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Returning balance - Pinkies Imagination

CJ wakes up to find himself taken away from his family and forced to choose his side. It is up to him to use his power to either help bring them together, or take control himself. (Third story of the series)

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Chapter 3: Back in the Saddle

I... I think I've done it. I think I've killed my writers block! WHOOOOOOOOOOO YEAH! C'mon cheer with me! *Clears throat* anyway... uh... yeah... enjoy.


Chapter 3: Back in the Saddle

I looked out over the edge of the chariot as I watched the world go by, waiting to arrive at my Ponyville house. I glanced over at the two guardsponies currently hauling the chariot through the air as I sat there silent. I blinked and everything vanished into darkness as I heard a familiar voice.

"Ahhhh finally I can get out of here!" Spoke a voice I recognized immediately.

My eyes lit up as I looked around before Discord slowly slid out of my chest.

"Discord! Whats the meaning of this I was kinda in the middle of something!" I said aloud as he looked back at me with a smile.

"Well sooooorry! I just wanted to get out of that body of yours! It's a shame... I barely even got to use my powers..." He pouted as he quickly slapped a smile back on and bowed. "Anyways I'll be seeing you!" He yells as he turns and is about to run into the darkness.

"Hey! Now you wait a second!" I yell back making him stop and turn back. "What do you mean YOU didn't get to use them? It was ME who had them."

Sighing a bit he made up a mock look of remorse. "Oh! It seems I had slightly stretched the truth so to speak! I was actually the one doing the magic, on your cues of course... I was using you as sort of a... magical capsule. Except you chose how the energy left." He said as he smiled on. "But time's up now and I really got to go!"

Shaking my head I asked another question. "Okay well... alright you got me. That was clever... but what was the point? To just jump out at some point and go 'Ha! Got ya!' There had to have been a reason." I said as he put on a slight frown.

"Well... when you've been trapped in stone for as long as I have... you get quite giddy to release power. And when you get put back IN the prison again... well it's not fun. Like, at all. No power to use... no chance to laugh..." He said as he paused a bit and made a small whisper. "No one to talk to..."

My eyes widened as he finished. "Ohhhh. So you contacted me because you were LONELY! HA! The great and powerful GOD got lonely? Just shows everyone needs some friends someti-" I was cut off as he gave me the cold shoulder.

"That is NOT the case! I was just... getting magical buildup!" He said back.

"Is that even a thing?" I ask as he nods.

"Yes! Ask your friend Twilight!" He says smiling.

"I mean for those with ENDLESS RESERVES."

He instantly scowled and turned back around.

"Yes it does! Now... I'll be on my way." He says as he begins to fade.

"Wait!" I shout causing him to stop. "What if I end up needing your powers? Things are getting kind of crazy. No offence." I say back to him as he looks at me apprehensively.

"Well... let's just say I think you'll be fine... and watch your anger." He finishes as he fades away along with the darkness around me.

I blink a few times clearing my vision as I feel my ride getting really bumpy. I take a quick look around and see that we had arrived in Ponyville but the place looked like a murder had just happened. Every pony that walked the town had their head either drooped or had a sad look on their face.

"Sheesh... did somebody die?" I say aloud causing all of the nearby ponies to turn and look at me, making their eyes widen.

I look around at their stares when all of a sudden everyone starts cheering and runs towards me. Panic setting in I quickly look towards the two guards.

"YO WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!" I yell as one of them chuckles.

"Hey... I'm not the one who disappeared from my town and left behind a destroyed house." He said as I looked back at the running group.

"Oh..." I said aloud as a few ponies went airborne and collided with me. "Oof! Ey guard! Aren't you supposed to guard me?" I say aloud as I'm hugged out of breath by the town.

"Sorry death by hug isn't on my list." He said as he laughed with his fellow guard.

'God dammit why did I tell them to relax.'

"Alright alright, get off the human." I say as I start brushing them off.

When I finally get them off me I stand up and crack my back. "Sheesh... you know the ground hurts right?" I say aloud to all the ponies.

I recognize a few of them immediately, one of them is Vinyl, and another is Lyra. The rest I had no clue.

Vinyl walked up and gave me a small punch in the leg. "Yeah... well it won't hurt as much as what I'm gonna do to you if you do that to us again!" She said in a joking manner. "But seriously... what happened to you? The whole town thought something made off with you when they saw the state of your house!"

Scratching the back of my neck I looked over at all the ponies smiling at me.

'They all really cared that much about me? I don't even know all of them!' I thought as I continued to scan the crowd.

"But hey I was just thinkin'! We should totally do a show tonight! You know... cheer the town up a bit! With what's been going on lately... I feel they would appreciate it y'know?" Vinyl said as the other ponies started getting a bit giddy.

"Well..." I began as I watched all the ponies raise their heads a bit in anticipation.

"I'm kinda here on business..." I continued as many of them started giving me THAT look.

'Aw what the fuck...'

"Yeah let's do it..." I said with a small smile as they all started cheering.

I caught a random shout from the ever growing crowd. "YEEAAAAH! WE HAVE DJ D1sASt3r back!"

I looked around and smiled at their reaction, but then immediately I felt myself frown. "Hey uh... have any of you seen Trixie around? I haven't seen her in a while."

Vinyl nodded while not dropping her smile. "Yeah, she left town a few days ago, saying something about finally feeling 'Ready' or something." She said as I nodded back.

"Well alright then! Well I'll meet up with you... where back at the old club?" I asked getting her to nod. "Alright, I'll be there when I'm ready." I nod as she smiles and turns back to the crowd.

"Alright listen up everypony! Go tell the rest of the town what's gonna happen tonight! We're gonna make this one count!" She ordered out as the crowd started dispersing.

I began to make my way along the path to my house as I was followed by the two guards. After a few minutes of walking my house comes into view where I immediately frown. I notice a few things, one the outside of the house looks like a war-zone, and two, the door is blown off the hinges.

'Holy shit Hec... must have been one hell of a fight'

I noticed a burn on the ground ahead of me on the patch, and no matter what I tried I couldn't take my eyes off it.

'Touch it...'

I walked up to the scorch mark and reach out to touch it, I had to touch it.


I felt like I was being pulled in by a rope... I had to feel it... I had t-

"Hey? You alright?" Spoke a voice from beside me.

A cold urge quickly receded from my arm and towards my chest from the sudden words as I didn't feel drawn to the mark anymore.

"What is it? Did you figure out anything?" The same pony asks as I look around the rest of the yard.

Still feeling the slight cold spot in center of my chest I answered back.

"No... nothing..."

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