• Published 19th Aug 2013
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A World Without Rainbow Dash - inacti

What would Ponyville be like if Rainbow Dash was never born?

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Pinkie Pie

It was a dark morning at the Pie Family Rock Farm, the plants were all dead, and the ground all dirt. The place lay on the outskirts of Ponyville, the only unfriendly place for miles around. The Pie Family was never very successful but they were the only rock farm near Ponyville so they did get some attention. The family living there was a group of five. The children were all girls, only three of them in all. Their parents were very strict and followed traditional values.

The youngest of the three, Pinkamina Diane Pie stood alone towards the edge of the rock farm, she pushed a small rock up the farm field and to the house. It was another long day of working the fields. There was no talking or smiling for little Pinkamina, she was miserable, all she ever had was the rocks. She was a grayish pink little filly, with pink hair and bright blue eyes. She was alone in the south field preparing to rotate the rocks to the east field for harvest. Pinkamina looked up into the sky with her bright blue eyes hoping something would give her life meaning. Nothing was in that sky but gray clouds. Pinkie began her shift once again, rotating the rocks. She was called in to dinner shortly later.

"Now, Pinkamina Diane, you are late again. What am I going to do with you?" her mother scolded as she rushed to the house.

"Sorry Ma. I didn't mean to," Pinkamina sighed, looking back into the sky one last time, nothing was there, she walked into her house, knowing nothing ever would be.

Years Later

Pinkamina stood in the doorway to the little cottage she and her family owned. A pearly white mare stood in front of her. She had set up this meeting, the pony was supposed to be one by the name of Rarity, and she was looking for a job.

"Hello, my name is Pinkamina Diane, welcome to the family, your cutie mark is all the credentials we need," the mare stepped out, a pebble cutie mark on her flank, and long straight pink hair pulled back in a bun.

"Oh, okay, when can I start work?" Rarity asked, surprised at the sudden acceptance.

"Today is good, just go out and start movin' rocks to the other field and we'll pay you 20 bits an hour," Pinkamina said firmly.

"Okay mam' I'll get . . . right on . . . it" Rarity sighed.

Pinkamina stared at her new worker, since her family left her to run the rock farm and expand their horizons as a Pie family. She glared at Rarity, her lack of enthusiasm for her own talent reminded her of herself. She didn't like to remind herself of the way she felt about the farm. She walked into the house and sat at the table watching Rarity using her magic to move the rocks. She turned to face her own friend, her only friend, a rock by the name of Rocky.

Pinkamina glanced down her nose at the rock, she sighed. She felt so pathetic, having a rock as her only close friend. She'd bet her flank that the mare outside had lots of great friends, she couldn't be more wrong.