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forever alone and loving it ( not really im so cold at night ='(


A human child abandoned in space by his parents in order to be saved from his planet's eminent doom. He then crashed landed on "Equis," a planet just like his own, only centuries behind in their technology and knowledge.
Where he is raised by ponies like any regular foal and treated the same, as well. Though in time his fate and destiny will change him to the man he was supposed to be.

Will the ponies still treat him like their own? Or will he be ostracized and feared in which even the rulers of Equestria think he is but a abomination?

Will his actions and moral values teach them what it truly means to not judge a persons looks and who he is?

It is up to him to find out what it truly means to be a human.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 77 )

well this story blasted off nicely!:pinkiesmile:

Like always comment on this story so I can either add in some improvements to other new chapters.
Also since tomorrow is my new school year I need to add some knowledge in my brain. I promise though at the end of this month I will add a second chapter!:rainbowdetermined2:

I'm sorry, but the grammar in this is too atrocious for me to be able to read it. For the good of your story, please get an editor.

Also, Clark Kent is not a human, and he's not from Earth. He's a Kryptonian from Krypton, and his real name was Kal-El. If you're going to attempt a crossover, at least try being knowledgeable about the subject material beforehand.

I actually had an idea for something like this a bit ago

No it has a twist saying that if Clark is really a human not Hal-el so that is a point I just had other crossovers with the idea is superman. Also sorry for the grammar need to get a editor on the way thank you for your comment and if you can read my blog you will see I is all about the story.

if you guys are a bit confused with the story check my blog to get the details.

Grammar aside this story's already pretty interesting. Will Clark (Lightning Shimmer) be a normal human, will he gain mastery over magic, or will he develop the same powers as the Clark Kent (Kal-El) we're all familiar with?

I am still sorry if you guys are confused with the whole superman crossover. Again I repeat it is about a HUMAN child from EARTH not the whole Kal-el from krypton no it is not that story. Human from earth go's to Equis.

Awww. I was guessing that his name would be somewhat similar or a pun of Clark Kent, but I guess I'm nitpicking too much. :derpytongue2:

3105926 No, I am sorry, but we should not have to read a freaking blog to be able to understand a story. You should explain the story-line and plot within the description, story, and author's notes, not in a blog that basically all of the readers wont even see. And if you actually have to explain something because you failed to do so in the story itself, then said story is already a failure in my eyes.

Well it was straight forward with the whole story. I mean human child go's to alien world where he gets strange powers from the planet. Just like superman and his human life. I just feel a bit uncertain that most won't really get the idea that scares me. So sorry if I felt a bit insecure of my self and my story , really i am so sorry if I put to much effort in the part with the whole explanation and hope others will like my story. Thank you all for the comments and I will make sure to get me a editor at the end of the month.

I figured it out easily enough. Don't see why everyone's having problems.

I like this story, the idea was pretty straight forward but the crossover elements where nicely done wonder what else you will do and the grammar was ok seen far worse on fanfiction.net. i like that its a superman reference but done in a way that he is from earth instead. that is far better since i think the real superman would be to op in this world if he had his fuel power. want to see more and where its going and to see how the crossovers that you have play out into the story down the road. i expect the next chapter will be him as a kid going to school.

Again thank you all for commenting my story.:ajsmug:
Hopefully I can get me a editor for my crappy grammar. I mean I do really need one I'm 16 for goodness sake.:pinkiesmile:

There's an issue with present and past tense.

Humans were a mix up between harsh and misunderstood to smart and kind when ever the situation makes them to survive on the planet. They never knew the word 'fight' before their existence of their planet. Instead they are prey to the large predators that easily over power them, making humans cower and run in trees where they can be moderately safe.

And there are sentences where words are missing.

Instead they are prey to the large predators that (could) easily over power them, making-(here it should say 'forcing') (the) humans (to) cower and run in trees where they can-(could) be moderately safe.

i'm know i skipped a couple of errors, but there's a literal fuck-ton of 'em in the second paragraph, so i won't bother to read/correct them all.

Take a few writing classes (and/or go to the fimfiction writing guide)


That is why I am getting me a editer so hold on and wait till it gets fixed.

I wasn't expecting anthro ponies, I don't understand the story, and the grammar needs a lot of work. I might come back to this story, but not until its improved by a lot.

Anthro Ponys with Superman.......i approve!

the reason they are anthro ponies is because they look like any human anatomy only the fur, wings, horn, and hoof for feet are the real set backs the them. also I am having a editor try and make it sound not terrible so I hope you can com back to this story and like it.


Read "Last Son of Earth", a story about a boy named Clark Kent sent from a dying planet and crashing on Krypton to be raised by Jor-el and his wife. One of the best Elseworld graphic novels ever written.

