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A friend advised me to write something, so I sat down and typed up this. I had fun, anyway, and hopefully at least one of you will, too.

A monster threatens to destroy Ponyville, again. More importantly, it wrecks havoc with a certain clockmaker's schedule. Quite infuriating, that.

EDIT - KwirkyJ has recorded an audiobook version! I think he did quite well, considering the source material.

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Cute, witty, and original! Well done, sir or madam. :twilightsmile:

You don't know how much that means to me. I had doubts as to whether I had done the right thing, posting this. With your comment, all doubts are gone, and nothing can bring them back again. Thank you, truly.

This is nicely done. I hope it doesn't go by as an invisible gem. I like how you write :D

You should add character tags. :moustache:

3051179 No problem; I quite enjoyed it! :pinkiesmile:

That ending was adorable. I loved Time Turner's re-imagining, from Doctor Who-esque superhero to to a run of the mill unbothered by chaos and destruction Twilight-And-Her-Friends-Will-Take-Care-Of-It Ponyville Citizen. As much as I like Doctor Whooves stories, it was good to see somebody doing something different with the character.

That was adorable. You should write more, post-haste!

...Rainbow Dash had hit the one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple monster-thing in the muzzle...

This monster wouldn't also happen to be chicken-toed and undergrowed, would it?

This story was awesome. Definitely going on my list of things that need to be made into a movie.

In the life of... wait really, that's how his day goes, it's so adorable! :rainbowkiss:


whether I had done the right thing

Of course you've done the right thing, DUH! An interesting piece of writing, I love the way you employed those "Tick tick tick"-breaks to accent the time passing by, they literally sounded really well. Good job!

Awww... that's so precious. :twilightsmile:

Hilarious story, cute ending and Avatar reference. What more could I ask for?:derpytongue2:

This was pretty good. Wonder why I didn't comment on it as soon as I'd read it... :rainbowhuh:

Thanks for supporting my cause against tuesdays! Apocalypses do have a nasty habit of striking on the same day.

The slice of life tag did surprise me, considering how abstract and complex slice of life stories on this site tend to be. Yet in this case, the tag actually fits like it is supposed to. Fantastic story!

Got to watch out for those Tuesdays. They sneak up on you.

I have to thank everyone who's commented. Your words mean more than mine.

Thumb, fav, and TL feature recommendation for you. Good job. Highly entertaining :pinkiehappy:

4240861 That's more of a Monday to me. :moustache:

Definitely worthy of the mention in the reviews. Nicely done.

That ending made me awwww. Also:

I was also referred here by the Angels. What you have done is very fun, refreshing, and overall a delight to read. Fantastic use of voice, as noted by the Angels. Pinkie was perhaps a bit too cookie-cut with her run-on sentences - it was not entirely inexcusable, mind - but your mental interjections into her litany of speech broke it up satisfactorily and kept things on-track... or, as much as can be said to be so. Clever playing on the "Monster-Of-The-Week" theme, and that was such an adorable ending (of course) that did not feel misplaced in the slightest.

Maybe only a couple carats, but it's a dazzlingly brilliant cut. Great work on this short-short story! :twilightsmile:

Turner needs to take a course in roses. A yellow rose is something you give your grandmother when she's in the hospital after cataract surgery. A mare like Derpy deserves something with a little more pizazz. :derpytongue2:

This is the kind of story that could spark a roaring wildfire debate on the subject of crossover/references v. canon... Not here here, of course.
This was an excellent example of slice-of-life. Keep up the good works, Nym.

I loved this! It was hilarious all the way through and sweet right at the end. The lead-up was awesome. Well done! :twilightsmile:

Ohh:rainbowkiss: I just love Turner stories, you sir get a fav, a like, and a moustache.:moustache:

Edit: Also what the heck were they fighting? Did Discord invite one of his cousins over?

This was very well done. A like and favourite from me!

that incident with all the noodles

A literal noodle incident? Nicely done. :pinkiehappy:

It's just the monster of the week, that happens to bear a resemblance to a certain song.

Yup. Seems like another day in Ponyville to me. Nothing out of the ordinary. Buildings are closed in all areas, the sky is clouded, and there is a monster being confronted by six (five? Pinkie's watching Sugarcube Corner…) mares while everyone else is running and screaming. Nothing out of the ordinary. :pinkiesmile:


How did... what did... eleven comments? Since yesterday? I'm not... it's not... I mean...

I need to lie down.

ooh, that incident with all the noodles

:flutterrage:NO ONE CAN PROVE THAT!

Have you seen CanvasWolfDoll's Sepia Tock series?

Comment posted by Emperor Of Nothing deleted Jun 13th, 2014


Seattle's Angels review, that's how.

Edit: My last comment was screwed up by some weird lag, so I had to delete it.

You're not reducing my speechlessness, here. A single comment can make my day. This many at once induces incoherent babbling and the spontaneous generation of fainting couches. Study into the phenomenon is ongoing.

I have, yes. Didn't read them until after writing this, though.

Yes, but they're Derpy's favorite flower. The reasons for this are many and splendid, involving knights and dragons, lost magic, forgotten kindgoms, a surly platypus, twelve and a half stanzas of poetry, and a ballroom dance with an elder god. The details are left as an exercise for the reader.

Or maybe they just bring out her eyes.

I hope you liked it. They're my favorite interpretation of Time Turner and I thought yours had a similar feel. Sure, he might be an occasional hero when he has to be- he's got a quick enough brain and enough courage when needed- but he really prefers to be a normal pony who does his mundane job very well.


You're not reducing my speechlessness, here. A single comment can make my day. This many at once induces incoherent babbling and the spontaneous generation of fainting couches. Study into the phenomenon is ongoing.

You asked how, so I told you how. If you can't handle it, I can only say "not my problem.":trollestia:

Joking aside, its great to see that this story is finally getting the attention it deserves.:pinkiehappy:

Glad I found this one, it was an entertaining read! Have a like-thing and a favourite-thing my good author! :pinkiehappy:

This is so cute! :twilightsmile:

I loved everything about it, especially the entire acceptance of life in ponyville and living through it.

this was a lovely read. it all flew fluid and smooth and the pace was nice and even throughout. nicely done. here, accept this, if you would please.

Absolutely brilliant story! Your writing style is simply fantastic. Adorable ending, too.
Tick... tock... goes the clock... even for the Doctor...

A very nice short story. I very much prefer Time Turner to Doctor Hooves, even as a Doctor Who fan.

very good job. :twilightsmile: the whole thing was spot on down to RD bucking the monster-of-the-week's beak. :rainbowlaugh:

Traffic would be awful, for starters, and worse if there was rubble. I hate rubble.

little things like this complete the story.

so overall, this procures a :yay: :rainbowkiss: :rainbowkiss: :twilightsmile: 7.5/10

I find it extremely hilarious that Ponyville is attacked every other week,😂

Alright, can you tell me something really important?
[Suddenly, the Doctor's Tardis appeared and he came out to say something.]
The Doctor: Am I ginger? -faints-

well, that was....interesting.

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