• Published 21st Aug 2013
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Synthetic - Not Luna

In an HiE, what happens after the humans’ story seemingly ends? What happens after years have gone by and everyone save for his wife has forgotten him? In the future, anything is possible... Luna is not about to let death part them any longer.

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Ch1: Memories


If one were to ask him later what these first few “moments" were like. It would be absolutely nothing. No smell, no sound, no point of reference. Nothing… Just a white void. He couldn't even form a thought. He began struggling to form any type of coherent thought, thrashing about like a rabid animal in a cage, but all that came out was something that resembled static. He finally gave up and resigned himself to his fate.

He started to think, “Maybe I'm dead, or in purgatory, or……. Wait.

He could think

He could think!

He felt everything rushing back that could be classified as general knowledge: The Alphabet, words, numbers, equations. Just common things one might learn at school. Then he felt a gentle breeze flow over……FELT! He could feel his senses coming back to him!

First was his sense of touch. After the breeze, he felt a softness underneath him.

Probably a bed”, he thought.

He could also feel the temperature in the room. Nothing special, just room temperature, if a little nippy. Perhaps a window was open? He also noticed a slight tooth ache in his furthermost right back molar. He decided to ignore it for now.

Next was his sense of smell. This almost overwhelmed him as an array of scents assaulted his nasal cavities. He smelled things such as wood polish, laundry detergent, musty paper, and……..Cinnamon? Yes, cinnamon. Perhaps the open window was leaking the scent of a nearby bakery, or there are some tasty treats sitting on a windowsill, cooling off in light of a recent trip from the oven.

Third, came his sense of sound. While not as brutal as the smells, there was still a lot to document and analyze. He could clearly hear the drone of a crowd, confirming his suspicion of the open window. Along with this he could hear a very distinct voice coming from the opposite direction. It was feminine in pitch and sounded like a women in her early to mid twenties. This was all clear to him even though she was a couple of rooms away, making sure he did not know what she was saying.

Then, his sense of taste came back to him. Nothing really special, except the slightly acidic taste of his own saliva along with something else. It tasted……chalky. Almost like a taste someone would have if they didn’t swallow an aspirin right away and it dissolved on the tongue. Nasty right? It was slight and then promptly disappeared. He wondered what it could be, but decided to file it away for now.

Last, but certainly not least, was his one of his species' most prized possessions…..His sight. He slowly flickered open his eyelids, fighting back the crust one normally accumulates during long periods of sleep. As he opened his eyes fully, he saw he was lying on a bed in a room of some kind. Furnished with a nightstand that held a lamp, an empty glass of water, a pair of eyeglasses, and a book in some unknown language, a chest of drawers, a large bookshelf that seemed to be carved into the wall, a medium sized bed with white sheets and a blue comforter, and a dark blue rug adorned with the visage of a crescent moon surrounded by what appeared to be a dark cloud woven into the stitching.

He took all of this in within the span of about half a minute before something really interesting happened.

He was suddenly launched into his sub-conscious, facing what appeared to be a screen before something started to play. For the next two minutes, he relived his entire life up to the “present” time. His birth, his life leading up to his 32nd birthday, the portal, his first day…here. His first day in Eq…Eques…Equestr…something…Equestria! That's it! Equestria was the name of the country he was in now!

After that little revelation he continued to watch the screen, showing his first day here, the rocky and slightly awkward meeting of the mane six as he liked to call them, helping around town, Twilight’s study sessions, Rainbow Dash’s brutal exercise regimes, Pinkie Pie’s parties at regular intervals, and so much more.

Then came the Grand Galloping Gala.

What a disaster that was.”, he thought with a mental chuckle.

Being the only member of your species in a foreign country apparently made you an ambassador to that country, so evidently that got an invite. It was there that he met…


The absolute most beautiful, graceful, and powerful creature he had ever laid eyes on. The only thing more stunning than her body, were her eyes. They seemed to carry this aura about them that spoke of thousands of years worth of experience, but at the same time held no discernible emotion. But that was the allure of them. It was a feeling that made you crave to see emotion in those eyes, whether it be happiness, laughter, or anything for that matter. To see the physical emotion of happiness through her eyes was like watching the change from night to day through sunset, absolutely beautiful and something you just want to see for the rest of your life. Those endless pools of teal that he could stare into for hours on end. It was love at first sight. He was, of course, talking about, Princess Luna.

Though he only saw her once the entire time, during that time, the world seemed to narrow. The sounds of ponies conversing in the background and the distant cry of Rarity saying, “Afraid to get DIRTY?!” seemed to fade away, focusing only on her and what she was doing.

Which was nothing, she only stepped out to see what all the yelling and commotion was. She took one look at what was happening and promptly walked back to her room. After she closed the door everything came back to him. The Gala was a mess and it was generally chaotic as all Hell. He decided to slip out and onto the next train to Ponyville to avoid any of the nobles blaming the whole thing on the “weird monkey looking thing”.

