• Published 23rd Feb 2012
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The Judas Kiss - friedlambo

A long and epic story of heartbreak and betrayal, focusing mainly on Spike and Rarity.

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Chapter 1: The Usual Duo

"Spike, can you help me for a second over here?" shouted Twilight to her number one assistant.

"Yeah, I'll be right there, Twilight!" replied Spike as he happily walked over to his sister to help her out.

While Twilight and Spike weren't actually siblings, the two always treated each other as such. They had been close ever since Twilight had "accidentally" hatched him out of his egg due to her magical outburst back whenever she was just a filly. With nowhere else to go, Spike was given to Twilight as a gift for her excellent display at the school just prior to earning her cutie mark. The two had practically grown up together, and Twilight always treated Spike as if she were his mother or sister.

"Here, I just need you to sort these books out real quick." Twilight said as she levitated a few books over to Spike using her magic. Spike nodded in affirmation as he grabbed a few books at a time, and began sorting them as he was told.

"Twilight, what are your plans for the day?" asked Spike as he finished putting up the last book.

"Well, I need to head on over to Pinkie's to pick up my cake order. She decided to bake me one as thanks for lending her a hand with babysitting Pumpkin and Pound the other day."

Spike chuckled to himself. Pinkie could be so nice to anyone for the smallest of favors.

"I need to go there before the shop closes, though. They close early today. You want to come, Spike?" asked Twilight. Spike looked outside through a window. It was still bright out.

"Yeah, I guess I could come with you. I might stop by Rarity's later on while I'm at it!" Spike said with sudden enthusiasm. Twilight laughed.

"How come I knew you would say that?" she replied.

After a few moments, both Spike and Twilight headed outside and made their way to Sugarcube Corner. The sun was, indeed, still out and shining as bright as it could. Ponies were strolling about left and right, enjoying the beautiful weather. It was Spring time in Ponyville, and everyone was outside these days. Twilight looked up as they walked, and could see a certain blue pegasus pony clearing the already-beautiful sky of clouds, giving the sun full access to shine its rays down upon the peaceful village. As she turned to her right, she could see Lyra and Bon-Bon walking alongside each other, as they usually did, talking about something that must have been amusing, as Lyra was seen laughing just as the two seemed to finish their conversation. Twilight then turned to her left, and saw Fluttershy leading a small pack of bunnies through a crowd of ponies, making sure that no one was in their way so as to harm any of them. Twilight just smiled to herself. She loved days like this whenever everyone was so active and happy.

After enjoying the view of the town, Twilight turned to her purple assistant walking beside her.

"Well Spike, what about you? What are your plans?" she asked him.

Spike looked over at Twilight with a confused expression. "Um, I'm going to visit Rarity later, remember?" he told her.

"I know that, silly. I meant what do you plan on doing once you get over there? What will you be helping Rarity out with?"

Spike put a hand up to his chin in thought. "You know, I actually don't know what I'm going to help her out with today. I guess I'll just have to wait and see whenever I get there." Spike said. Twilight chuckled a little.

"You know Spike, you really are nice to be giving Rarity a hand with her duties, but be sure not to visit her too often. The last thing you want to do is invade her free time. A mare needs her space every now and then."

Spike simply frowned a little. He never really thought of that.

"But don't worry, I'm sure she might not mind too much, if at all. You two seem to be getting really close!" Twilight reassured, not wanting to disappoint the dragon too much.

Spike blushed a bit at that last statement. "Aw shucks, Twilight, we're just friends right now."

"I know, but I bet if you keep this up, you will eventually grow on her." Twilight said, giving her companion a supporting smile. "If only she knew about your feelings for her. She may see you in a different light."

Spike couldn't help but laugh silently to himself. Oh, if only you knew, Twilight, he thought. Spike thought back to whenever he and Rarity were falling to their near deaths, and how he wasn't even able to fully confess his feelings to Rarity, as she placed a hoof over his mouth just before he could finish his sentence, a sign that she already knew. Oh, what a tender moment that was for Spike, and possibly even for Rarity.

"Yeah, if only she knew." Spike lied.

As they finally approached Sugarcube Corner, Twilight and Spike made their way to the front counter to greet Mrs. Cake. Upon seeing the two, she immediately called out for Pinkie Pie to come down and give her friends their cake. After a few bounces off of walls, a two-minute happy-go-lucky cake song, and a marathon of ear-to-ear smiles, Pinkie finally gave Twilight the giant pastry. Spike had to laugh at all of this. Pinkie never failed to be....well, Pinkie.

"Thanks guys! Come back and see us!" Pinkie cheered as Spike and Twilight headed back outside, Spike holding the cake in his hands.

"Hey Spike, let me have that cake. You can go along and visit Rarity right now if you want." Twilight said, giving Spike a little wink as she did and taking the cake into the air with her magic. Spike beamed at this.

"Really? You don't need me to do you any favors or chores back at the library? I was expecting to be given off later in the day!"

"Well, I was going to have you help me out with my studying, but after I checked my schedule earlier today, I found out that I wouldn't have to start my latest report until tomorrow, so I'm just going to give you off for the rest of the day."

Spike grew a smile on his face. "Oh thanks, Twilight! You're the best!" he said as he ran off towards the direction of the Carousel Boutique just after giving Twilight a hug. Twilight just chuckled and watched him run.

You really do deserve her, she thought.