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Okasy then. That was interesting. Well written, but... interesting.

Okay, now I wanna read the time with the shrinking potion.


Are you implying that a well-written fic is not an interesting one?

3085677 No, just that this obviously is NOT everyone's cup of tea.


I'm not talking about the content.

Well written, but... interesting.

You were saying that.

Look, I don't want an argument(since this is the internet). I am just asking if I read your comment right. I know that not everything is applicable to everything (except Chuck Norris), some people like the fic Xenophilia, but I for one can't really find myself being affected by the relationships made in the story.

3091694 Honestly, the comment was meant to say something more like, "Well, I haven't ever read a story in which the main characters become giant anthros, but I enjoyed it." Sorry for any confusion.:twilightblush:


No need to say sorry, a hug would suffice :)

*opens arms*

Uh... :rainbowderp: Where didja got the cover art?

Well if that's no surprise then I dunno :pinkiehappy:

Here I was, sending a Pm to Nostalgia asking about some foot fetish-y stuff since there nothing much around FiMfiction about that fetish (Which is weird since it's quite a very common fetish.) and then I have to notice that he already had written one, though the macro/micro stuff isn't mine :twilightsheepish:

Anyways, gonna give that one a read :pinkiehappy:

I would have died laughing if that was Lunas tower. Cuz you know Luna wound be a deep sleeper and not wake until she started smelling ass.

3625171 I know right foot fetish is so common but finding stuff like fanfic about it is difficult for some reason

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