On the way back all he could think about was her. The way she carried herself with such confidence and poise, the way her mane seemed to have a universe all its own, swirling with stars and constellations, the way her jewelry seemed to glint with a divine light.

Everything was just perfect.

The “film” seemed to speed up again showing images of painful months spent admiring from afar. Taking every chance given to go to Canterlot just to catch a glimpse of her, thanking whatever cosmic deity was watching over him by blessing him with a natural resistance to magic, allowing him to dream of her without her snooping around in his head while he slept, then slowed down again to show him one of the greatest nights of his life.

Nightmare Night.

It started off innocently enough, not counting the alarming similarity to his own worlds Halloween, with activities including apple-bobbing, hay rides(why they would sit on food and ride around in a wooden cart he'll never know) ,dancing, a type of spider toss thing, and the main event of the night…


Oh and a ghost story of Nightmare Moon or something. He preferred to not let his loves’ past get in the way of how he viewed her now. She was perfect now and that's all that mattered. He himself went as the infamous Slenderman known as Slendermane around there. With a few commissions from Rarity, he had what resembled a white morph suit, his black suit with the red tie from the Gala, and fingernail extensions to give his hands a sort of subtle, claw-like quality to them. Suffice to say he scared the piss outta some ponies that day.

But all that absolutely paled in comparison to what happened next.

For the lulz, he decided to join the little ones and Zecora to the statue of Nightmare Moon. After the story of why Nightmare Night came to exist, almost on cue, the sky suddenly opened up in a swirling torrent of wind, light, and debris. Out of the clouds came a chariot that was pulled be some very visceral looking ponies. He could have sworn he heard the words “Gotta go fast!” somewhere, but dropped it as soon as he laid eyes on who was in the chariot.

It was her.

It was Luna!

He couldn't believe it was actually happening! She was coming to him rather than him going to Canterlot to talk to her and chickening out at the last second. Hundreds of bits spent and hundreds of pep talks wasted as soon as he saw the imposing castle up close.

Now was his chance!


Unfortunately not everything went as planned. As soon as she landed, everypony instantly bowed as low as they could go while simultaneously being scared shitless. After the less than stellar introduction involving a clown, she stormed off somewhere else while he was left standing there, his usually long patience fuse beginning to lessen at a very scary pace.

"How dare they treat her that way! How dare they treat her like a goddamned monster", he thought, his mind swirling with violent thoughts and very choice words. It was eerily reminiscent of his first arrival as well; just replace the bowing with six angry ponies wearing pieces of jewelry.

He then vowed to make everything better for her, to give her a proper Ponyville welcome! Like it should be!

But as it is said before, not everything goes according to plan. At every turn he would either lose her, Twilight would get to her first, she would run off, or the situation just resolved itself. By the end of the festivities, he was exhausted, having spent the entire night running, asking where Luna was, or pushing past crowds of ponies. In other words it was not a fun night at all. In the end he found himself slumped against a tree in the park, on top of a lone hill overlooking a lake, mask off, and his eyes slightly misty.

This was supposed to be the night of my life”, he thought with a sniff. “I was supposed to meet the girl of my dreams, make her feel welcome, and have fun all night long.” “But instead I've run myself ragged trying to impress her and just had an all around crappy night.” He however, engrossed in his own thoughts, did not hear the hoofsteps coming up to him.

“We do not know the meaning of this word “crappy”, but we infer from thy tone of speech, it must mean thou hast had a less than satisfactory night.”

He froze.

It was then that he had two thoughts total running through his thick little head. One: He must've been thinking out loud again. Two: There's only one pony in this entire world who still talks in those old, enchanting, archaic speech patterns.

Princess Luna.

She was standing right in front of him, and she heard everything he was saying… Shit.

Immediately he got up, only to drop to one knee before her, face red from embarrassment.

She frowned slightly and said, ”Please, rise. We have had enough respect paid to us to last several lifetimes. We just want to know why thou hast been running thyself “ragged” instead of having fun like the rest of our subjects.”

Good, she doesn't know it was her I was talking about”, he thought with a mental sigh of relief.

Sitting back against the tree he began. “Well, Princess, tonight was the night I thought I could impress somepony I've had my eye on for quite a while”, he said sighing. “But at every turn, every time I would find her, she would slip away at the last second, or get stolen away. So for the whole night, I just ran from place to place, asking where she was, if anypony saw her, and berating myself whenever she would slip away.” He said his vision becoming blurry again. “Now I fear she might be leaving and not coming back for a very long time.”

Luna saw he was getting upset again and spoke up “Wait, she does not live here?”

He shook his head saying “No, she was just visiting friends here in Ponyville; she has to go back to her family tonight.” He had decided at this point to keep his feelings for her anonymous. Ignorance is bliss after all.

At this, Luna got a thoughtful look on her face, mentally going through several solutions on how to fix this stallio-mans’ dilemma.

Then he spoke up trying to change the subject “You know? It doesn't matter now. She's going home and I've had my chance. I'll live.”

She only nodded in response, a sad look on her face. “What? Why was she sad for me? I literally just met her!

