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I'm just that guy who hated the show, then sorta liked it, then realized that he was a brony and freaked out. Then realized that there was nowhere else to post fiction. And so here I am.


Richard Chen was just your average closet brony. You know, the kind that likes MLP, but knows that the only way talking horses could exist would be for them to be in an alternate universe. And since it's impossible to travel between universes, he's not afraid of a pony invasion or anything.

Well, he was right about one thing. Just not the other.

Teen for swears. And maybe some mild gore, but nothing too serious.

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Yes, each chapter is generally over 1000 words.

3074544 Alright, thanks. If one day it won't let me put a chapter with under 1,000 words up then I'll know for sure.:twilightsmile:

4K words or more is considered long, any less is average and anything below 1k is small. At least in my book.

3086502 I've seen a story with 47k words in one chapter. What is that considered? :rainbowlaugh:

3250823 It's not. The story has between 25-30 chapters to it so far.

3250863 It's not even an original, stand-alone story either. It's a spin off of a continuation of My Little Dashie, called "The Problem With Magic".

It's a very good story, by the way. :moustache:

3250871 Was that the threequel, or is this something else? Also, how do you milk MLD THAT much?

3250920 Yeah, I think it was during the threequel, but from a different point of view. A human turned pony who has to keep his true identity a secret or else suffer enslavement or something along those lines.

And hey, it's not nearly as milked as some others, like, say, Fallout: Equestria for instance.

3250935 Huh. Anyways, that's different, because for groups like that you can have different characters, plots, etc. because they become an idea, a universe, not so much a story. But with MLD, there's just Dashie and The Dude(forgot his name). It's harder to milk that way, harder to create a new story.

3250948 Yeah, I suppose your right. But I still think it's worth the read. :derpytongue2:

3250956 What, my story, MLD, the threequel, the story based off of the threequel, or Fallout: Equestria? :pinkiegasp:

3250973 LOL, I was talking about the MLD spinoffs, but all of the above I guess. :pinkiehappy:

Chapters don't have to be over 1000 words each. You can have 1000 chapters that are 1 word each and you can submit it.
Although that would be stupid :derpytongue2:

Oh and there is a button which allows you to add pictures to your story :twilightsmile:

3086502 In my book. Anything written by me is pathetically short and by others it should take more than 3 minutes to read to be long.

Home. That one word hit me in face like someone asked me, “Hey, do want to get run over by a train?” and shoved me in front of one without waiting for a response. Dick.

Anyways the other chapters had little to none comments. Then this chapter came and was like "sup bro". Just a few comments here. And I was like :pinkiegasp: COMMENTS.

This chapter reminds me of that game 'dont starve' for some reason


WTF!! Have I been this ... weird? How did I even think back then? :facehoof:

4735333 Hey, if you weren't weird, then you wouldn't have been a statistic in my master plan to enslave the world that begins with a mere story on FIMfiction!

I mean...you weren't weird?:pinkiehappy:


pretty good story thus far man. don't really get the dislikes, though

5005699 Why thank you! I imagine the dislikes are just because A. I was even worse at writing then than I am now, B. Because it's a super-generic HiE fic, and C....um, because I'm asian? I dunno.

Unless your planning on him eventually remembering he's a brony why make him one at all you could have him not know anything about MLP. Hopefully you take the fact that he is a brony and reintroduce it at some point in the story

5008974 That's where my idea for a alternate take comes in!
You see, in 10 years, when I finally finish milking this story with its soon-to-be 100,000 chapters, I'll just get lazy and remake the story except he remembers he's a brony.

But seriously though, I once had a plan for 3 storylines. I've decided to merge 2 of them, and I plan to start it hopefully sometime when I actually have time to work and flesh out this guy.

Oh look, a story I might favorite to see next chapter asap, *Sees 4 chapter was posted 51 weeks ago. Nevermind

5039057 Heh, yeah, really sorry about that. I'm afraid the reasons are purely selfish. I'm busy with school, and whenever I do have free time it usually goes to taking time off. I do have a chapter ready, but for whatever reason my brain won't let me post it until I illustrate some bits of it. And it's forcing me to keep it at 1,999 words, even though it could do with some editing. I'm really sorry that my own ineptitude has driven you away from this fic.

Nice name though.

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