As for this story, minor homonym switches, more show than tell, and minor spelling errors. Great concept, adequate implementation. I'd give it a 7 out of 10 so far. Not bad for a young writer. :twilightsheepish:

Again, more homonym problems (wear/ware,your/you're) that kind of thing. The headings in all caps is unnecessary if you change things a bit, we can tell when there is a change of scene, or if it's a nightmare without being hit with a clue by four.

I am enjoying your story idea however, an Earthborn Superman fighting the Terminator? Pretty original take on a couple of classics.

Don't give up! This has a lot of potential, just needs a finer touch.:raritywink:

Can you link pictures to what the ponies look like. It seems that they are more like humanized, and not real anthros.

I will link them to the next chapter sorry I forgot.:twilightblush:

Hopefully if you guys stay tuned for the next chapter at the end of this month I can make it longer and hope to make sure it has right spelling also see the birth of a superman from earth.:pinkiehappy:

The next chapter will be the big fight for him as well as some other things that was hidden from his past. till then wait for the next chapter at the end of the month.:pinkiehappy:


here Is the link for what I am describing about. I don't want to forget about it when I get to the third chapter so there it is.

Awwwww, poor Clark, Childhoods can be a major pain for plenty of Children.

Oh trust me he is going to have more trouble in the next chapter a lot worse. But there is mostly some good in his life in later chapters. Mostly.

You have a decent story here with a few grammatical errors. :unsuresweetie:
Good enough for me to follow tho. You have a well developed plot that I look forward to seeing expounded upon.
Don't quit, but you can still improve. :twilightsmile:

I have a editor that helps with the grammar so all of you should thank her I know I should.:twilightsmile:

... Man, you made Superma- I mean, Lightning Shimmer really pathetic here. He needs to grow a pair and fight back once in a while. Ten fucking years of being bullied is long enough. This is not the man of steel we all know and love. Oh, and the bullies...man I really hate to read characters being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. What is their fucking problem?! No one does this:

Diamond Crush was not his first friend but his first Bully that made fun of his problems and how he looks, he always makes sure to make Light’s life to be filled with harsh words and terrible beatings to be very memorable for Light.

Swipe was the type to hate some pony from a far, and steal their belongings when they are not looking. Every time he brings lunch money to buy lunch at the school she always steals his money before he can even pay for it.

Dawn breaker is indeed the oldest of Light and the rest of his bullies, but held back a grade by one year in his class. Dawn is the class bully and makes Light her personal cheat sheet

No one does that for years and years without a really good reason. Or, are they just fucking sadistic altogether? :facehoof:

If you ask me I think the one in the dream would be better... but then again, to each their own. Sorry if I sound like an asshole here, I'm just stating my opinion. I'm not really like this, but I hate to see a good story fall like this. This has potential written all over it.

I hope his terrible childhood didn't ruin him. I want to see HERO Superman not EMO Superman.

don't worry on the next chapter he becomes the man he is supposed to be.

i will try and show you all that Light is going to be a total badass!:ajsmug:

3160218 Please update this. This story is too good to be deleted or being in Hiatus! :applecry:

Their is some stuff I have to deal with and I don't want to type it again so just go to my blog to see why I am not updating. Still love the comments and will try to get more chapters out love you all my readers.

Wheatly!!!:rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh: awesome :rainbowkiss:

His new parents are a pegasus with "Flash" in the name and a unicorn with "Shimmer" in the name. Oh the coincidences.

The plot is somewhat borrowed from Superman and he has a friend nicknamed "DC." Intentional or just an amusing act of subconscious thought?



First terminator, now Wheatley? The world is about to know true chaos isn't it?

Earth does not have 'chaos' my reader! Just plain old fashioned earth friendly 'fun'. But of course for them it's probably chaos.:pinkiecrazy:

Nicely done good sir. :moustache:

I shall now issue forth my most humble supplication for further additions on this masterful work....
*translation* moar pls :pinkiehappy:

Love the story, keep up with the good work :scootangel:

Thanks I will! Hope you guys love it more when the story becomes more noticeable!

Looking foward to when he starts learning how to use his Powers.

Hehe, I'm imagining that the Wheatly's voice would be Claptrap.

Ok, I'm being skeptical about the Fallout part of this story. I know that you've gone too far and can't go back now but I have a question. How did fallout happen to New Vegas?

Comment posted by Brotherhoof12 deleted Jan 20th, 2014
Comment posted by Brotherhoof12 deleted Jan 20th, 2014


The reason that new Vegas was untouched was thanks to Mr.house controlling the city. Not to mention Hoover dam also untouched by nuclear fallout. I simpley fused fall out 3 with part if the story line with the G.O.A.T test with New Vegas and it's towns in the story. Either way fallout 3 happen to have a world war theme while New Vegas has a weird Cold War theme. Either way thank you for commenting and hope you read the next chapter.

3816862 Soo they're in America?:derpyderp2:
Weird, for some reason I don't like major cross-overs, like with them not being in Equestria, but I want to give this a try.

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