah! I’m friends with her daughter Dinky, and she gives ponies muffins when they are feeling down. So… Well she’s nice I guess. I can give her a try since I already know her.” She said with a small smile and a shrug.

“Thank you honey! Just know that if this works, you will still be the most important pony in my life. But it means a lot that you approve.” She said wrapping her in a hug giving her an affectionate nuzzle that she grudgingly accepted. When she was let go she gave a quick nuzzle to Holly’s leg.

“Mom. I just want to say good luck. I don’t like seeing you sad,” She said with a small smile, “So tell me, how did you meet her?”

Holly told her the short story of how she ran into Ditzy. When she finished Mango was on the ground rolling on the floor laughing so hard tears were leaking out of her eyes, “Wow! Of all the ways to pick up a mare, you have to literally ram into her, maybe we should give you some glasses! That’s too funny!”

Chuckling from the infectious nature of her daughter’s laugh, she wiped a tear from her eyes, “Hardy Har Har! Aren’t we the comedian. Well lets get this cleaned up. I need to get stuff ready for my big day and see if Rainbow Dash can foalsit you next Sunday.”

The day of the date Holly decided to wear a simple bronze, gold leafed laurel, a gold necklace with a sapphire in the center to complement her eyes. her lavender saddlebags held her bits, and a bouquet of white roses with pink tips whose petals were peaking out the edge of the bag. Looking to her daughter who was dancing around unable to contain the excitement of spending the night with her favorite aunt. “Listen Mango. I want you to be on your best behavior, and no fleecing your aunt of her bits. I know you two love competition, but the last time you played poker with a family member they got so angry that they still won’t talk to us.”

“Hey mom, it’s not my fault that great uncle Spectrum asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday, and then decided it would be a good idea to bet his old Wonderbolt uniform when he got low on bits. Best! Birthday! Ever! But I promise to not take all of Aunt Rainbow’s bits. Even if she does have the worst poker face ever.”

“Ok and remember that furniture isn’t an -”

“Appropriate target for martial arts or to do stunts on. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine and Aunt Rainbow knows how to handle me. You go have fun, and tomorrow me and Ditzy will compare notes.” Mango said with a grin.

“Compare what now?” Holly asked.

“Well she is the daughter of my mom’s fillyfriend, and my friend too. So of course we’re going to gossip. Just kidding, me and Dinky already talked and we’re cool with you two dating. Just have fun and I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.” With that she walked off to Sugar Cube Corner to meet up with Rainbow Dash for the evening while Holly went on her date.

Holly grinned knowing that her little filly was ok with this date, and that being a single mother wasn’t going to be the deal breaker this time. Trotting over to Ditzy’s house she mentally went over what she had planned.Ok, give her the bouquet, take her La’ Pasture for a romantic dinner, thank you Celestia that me being a major supplier of Strawberries during their normal off season was enough to bump up my reservation on short notice. After the unique romantic evening that La’ Pasture was known for, they’d go on a nice walk getting to know each other, letting the rest happen as it would happen. Ok now all I need to do is not make a total fool out of myself and I’ll be fine.

As she knocked on the door she could hear a small clattering followed by some muffled discussions coming through the ornate oaken door. When it opened she was met with a beauty the power of thirty Princess Celestia’s and a hoofful of Luna’s. The sight of Ditzy all dressed up was so hot that she was sure that her blush could be seen from the moon as all higher brain functions stopped. When she noticed that she had been floored by the sight of her marefriend. She stood up and picked her jaw off the ground. No fun bits, get your brain out of the gutter. Well so much for first impressions first you run into the poor mare, now your brain temporarily broke. Well time to restore the situation while you can think.

“Ha-Whuu-Wha- … Um,” Coughing embarrassedly into her left forehoof she decided to try again, “Wow… You are even more beautiful than the last time I saw you.” She said in wonder and awe without thinking. Getting even more embarrassed that she failed so hard she decided that the fourth time was definitely going to be a charm, “That’s not to say that you weren’t beautiful last time I saw you! You were stunning. That’s not to say that you aren’t stunning now… I me-” She was interrupted by a hoof in her mouth followed by a nuzzle that lit both of their faces a blaze.

“It’s ok. Thank you for the compliment it means a lot to me. Well what do you have planned for tonight?” The blue-grey goddesses murmured to Holly.

“Oh! That’s right! Plans. Well I have these here for you,” She said using her magic to lift out the bouquet and giving it to a blushing Ditzy, “and I was planning on taking us to La’ Pasture. Then a moonlit walk, and we’ll see where the night takes us.”

