• Published 10th Sep 2013
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Twilight Sparkle's Day Off. - MoltenXKid

Working non-stop can really take toll on anypony. That's why when Twilight noticed how beautiful the day was, she decided she needs a rest. And nothing will stop her.

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Leave Me Alone

A rude Awakening

“Twilight, it’s time to get up! The library was supposed to be open 20 minutes ago!”

Twilight did not want to wake up. It had been months since she had gotten a full night of rest. For the past couple of weeks, small disasters in Ponyville had caused the unicorn to be on her guard 24/7. This resulted in a lack of sleep. Pinkie Pie’s parties and Applejack’s hard cider did not help either. After a short internal debate, she decided to open the library.

“Alright Spike, I’m getting up.”

Twilight roughly opened her eyes. The room was dark, but she managed to see the baby dragon leaving the room. He probably was going to cook breakfast. She peered over to see shutters were closed. That was odd because she never closed them. She liked a cool breeze to roll in throughout the day; therefore, she hastily trotted over to the window and opened the shutters.

“AHH!!!“ Twilight hollered as she fell backwards onto the floor.

She laid there for many moments, regaining the pride she just lost. She fully recovered then took a good look. The Weather crew had removed all the clouds from the sky. This left ample room for the sun’s rays to shine. Accompanying the sun was the blue sky. With all these elements in sync, the perfect day had been formed. Twilight was transfixed by this view, but it was interrupted by a baby dragon.

“I heard yelling!” the dragon said. He had a spatula ready to fight off an intruder, “You alright Twilight?”

“Yeah…I’m alright,” The young unicorn just glared at the beautiful sky, “Spike, don’t open the library today. I’m taking a day off.”

“But…but” Stuttered Spike

“Not buts. I’m not doing anything for anypony else but me today.”

They’re not going to pick themselves

Twilight laid in her bed with a plate pancakes that Spike had recently made. The smell drifted all over the library, filling it with a delicious scent. After a couple of bites, she decided to read a new book by the author of Daring Doo. It was an autobiography of her life.

“Hmm…who knew that Ditzy was the author of the Daring Doo series? She must have been using a pseudonym.”

Twilight pondered on how that pony could write such an amazing novel.For the love of Celestia, she has bubbles for a cutie mark. A knock on the door ended her thoughts. Using her magic, she opened the door, yelled for whoever it was that the library was closed, and then slammed the door closed.

“Well, I wasn’t here for a book,” stated a familiar country accented voice, “I was actually looking for the assistance of a friend.”

No sooner than the pony finished speaking, did a scroll appear.

Dear Applejack,

I know it is Apple bucking season, but I cannot help you with the task. It is my day off and I will not do any unnecessary work. Your family is capable of harvesting apples without me.

Always your friend,

Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic

Applejack read the letter twice just to make sure she had read it right. She couldn't believe that Twilight was finally taking a break. Not wanting to interrupt her friend further, Applejack left.

“Uhh. Alright, sugar cube. You enjoy yer day off.”

"Did I hear somepony say day off?" questioned a white mare.

"Yep. Twilight is having herself a rest," Applejack answered, "Problem is...We're way behind our apple quota and we need magical help to catch up."

"Well...I'm not busy," said Rarity, " I could give you a hoof."

"Thanks Rarity"

They Look Hungry

It had been about an hour since Applejack and Rarity left ,and Twilight had finished the documentary which explained almost every aspect of Ditzy’s life. It explained everything from her cutie mark to why her eyes are crossed. A good read in Twilight’s opinion. Now it was time for another activity. She looked around her room and saw a violin case. It had been months since she had played it. Who cared? It was her day off. She could do anything her heart desired.

Twilight levitated the instrument from the case and chose her favorite piece of sheet music: Star Swirl’s Journey. Before she played, she tuned the instrument, and then played random notes. She was a little rusty, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with practice. She began playing. The music flowed smoothly from the instrument, putting Twilight in a trance. Well, until a small whisper interrupted her. Twilight opened her window, peered outside to see none other than Fluttershy.

“Hi Twilight. I was wondering if you could help me today. You see, I have a lot of animals to feed,” Fluttershy whispered, “I was wondering if you could come to my cottage and help me feed them. Everyone else seems busy.”

Twilight slammed her window closed. After Fluttershy finished her statement, another scroll appeared.

Dear Fluttershy,

I know the animal need to be fed, but I cannot help you with the task. It is my day off and I will not do any unnecessary work. If the animals get out of control, just use your stare and be assertive.

Always your friend,

Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic

“Okay, Twilight. Maybe next time.” sighed the yellow pegusus, a little disappointed. She flapped her wings and flew away, unsure of what awaited her at the cottage.

Just give me the Book

With Fluttershy gone, Twilight could finally finish her song. The only problem was that the lack of sleep was now taking its toll. The unicorn decided that sleep wasn’t such a bad idea. She put the violin back in the case, and then eased herself into bed. Sleep was slowly taking her into its grasps, but like everything else today, she was interrupted. This time, it was a loud earsplitting crash.

“Whoa! That was close,” Another familiar voice was marveling at the destruction of Twilight’s bedroom, “Sup Twilight. I’m going to need a copy of ‘Extreme Wing strengthening Tips’.”

The look of indignation was plastered over Twilight’s face. She remained calm and wrote her Rainbow maned friend a letter. When it was done, she used her magic to teleport the letter and her friend far away. Then magically repaired her house and went to sleep.

When the rainbow Pegasus came to, she was on her bed inside her cloud house. Her wings were tied to her back. On the bed was an opened scroll.

Dear Rainbow Dash,

I don’t recommend you reading “Extreme Wing Strengthening Tips”. It is a book written by Roid Rage and we both know how he turned out. Sadly, I cannot help you anymore. It is my day off and I will not do any unnecessary work. Try doing regular wing-ups, lifting weights, and flying.

