• Published 27th Aug 2013
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Souls of the Princess - Jolting8

(League of Legends) Twilight is being watched, stalked and wanted dead. Who can help her?

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BS stuff that sounds like excuses

A few weeks ago, Jolting was rising from his slumber, the sun was bright, birds were singing, and he had plans! He was going to make the new chapter for the his new story, and maybe even play some ranked games. Why he wanted to waste this good day indoors, no one know.

But that changed, when his, of all thing, stomach started talking to him.

"Oh, you have plans today?" It said to him.

Jolting ignored the fact the his stomach just talked to him, and replied, "Oh yes sir! I can't wait to get to it!"

"Well, wouldn't it be such a shame that you would, oh I don't know, get sick and clime back into bed?"

"Why stomach, why would you say such a...?"

"Sick. Bed. Sleep. NOW."

So yeah, that's why no chapter for some time. But sometime next week, I will sit my ass down and wright!


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I need to do this at some point.

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