Ditzy was a nervous wreck on the day of the date. Waiting for the mare who was going to sweep her off her hooves. When she heard knocking on the front door she flew into the ceiling and fell knocking over an end table. “Oh fiddle sticks! Maybe I should call it off. I could say I have Alicorn Pox! Or the Feather Flu… That one’s more believeable. She wouldn’t want to be seen with a -” She was interrupted by an apple being magicked into her mouth.

“Mom. You're going to be fine. She’s going to love you, and everything will be perfectly ok. Go out there and have fun.” Sparkler said after she had successfully gagged her mother with a fruity missile. Ditzy calmed down enough to nod, and cantered to the door using her wing to open it up.

Seeing Holly Dash’s reaction was amazing and she made a mental note to thank Rarity later. As Holly’s flank hit the ground making a cloudy poof of dust erupting beside around her in a nice little wave of spreading outwards around her as her jaw hit the floor. As Ditzy looked into her glazed over eyes she let loose a little giggle that seemed to shake Holly from her daze. The subconscious twitching of her tail dusting her off.

Then when Holly finally got to talking it was a barrage of compliments that made her feel like she was the most treasured pony in all of Equestria. It was clear that she was getting flustered, which Ditzy found to be adorable, but to save the Goddess that stood before her she wanted to stop her from being embarrassed.

“It’s ok. Thank you for the compliment it means a lot to me. Well what do you have planned for tonight?” She asked.

She was met by a flustered answer, but one that sounded great nonetheless like a rather fun time. Ditzy picked it up the thornless base and handing it over to her daughter, Sparkler who placed it in a vase as she headed out for her date. As Ditzy trotted alongside her marefriend she could help but notice that while she didn’t need to take a lot to make her look good. The fact that she asked her out even though she crash landed into her was a much needed miracle in her life. The fact that Rarity could whip something that could be classified as an Outfit of Mass Destruction didn’t hurt matters either.

As they walked down the street she noticed that she was drawing the attention of ponies other than her marefriend. Ducking her head, “You don’t think this was too much do you?”

“Of course not, they’re just envious of how hot you look.”

“Do you really mean that?” Ditzy asked with a blush.

“From the moment I ran into you. I’ve meant every word that I’ve said. I’m the luckiest mare in Equestria.” Holly said with a nuzzle of Ditzy’s withers.

“I think we can agree that we are both lucky that we’ve met.” Ditzy said returning the nuzzle.

After arriving at the restaurant and being seated by the maitre d, on the blanket set out for them. The best thing about La’ Pasture was that while it was surrounded by 4 white, stucco decorated walls, the ceiling was open allowing for natural lighting and weather to light up the place. Alongside with candles lighting up the blankets, giving it a faux picnic like feel was one of the top romantic, fancy restaurants in Ponyville and one of the few restaurants that used the new Fictis Naturale movement that was becoming popular in the last five years.

As they sat bathed in natural and artificial lighting they waited for the other to break the ice. It was Holly that eventually broke the ice first, “So what do you do? I’ve seen you around, but I don’t know what you do exactly.”

“Well, I am part of the mail team for the north-central sector of Equestria, and I do weather for Ponyville. I also help my assistant Raindrops with various odd jobs here and there for the extra bits.”

“Wow, both beautiful and multi-talented,” Holly said with a grin as their waiter came to take their drink orders. Both of them got a cup of sparkling apple cider, with a hint of lime. “So what do you want, there is no spending limit so get what you’d like?”

“You.” Ditzy said before catching the words that came out of her mouth. Giving an embarrassed squeal she tried to hide herself from her wings. What was I thinking saying that?! Yes she’s hot, and she has been really nice to me since she asked me out, but this is the first date, filly! What would grandmother MeGusta Doo say?

Holly giggled and blushed. Using her magic she nudged Ditzy Doo’s wings till she lowered it, “Well now, we’re both even in our embarrassing slips of the tongue. What would you like on the menu, not saying that I’m not completely off the menu…” Holly said as she failed so hard at flirting. As the blush threatened to glow bright enough to light up the outdoor restaurant.

Ditzy seeing that she was just as nervous as she was, and decided to lighten the mood with a chuckle, “Wow, we are embarrassing ourselves so much right now. But I don’t mind, I like you, and thank you for giving me such a wonderful time so far. And if you were on the menu I think I’d lose my figure rather quickly, but that’d be alright with me.” She said grinning even harder to Holly’s reaction as her coat started to make a mirage from the heat it was giving off. Before she burst out laughing, before long they were wrapped in each others forehooves laughing onto one another.

