• Published 19th Aug 2013
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A World Without Rainbow Dash - inacti

What would Ponyville be like if Rainbow Dash was never born?

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Scootaloo stood alone in Ponyville, she was friendless and alone. She was the only blank flank she knew. She had nopony to look up to. She walked to the Ponyville Schoolhouse that day. There had once been a blank flank at this school, Apple Bloom, but she had vanished after the Apple Family Farm went out of business.

Scootaloo sighed and walked to school. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon stood menacingly at the gate.

"Hey blank flank," Diamond Tiara said.

"Hi Diamond Tiara," Scootaloo said weakly, she was such a meek pony without anypony to show her to be brave.

The two fillies laughed at her as she walked into the small building.

Scootaloo was a filly without a cutie mark, family, or even friends. She had never even met anypony who she had ever liked. They were all so mean to her. She sniffled softly to herself.

She had always felt so alone, the wonderbolts were never in Ponyville, the only role model she had lived far off in Canterlot, she wished she could see them one day, she wished she could fly away, she wished she could find somepony to be her friend.

Years later

Scootaloo hid under a tree as the sun disappeared. Nopony was around. The remains of what was once the Apple Acres was nothing more than dry ground now. The other ponies of Ponyville had stolen all the apples, rotting or not, as without the sun, there was no food. Scootaloo, being alone, was starving, she wished desperately that Celestia would come back and stop this. Scootaloo thought of her wings, she had never been able to fly, no matter how much she wanted to fly all over equestria looking for food, she doubted that even if she could fly she would not have energy to do so.

She sobbed softly, knowing she, like everypony else in Equestria would soon starve to death in this new world of darkness.

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