• Published 27th Aug 2013
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Souls of the Princess - Jolting8

(League of Legends) Twilight is being watched, stalked and wanted dead. Who can help her?

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Prologue: Darkness.


That was the only word Twilight could find for this... place. Endless dark, pitch black, icy winds... nothing about this felt... real. She had been walking for what felt like hours, she was tired, hungry, scared and alone. Or, at least she was hoping she was alone... when she looked at the darkness, she could swear... something was looking back at her. Her legs where starting to feel heavy. How long can this place be? Where is this place? ... WHAT is this place?

Oh... THIS place?

Twilight froze. Now she know she herd something... but what?

Why do you always question?


Do you REALLY want to know what this place is?

... yes...

Your eternal damnation...

Light... It was dim, but Twilight could see light. Now with renewed energy, she ran towards the light. She could feel the warm sun on her soft fur, the nice cool breeze of wind on her wings, she could taste the sweet oxygen this place have been depriving her. She jumped into the light, her hole body felt alive again.

And just like that, it was gone.

Twilight fell to the ground with a hard thud, knocking the little bit of air in her that was left, and the cold was back. She felt weak again, and she couldn't move. Then, she heard the weak sound of... chains? Wit what little power she had left in her was used up by her looking up.

And she wish she never did.

A tall creature, dressed in black cloves and green chains, and a face of pure fear, glowing green.

"Wh... who are y-you?" Twilight ask. "Wha... WHAT... are you?"

The thing looked down at her and... smiled?

"I, am the embodiment of fear..." It said. "I am everything, EVERYTHING fears. I..." The monster leaned down to Twilight. "... am THRESH."

All Twilight could do was stare. Stare at the things empty eyes.

"Have you ever seen your soul?" Thresh asked. Twilight just stared. "Would you like to?" She couldn't answer. Thresh moved it's long arm to Twilight. With ever inch closer it got, her breathing got quicker and quicker, till it reached her chest. His arm when into her chest, and she stopped breathing for a second. After a few seconds, but what felt like hours, he started to move back. Out came his hand... and a little green orb in his hand. Thresh laughed slightly, as he held the orb.

"Oh.. the eternity we shale spend together..."

Thresh stood up, the the lantern that Twilight never saw opened. The green orb started to fly to it. When it got closer to the lantern, she felt like a piece of her was leaving. The orb flew into the lantern...


"AHHHHHHH!" She yelled, shooting up from her bed, cold sweat running down her body. Breathing fast and shallow, she could not stop thinking about what happened.

The door to her room slammed open. Twilight snapped her head at the direction of the sound.

"YOU'RE MAJESTY! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!" A royal guard yelled.

She began to calm down, after seeing it was just one of her guards. She looked back to her bed.

"Ye-yes, I'm fine... just a nightmare..." she replied. She turned back to him. "You can return to your post."

"Ah... of course, you're majesty... have a good sleep..." The guard closed the door as he left.

Twilight laid back down onto her pillow, wondering...

'What was that?

The thought wouldn't leave her mind, and could not sleep. She needed help.

"Guard!" she yelled at the door. It opened to the same guard. At least, she THOUGHT it was, they all looked the same.

"Yes, you're majesty?" he asked.

"Can you see if princess Luna is up? And if she is, can you ask her to come here?"

"Of course, princess. I will be right back." he closed the door.

'Maybe Luna might know what that dream was about?' She thought to herself.

Her door opened once again, but this time it was Luna.

"Twilight? Is something wrong?" Luna asked.

"Well, I wanted to ask you some questions about a dream I had..."

"OH! Dreams are my specialty dear! What was it about?"

"Well, it started like this..."

-5 minutes later-

"... and then I woke up screaming, in a cold sweat."

Luna stared at Twilight, processing what she had told her. The look on Luna's face scared Twilight.

"W-well dear, that was... something..." replied Luna.

"What? Is... something wrong...?" Twilight asked, paranoid of what her answer will be.

"Maybe it's cause you have been moving through Equestria, and you have been building stress, and that was just your body relieving itself of said stress." Luna said. "But if that was not the answer you where looking for, I can watch your dreams for a bit, if that is okay with you?"

Twilight sighed, in both anger and relief. Anger cause it wasn't the answer she was hoping for. Relief cause now she knows she can get some sleep tonight.

"T-thank you, Luna, I'll... try to go back to sleep."

"No worry's Twilight. Have a good sleep, young one."

As Luna left the room, she tried to go back to sleep. It was easier now that she know that Luna was watching, just in case. But the paranoia was still sinking in, and she still had questions she wanted to ask Luna...

What was that in the dream? What did it want from her? What did it say it's name was... Thresh?

Why did she feel... half empty?

Well, she isn't going to find out.


To be continued...

Author's Note:

Whelp, how is it?

I haven't sent it to my prof reader, so tell me if there are any errors in this story.

A League crossover, I've wanted to do this for a while, but couldn't find a way to make some champions come to Equestria, so I hope (later on in the story) it makes sense why Thresh in there.

...also the guy in the cover art. (I'm sure you know who it is, and if you don't, goooooooood...

Oh, and here is Thresh's log-in music, enjoy!

Peace out - Jolting8