“Wow. I don’t remember the last time I had this much fun.” Holly said when she finally caught her breath.

“Me too. Well I’d like the Truffle glazed, caramelized pears. With a side of honey bread, breaded okra. Is that ok?”

“That’d be perfect. You have good taste.”

“Thanks. So I told you a little of myself, so what about you?” Ditzy asked taking a sip of the drink that was set by them while they were busy laughing themselves to tears.

“Well I live here in Ponyville from the end of summer all the way to the end half of fall. The other time is spent in Las Pegasus. I use Cloudroponics to grow and transport my strawberries. So far I only have 5 acres of clouds for my fruits, but it’s good for traveling and much better than a solarium.”

“Wow. That is impressive, how did you learn to grow stuff on clouds?” Ditzy asked leaning forward.

“Actually it was my mother. You see, my father is related to Spectrum Dash, and was in the cloud construction business. My mother was a unicorn botanist, and together they found a way to enhance the nutrient enrichment found in some cloud cities in a much smaller area. And used that to create a new form of hydroponics. She taught me her skills and I use it to grow Strawberries. I heard that my daughter Mango is friends with Dinky.”

“Hmmhmmm. Mango reminds me a little bit of Rainbow Dash from flight clamp. I heard from Dinky that there were a few bullies in her class and Mango stood up for her. I’m glad that they are get along.”

“She really does take after her aunt. But I’m glad that she hasn’t gotten expelled for fighting. I’m glad that they are getting along as well.”

An hour later they walked out of the restaurant laughing with one another from the small anecdotes of their fillies that their conversation had geared toward. As they walked to Ditzy’s home the light of the moon, and the ambience of Ponyville rustic charm made this the most romantic evening of Ditzy’s life. Leaning her head on Holly’s neck, “This was an amazing evening. I’d really like to go on another one with you.”

Reaching over with her, she nuzzled Ditzy’s neck, “Same here. Same time next week?”

Giving a nod, leaning into the nuzzle, “I’d like that.”

They walked in comfortable silence in the gentle moonlight, and the few glowing crystals that lit up the streets and glowed from the houses. “So the night’s still young, what do you want to do now?” Holly asked.

“Hmm… Why don’t we walk and see what catches our eyes.”

They looked around walking side by side, Holly’s saddle bags tapping Ditzy in a calm rhythmic matter while Ditzy wrapped her wing around Holly. Looking around they spotted a Carriage business that was still open, “Oh! What about a scenic carriage ride?”

Giggling and clapping her forehooves together, “That sounds perfect!”

After trotting over and renting some drivers for a few hour ride around Ponyville and the surrounding wilderness scenery. Ditzy had a wing around Holly who was leaning into her with a cheesy grin on her face. “So I’ve told you about my family, and I told you a bit about mine. But what about your past? What were you like when you were younger?”

“Well I had the same problem I have now when I was younger and things weren’t always easy, but when I got into Flight Camp as a councilor I met Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, and eventually Cloud Kicker. We formed a tight friendship and it lasted all throughout Flight Camp It was around that time I met a stallion that was nice to me.

Long story short I got his foal, and it ended up being a unicorn. Well, he didn’t think it was his since it was his since it was a unicorn, it turns out he was a tribalist and refused to believe that he could give birth to anything other than a pegasus so he left. Rainbow Dash stayed with me from the moment that I entered the hospital and ended up Dinky’s godmother and I couldn’t ask for a better one. That was twelve years ago. About seven years ago I met Sparkler while on a trip to Canterlot. She was on an outing with her orphanage and Dinky I guess chose her.” Ditzy said with a laugh.


“Well she run up to her and called her sissy. The caregivers and me tried to tell her that she wasn’t her sister, but Dinky argued that she about it and wouldn’t leave her side. It was the darndest thing, but the caregivers and myself talked. I decided that I had the means to take care of two fillies and took her in. Her and Dinky have been almost inseparable ever since. That’s really everything I can think of. So what about yourself?” Ditzy asked her eyes still glazed with the sweet emotions that nostalgia brought up.

“Well I told you about my parents, I grew up learning horticulture magics from my mother, and even though I wasn’t a pegasus I was still taught what things about cloud manipulation my father could teach me. I think that a part of me would take a liking to weather manipulation. But he never stopped letting me know that he loved me, even if I wasn’t a pegasus. I ended up getting my cutie mark when I learned how to get a feel for strawberries, and what they needed to grow. It was just an extra bonus that cloud manipulation allows for better care for plants.”