Always your friend,

Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic

“Well duh, Twilight. I tried all those things. Ugh Never mind,“ Rainbow Dash struggled with the ropes, “What’s up with the ropes?”

Another scroll appeared.

Sorry about the ropes. They’re to keep you from doing anything ridiculous or interrupting my day off.

Always your friend,

Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic

Why can’t I sleep?

It had been two hours since she teleported Rainbow Dash away. She tried to get back to sleep, but nothing happened. Closing her eyes didn’t work nor did warm milk. Eventually, she tried casting a sleep spell. It worked a little, yet she still felt a disturbance. Out of frustration, she roughly turned around.

“AHHHHH!!” shrieked Twilight. Two eyes surrounded by pink fur were looking directly into her eyes, “Pinkie Pie?”

“Of course,” Pinkie responded, “The Town needs your help.”

“Sorry Pinkie, but it is my day off.” Informed Twilight, “How did you get in here?”

“Never mind all that!”

Twilight started preparing a teleportation spell for Pinkie Pie. Unfortunately for her, the Earth pony was faster. Pinkie reached into a sealed bag and threw a blue dust at the unicorn. Almost instantly, the spell died and Twilight’s horn went limp.

“Pinkie…what did you do?” Twilight questioned.

“Dried Poison Joke,” Pinkie giggled, “Don’t worry. It is not as powerful as when the plant is alive. The effects will go away in a couple minutes. For right now, I need you to listen.”


“You remember when you told Applejack that you wouldn't help her, but then Rarity said she'll help? Well everything was going great until a certain pegusus messed everything up."

"What do you-"

"Let me finish,Twilight," Pinkie took a deep breath, "Now, do you remember when you sent poor Fluttershy away to handle the animals on her own? Well now, the animals revolted and have gone out in search of food. Now ,Rainbow Dash, who you denied the book, decided the best way to train was to create a huge tornado and fly backwards in it.”

Twilight stroked her chin. All these were not that bad and could be fixed by others and Rarity was probably doing a great job. So, there was no point in Pinkie Pie being here. She wouldn’t for much longer. Twilight felt the effects of the powder wearing off.

“Okay Pinkie. Continue.” Twilight stated.

“So it turns out that Rainbow Dash can’t fly backwards in a tornado. She was thrown all the way to Sweet Apple Acres. She ended up crashing near Rarity who just so happened to be casting a spell at the moment. Rarity was so startled by the crash that she ended up casting the wrong spell.”

Pinkie Pie took a breath and, then continued.

“She cursed the apples with a spell that makes anyone who eats them grow and become really really angry. Unfortunately, the hungry animals also happened to be passing by. They saw the apples and instantly devoured them. After one bite, they grew ten times bigger, and they are still hungry…but like ten times hungrier!!”

Twilight couldn’t take this all in. None of it could be true. She ran over to a window and pushed it open. She looked outside and saw that everything Pinkie said was true. The woodland creatures had grown almost five times their original sizes and were terrorizing the poor citizens of Ponyville. Squirrels were chasing ponies. Birds were carrying rocks and dropping them into houses. At the current rate of destruction, Ponyville would be no more in a matter of hours.

“Oh, I forgot to mention that the tornado is also heading this way.” added Pinkie Pie.

Twilight closed the window. She turned towards Pinkie Pie, and then walked towards her. When she was close enough, she wrapped her hoof around the shoulders of the Earth pony. Without warning, she grabbed the sack of Poison Joke and threw it towards Pinkie's face. Pinkie, with her sublime reflexes, caught the bag, yet some of the powder managed to get out. This rendered Pinkie Pie unable to talk.

“Mhmmhmmhm” The pink pony wailed.

“Sorry Pinkie, but today is my day off.” Twilight avowed. She lit her horn and teleported Pinkie far away. When no sign of Pinkie could be found, Twilight apathetically climbed back into her bed and slept.


On the outskirts of a small town there is a mountain. On that mountain was a pony that was unable to speak. Her pink puffy and curly mane was now flat and straight. A deep sadness overcame her as she watched the destruction of her town. Tears were about to fall from her eyes until a scroll landed in front of her.

Dear Pinkie Pie,

I know the town is being destroyed and I’m possibly the only one who can save it. Unfortunately, I cannot help anyone. It is my day off and I will not do any unnecessary work. Cheer up. Everything will turn out fine. I Pinkie Promise.

Always your friend,

Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic

P.s If the animals regurgitate the apples, they will shrink back to normal size. Also, also have Rarity to un-enchant those apples. We don't want the animals to eat them again. Lastly get a team of pegusi and have them all fly backwards in the tornado. It'll eventually dissipate.

Author's Note:

I thought about it. I wrote it. Here's the product. Leave some comments, and tell me what you feel.

Comments ( 7 )

I was expecting more along the lines of Twilight finding out that she is bored without activities to do (and the town would go to hell without her) and joyfully assist in the end. This is almost more humorous.

Dear MoltenXKid,
I enjoyed this fic. There are a very few typographic slips, but beyond that I certainly can't see anything to criticize. I also enjoyed the seemingly natural escalation throughout. Unfortunately, I cannot be bothered to tell you 'how I feel,' as it is my day off, and I will not do any unnecessary work. Keep up your writing.

Always everypony's friend,

Rustling Leaves, Reader

The town's survived without Twilight for a while, so they'll be just fine.......unless of course it didn't.

A like indeed. :twilightsmile:

I for one like this fanfic... I do hope you write more in the future... :derpytongue2: See ya on the farside! Boston... Out!

Aw well she can fix it in the morning.

It's funny, because my only story so far has a very, very similar name... It's totes a coincidence, tho.

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