• Published 19th Aug 2013
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A World Without Rainbow Dash - inacti

What would Ponyville be like if Rainbow Dash was never born?

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It was a bright day at Sweet Apple Acres when little Applejack left her aged grandmother and brother to tend to the apple trees herself. She wanted to go places with her life, and so she would, the little orange coated filly was on her way to Manehatten to live with her Aunt and Uncle Orange. She wanted to be sophisticated like them.

When she reached the home of her relatives, she was welcomed. They laughed at her quaintness and trained her to be sophisticated. She sat at the dinner table with her family's friends and work associates and discussed her life in the big city. They scarcely understood her and Applejack felt lost.

That night, the little filly looked out her bedroom window at her old home. She sighed thinking of her family wondering if she should stay or go. She felt homesick as she watched the sunrise without the normal rooster cry to go with it. She wished she could go home, but she had to be sophisticated. The farm was holding her back. She shook her head and turned her back to the window she would stay here.

Years later

Applejack trotted down the streets of manehatten, shopping for the Orange family. Her cutiemark, a container of orange juice shone brightly on her flank as she walked, she absentmindedly wondered if the Apple family were doing well without her. She smiled brightly, she had long since gotten used to the busy streets of the big city.

"Maybe I could visit my dear kin, yes, I do believe that would be a delightful choice," she turned to the direction of the Apple farm and began walking.

Upon arrival in Ponyville, she noted a a small looking filly who looked very familiar. She was alone. She had pale yellow fur and a dark velvet red mane. She looked up at Applejack and backed away nervously.

"Its allright little filly, I wont hurt you. Whats your name?" she asked.

"My . . . My . . . Name is Apple Bloom . . ." the filly responded nervously.

Applejack gaped. "Apple Bloom? I thought you looked familiar, remember me? I'm your big sister."

"My big sister lives in Manehatten, my brother told me. She don't live 'ere in Ponyville."

"I swear, I am your sister."

"Sure ya' are. I'm sorry miss but my brother said not to talk to strangers," Apple Bloom said running off.

Applejack shrugged and walked toward Sweet Apple Acres. She faced the place she remembered the apples growing, the trees hanging over the fence. She trotted to the rusted gate and pushed it open. She looked around for the barn, it was nowhere to be seen. She tilted her head, she could have swarn it had been here.

"Hello? Is anypony in here?" she asked the empty air.

"Applejack!? Is that you!?" called a deep voice from farther along the fence.

Applejack rushed over to join him. Big Macintosh stood sighing, looking at the wilting apple trees sadly.

"Yes, its me! I came to visit," she said, throwing her hooves up for a hug.

The two siblings hugged for a moment and face the wreck. "What happened to this place?"

"Well, after you left, me and Granny were doing all the work by ourselves, since she died ah' wasn't able to keep it going . . . So I took Apple Bloom and we lost the farm," Big Mac sighed.

"What! Granny Smith is-" Applejack exclaimed.

"Eeyup . . . Without you we couldnt keep production goin' and we couldnt afford any treatment for her."

"Oh, Big Mac, I-"

"It ain't your fault. Dont beat yourself up, you went and found a life for yourself."

Applejack was ashamed of herself, she took the nearest train back to Manehatten trying to forget her selfishness and what it had caused. She wished something had told her to go back home, but the past was the past, she only hoped she could find a way to start over again.