“So you could possibly help with weather management if you wanted to?”

“Probably. Although I’m a little bit rusty on anything other than shaping and moving clouds. But it was around the same time as when you got pregnant since Mango and Dinky are about the same age. Well I was in love with a pegasus and I wanted to have her foal. I went to the doctors and got an OBGYN to do a Biovum Fertilization Spell since I don’t know how to do the spell myself.” A distant look passed over her eyes and Ditzy seeing the sorrow behind it nuzzled Holly.

“You can skip that part if you want. I don’t want you to be sad,” Ditzy said.

“It’s alright. She... Had an accident during weather management over at Las Pegasus. It was shortly after I got knocked up, and six months after the accident Mango was born. She looks a lot like her, although she has the good old fashioned Dash family personality. Ever since then we’ve been as tight as tight can be, and she’s the light of my life.” She said with a smile.

“Aren’t they all. I couldn’t imagine life without my little muffins, and it’s good that you have some pony to give you that type of love. Although with how sweet she is, and how good you look, I can’t believe you haven’t netted somepony before now. Not that I’m complaining.” Ditzy said with a whimsical smile that lit up her features.

“Well I’m glad that I found a mare that thinks that way.” Holly said nuzzling Ditzy as they spent the rest of the ride looking out the window.

The sky looked even more dazzling and majestic to them as they shared the moment with each other. The silence wasn’t oppressive as much as a gentle and contemplative. As they stopped by Ditzy’s house, and Holly Dash ever the gentlemare walked her to her house.

“Well I’m looking forward to next week.” Holly said giving a nuzzle.

“Same here.” Ditzy said, leaning in and stealing a quick kiss giving, “till next time.” Holly held a hoof to her mouth as Ditzy went inside committing to memory the sensual caress of Ditzy’s velvety lips. A shock of tingling warmth spread from where their lips connected throughout the core of her body. Just as he brain stopped derping she heard a loud whoop of joy from inside of the house. Letting one of her own out, she trotted toward the carriage as if she herself had grown wings and wasn’t touching the ground as she headed off to go back to her place. Best!Date!Ever! I can’t wait to see what comes of this.

The End

Author's Note:

A/N 1: Kingtiger666 is an awesome editor, and hilarious as hell to boot.

A/N 2: I loved writing this fic. The interplay between the two families is adorable, and this is a sidequel to Golden Wings. Giving a little backstory to Holly and Mango Dash when they show up later. Takes place two months before the events of Golden Wings.

A/N 3: Reserved for the Super Mature version of the Cover Art when after I commission it on the first.

If y'all have any critiques or comments on this I'll be happy to hear them.

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Comments ( 7 )

amazing chapter and a very good impersonation of Rarity's accent which I know is quite hard to get right sometimes and your O.C character is a nice touch to the story and the name is of good quality:derpytongue2: - and I know that 'netted' in the context that your using means meeting somebody, but it did take me a bit of time to think before i realized it wasn't an error......i'm so bad at English :facehoof:... yet i take a higher in the subject :rainbowlaugh:


Actually I have to link to Holly and Mango Dash in the long description. They are actually Canon. But noone gives them any love (well Holly has a toy, card, and various non porn artwork, but no fics). Hopefully people will follow the above links in the long description and finally give them some love.

And I might make a sequel a later, but the contest is for only a single chapter. And thanks Rarity is kind of difficult to write, but I'm glad that I did it right.


.......why do i never read the descriptions on stories :facehoof: i need to get out of that habit :twilightangry2:

sorry about that:scootangel:, i'm not really paying attention this afternoon, but anyway the story was as always from your work amazing and i would like to see a sequel but don't feel as if you have to it takes a lot of effort to do so , and as you said yourself its a prequel to GW anyways so i wouldn't see any problem with leaving it as it is


:pinkiehappy: Thank you :twilightsmile:, and I'm actually mentioning in passing Strawberry Muffins in Chapter 5 :rainbowwild:. I'll also be posting chapter 4 shortly of GW.


OHHH HELL YEAH ! , I'm happy now :rainbowwild: :yay::twilightsmile: :scootangel: :pinkiehappy:

.... However i must return to finishing the next installment of my novel .. i will see you later Mr great eater it is always a pleasure to read your stories :moustache:

Aw yeah, someone who knows about Holly Dash! I was starting to think I was the only one. Cute story. Scratch that, it was adorable.


She's so under-appreciated. And thank you for the compliment :twilightsmile:.

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