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The mane cast is thrown into a world where fighting and danger is plentiful and they must fight for their survival... Willl they make it?
Flutterdash is promoted in this, but it's not a huge theme.

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This is my second shot at a fanfic... with a much different feel than my first one.

It's... Confusing. Who is the first person? How did the ponies get here? Good idea and well written but needs more details.

250797 "Dash, we need some cover fire. On my mark, switch!" Twilight hollered to me
I thought that made it clear that it was dash as the first person.
I edited the first paragraph and forgot to leave a sentence in there :fluttercry: ANYWHO! I'll go edit it, but it was supposed to say that she had no idea how they got there.

Ah, I didn't see that sentence. My bad :p

Other than the things I mentioned, Me Gusta!

Well, I'm gonna re-read the edit once it's in. Tracking!

Just fixed it up for ya. :pinkiehappy: Thanks for pointing it out to me!

"After a few very well placed shots from my rifle those few dozen "

I'm just going to real quick ask is this sentence finished or not?

Other than that sentence love this, good start :pinkiehappy:

250934 Well, ya see... The thing is, I'm an airhead. :twilightsmile: I went back to edit what I had there, then got sidetracked by something else and... that happened. :facehoof: Fixed it though!

One word.... Defuq?

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