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Chaos Eclipsed

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Contains lots of Elder Scrolls stuff. If you don't have at least heavy knowledge of the game series, you'll only get confused. But that might happen either way, won't it?

Why just chaos when you can add madness to the mix?
Maybe you're worried about the two's many tricks?

One's insane, the other's a loon!
Which one is which? We won't find out soon.

How will the world handle this mess, this calamity?
Not even the Elements can contain this amity!

Luckily for you, but rather unfortunate for all,
This meeting soon turns into a brawl.

Chaos and madness, an explosive mix,
Sheogorath and Discord, the gods of tricks.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 32 )

It would be really funny if Discord and Sheogorath combined their magic
and rule 63ed everyone.

"Where in Mehrunes Dagon's backside did you get my wabbajack?" His loud voice suddenly calmed down, turning quiet and thoughtful. "I could've sworn I handed it to that nice fellow who pushed people around by screaming at 'em."


OK. First of all, DR. Vodka I love your name! Secondly that was an awesome story. Good work.

3088164 3088272 3088766 3088935 3090068 Thank you all!:pinkiehappy:

3088711 ...I think that's positive. Thanks!:twilightsheepish:

3088980 One of the funniest dragonborn pics I've seen in a while. I recognize Spike, Spyro and Toothless, but the last one eludes me, though it looks really familiar...:unsuresweetie:

3089015 Gonna need to check that story out later...:raritywink:

Good lord man. You nearly killed me. Laughter is a beautiful thing, isn't it? Insanity is much more beautiful, but still... :pinkiecrazy:

One was the combination of many years of apparent animal inbreeding, the other was called Discord.

I died right there.

A great read! Here it is almost midnight and I'm still reading. :moustache: Anyway, GREAT story. It make me laugh. I could see those two going at it for a really long time. The ending made me laugh. I can't really think of anything that was really wrong with it. Great story! :pinkiehappy:

Oops. Tipped off the 69th like.

I should get my ass onto Oblivion and just play the Shivering Isles already...

First off, this is a great concept, and I love some of the gags they pull off.
Second, I do have to say that some bits are confusing due to less-than-small amounts of poor grammar, spelling, and consistency, which really detracted from it. I'd have enjoyed it a whole lot more if you had involved a proofreader in your process of releasing this madness.

Bad things happen when I get bored.

Then, sequels to bad things happen, should I ever get bored again.

Repeat ad infinitum.

This process is exactly as terrifying as it sounds.

This story was a awesome! The characters personalities and reactions where precise! Here, have a murderous intent! :pinkiecrazy:


4091971 Someone fails to understand the point of madness! Grammar only serves to disambiguate. Chaos and madness are, by self-evident virtue, ambiguous.


(The statements contained in this comment do not necessarily reflect the views of AK Yearling)

So beautiful! :fluttercry: Have an internet, you deserve it.

The is only one thing I can think of that this needed more of... CHEESE! ALL cheese! :pinkiecrazy:

"I baked you a pie."

I can see where this is going.

"Pie flavor."

Of course.

"Oh, you want to see a real game?"


Sheogorath calmly moved his rook to take out the enemy bishop, though he knew it left him wide open for a counter attack from Discord's knight.
Discord took the rook quickly, but also analyzed the field for any possible weakness in Sheogorath's defenses. Finding none, he waited while Sheogorath made his move.


How much does chess fit into Discord's personality?

More than you think, remember Return of Harmony?

3983920 I know this comment is from nearly two years ago, and I haven't actually read the story(yet), but I just can't help myself.

I could see those two going at it for a really long time.

Even though it probably isn't this line makes me think it's a reference to the Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc."

"I always break the camel's back in that card game."


"City's breaking down on a camel's back"

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