Then he spoke again, “Well, there's my reason, I think talking about it helped a lot, thank you.” At that, she smiled “There it is!” he thought. He could see the happiness wash across her eyes like a tide washes over a beach to reveal a perfect, pearl white shell. It was like uncovering treasure and he soaked in every second with an enthusiasm he had never thought possible.

As the night drug on she told her entourage to go home as she would fly back herself. They talked all night long into the wee hours of the morning ranging from personal lives, to gossip, all the way to pony morals and philosophy versus human. At the end they had a silent, mutual agreement to just lay back and stargaze. At one point during this activity, Luna turned her head to ask something of him, but stopped when she saw his eyes.

At a distance one might assume he had simple brown eyes. Such was not the case, as he had a set of rather soft and welcoming greenish-brown hazel eyes that spoke of unmatched kindness and patience. She felt like she could get lost in them… And she did. She felt herself melt on the spot. Never before has a member of the opposite sex gazed at her so lovingly, so…




Then she suddenly came back to reality to find he was staring right back at her! She turned away quickly with what he could have sworn was a light blush. Then she spoke up saying that this has been a very interesting and very fun night, but she had to go back to her sister before she started to worry. She then spread her wings and took off into the night. Before she got out of sight over the tree line, she waved at him. He waved back as he was getting up to go back home. That night really had been the best night of his life and then some.

The movie sped up again showing the following months. Things had relatively returned to normal, save for the random bouts of randomness that seemed to pop up every now and then.

Such was the Ponyville life.

But after that night, he started getting visits during the late hours from a certain princess, not that he minded of course, and he always stayed up extra late just in case she came by. At one point she took up her sisters’ advice to learn about the new world and new speech patterns, so what better way to learn about it than from her favorite human!

Well….only human, so her favorite by default but that doesn't change a thing!

The visits became a nightly thing from then on. Later he learned that hardly anypony came to her night court, so she spent that time with him! A very saddening thought that nopony cared enough to go to her court or were too scared to come face to face with “Nightmare Moon”, and a very happy thought that she would shirk her royal duties to see and learn from him! In return, he would learn about Equestria as a whole, including political standing in the world, the laissez faire-like economy, and even a few royal secrets that nopony really knows about yet. It made him smile that she trusted him enough with these secrets. Of course he would always make a Dead Space style Pinkie promise and keep it.

The movie then showed him finally working up the courage to ask her out. It was a nerve-racking experience because even though he kept telling himself the worst thing she can say is no, he was playing out scenario after scenario in his head that ranged from him never seeing her again, to being sent to the freaking moon! Of all things! All in all it went fairly well. She was hesitant at first, but then she reflected on the time they spent together and found he really was a wonderful person to be around. They have a lot of the same interests; he is more than bearable company. Not even mentioning that he had taught her so many new things!

So she said yes.

Words could not describe the relief that she didn't say no, fear that he had no idea what he was doing, and downright elation and sheer joy he felt at that point because she said YES!

The movie sped through several dates, dances, and rocky moments, finally leading up to him proposing to her. In his sub-conscious, he could feel tears of joy coming from his eyes as he saw her tears of joy when he said those famous words “marry me?” and she said “Yes”, but it was really more like “YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES!”

The emotions running through their minds at that point were so jumbled that the only think they could do at that point was kiss. It was just such a magical moment, he felt himself get lost in this mare. The movie, much to his chagrin, sped through the wedding prep, the evil glares of other stallions wanting her as soon as the “bucking monkey” got her, the wedding itself, the honeymoon, the best 20 years of his life, countless nights of passion.

Then, the worst possible thing to plague a human happened. Due to ponies being around Celestia so often for so long, they formed an adaptive defense against the small amounts of natural solar radiation she constantly emits over time, a defense that, unfortunately, he did not have time to build up. That's right. He got the scourge to man, women, and child alike…


The doctors only gave him a year. A year he spent with great joy, with his family.

The movie then sped to his deathbed. He had to look away from the screen with great floods of tears that matched his families’ as the “camera” showed him saying goodbye to Luna, Celestia, Twilight in her new princess gear, Cadence and Shiny, and the rest of the castle staff. Sharing his last kiss with Luna, and then, finally, his last words. He still chuckled at his attempt to get her to smile, even in his last moments by saying “Keep that mane short.” before expiring.

That's when the movie ended and he was thrown back into the real world. He found that he had been crying in his sleep, probably a product of the…

Memory? Dream? Maybe a vision of the future?

He didn't know.

He really hoped it was a memory! Something that vivid and detailed cannot be fabricated. But the one thing he did know was that he was going to find out what the fuck was going on!

As a last parting gift, the movie spit one last piece of information into his skull.

A name.

His name.

Jacob LeBlanc.

That is his name.

As Jacob looked around at what he now recognized as his old guest bedroom at Twilights’, and heard what he now recognized as Twilight in the next room over, probably reading out loud again, he set out to the door at the far left of the room.

“Time to get some answers.”, he said with a determined look on as he opened the door.