• Published 15th Aug 2013
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The Ranger's Journey - Silentpegasus

Due to the recent animal activity from the Everfree Forest, Princess Celestia has sent an agent from The Academy. What will happen when a certain librarian starts to fall for the crimson haired warrior?

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Chapter III: The Impostors

Chapter III

The Impostors

Across the room Rarity was sitting inside Sugar Cube Corner at a table directly across from the three travelers. Twilight and Rainbow Dash were sitting with Rarity across from the trio of travelers. The pretty seamstress had a look of annoyance strewn across her face.

“Something wrong Rarity?” Twilight asked.

“Yes, something about these Academy members just rubs me the wrong way.” She said as she bit her lip.

“Yeah, I got that feeling too.” Dash said as she looked at the men.

“How so?” Twilight asked in confusion.

“Well, I just expected....more.” Rarity said with a sigh.

“More of what?”

“Everything! I mean just look at them!” The two girls cast their gaze on the three men who were sweet talking a few of the other girls from around town. “Just look at how they dress and their behavior!” She said with a scoff.

“Well, they’re on the road a lot, so they probably don’t have time to keep themselves looking nice.” Dash said with a shrug. “But I get what you’re saying.”

“You do?” The other two girls said in surprise.

“Yeah, not in the same way though.” Rainbow then put a finger to her chin and let out a puff of air that blew her messy rainbow bangs up. “Yeah, I mean they should be...I don't know, cooler.”

“Cooler?” Twilight asked as she cocked her head.

“Like, they don’t seem like anything special. From what you’ve told me Twi, these guys should be as awesome as the Wonderbolts.” She said with a shrug. “These guys just don’t seem like that.”

“True.” Rarity said with a groan. “That young man you introduced me to was so much more tolerable.” The seamstress said with a sigh. “Now he is something I could work with.”

“What guy?” Twilight asked.

“I accidentally crashed into some red haired guy today.” Dash said with a small grin. “He was cool. I mean, I was going pretty fast before I crashed into him and he walked away like it was nothing.” The girl said in amazement.


“Yeah it’s like, no matter what he see’s nothing is ever gonna move him.”

“So he’s like a rock?” Rarity asked.

“Yeah like Tom.” Rainbow said as her and Twilight shared a laugh. The seamstress scrunched her nose and blushed.

“I though that we agreed to never speak of that again.”

“Oh lighten up.” Dash said with a laugh. Something in the back of her mind suddenly clicked. “Ugh! I totally forgot, that guy was actually looking for you Twi.”

“Me? Why would he be looking for me?” She asked as the other girls walked up to them.

“Who’s looking for who?” Pinkie asked.

“Some guy with red hair.” Twilight said with a shrug. The other girls immediately let out an ‘oh’ sound. “You guys know him?”

“Darn toot’n.” The farmer said with a smile. “That feller helped me bring a whole barrel of apples down to town. Well, before Rainbow came and crashed into the guy.” Applejack said as she glared at the flyer.

“It was an accident!” Dash yelled.

“It was a miracle that you didn’t turn him into a pancake.” The farmer said with a sigh. “Yer lucky that he had that healing spell.”

“Healing spell?” Twilight asked.

“He used some fancy magic to heal a cut he got when Dash crashed into him.” Twilight blinked in surprise.

“He used a healing spell?”

“Eeyup, fixed himself right up.”

“Sounds like an interesting guy. What’s his name?” The group of girls looked at one another. It had just dawned on them that none of them knew the man’s name.

“Um, I didn’t get his name.” Applejack said.

“Same here.” Dash said.

“Neither did I.” Rarity said in a low tone.

“Likewise.” Fluttershy said in a timid tone. The group was then cut off as the green haired teenager walked over soaking wet. “Um Spike, why are you dripping wet?” Fluttershy asked as Twilight handed him a few towels and started drying himself off.

“Those three guys decided it would be funny if they poured their drinks on me.” He said with a grunt. The six girls looked at one another in shock. Rarity then got to her feet and straightened her blouse.

“That is it!” She said in a ‘matter oh fact tone.’ “I can understand their fashion and a little of their raunchy behavior, but pouring drinks on somebody is crossing the line.” She said as she removed her glasses.

“What are you going to do?” Fluttershy asked.

“I am going to have a word with those three about proper etiquette.” She said before storming off towards the three men. The pretty seamstress walked up to the three men who were laughing as one of them spilled a drink on themselves. Rarity gathered her courage and tapped one of them on the shoulder. “Excuse me, sir?” The mace wielding man looked to his right and let out a whistle.

“Well, how can I help you hot stuff?” Rarity stayed her anger and threw on a fake smile.

“I was just wondering if you could maybe tone down the antics and be more courteous to your hosts.” The other two then perked up. The burly man looked at the young woman who gulped at his size.

“Look missy, we traveled a long way to come and help this little backwater town out.” He said in a rough tone. “So I suggest that you start giving us the appreciation we deserve.” He said as he lightly slapped the seamstress’s behind. Whatever self control Rarity had was lost right then, right there.

“Why you beast!” She yelled as she slapped the man clean across the face. The entire room fell silent as the sound of the slap traveled through the room. Rarity was red faced with rage and was panting heavily. A red hand mark could be seen on the man’s face.

“That was a bad move missy.” He said as he quickly withdrew his mace and ran a current of blue magic through it. Rarity gulped and backed away. Twilight immediately rushed to her friend’s aid and tried to calm the man down.

“Okay everyone, let’s just calm down and-” She was cut off as the stranger used the handle of his mace to slug the librarian in the stomach. Twilight crumpled to the ground and couched heavily before being shoved aside. The crowd let out a gasp of surprise as Rarity stumbled back against a table falling to her knees. She heard the sound of the metal weapon cutting the air and the man standing right behind her.

The woman turned around to see the man holding the mace up over her and with a wicked grin strewn across his face. The woman gulped and time seemed to slow as the man brought the mace down. The purple hair’s girl closed her eyes and waited for the pain. The crowd gasped as the woman opened her eyes to see a familiar red hair’s man holding the attackers arm in a vice like grip.

“What do you want whelp?” The staff wielder yelled.

“Striking an unarmed woman isn’t becoming of a man.” He said as he let go of the mace and followed up with an uppercut that sent the man flying through the window he was standing in front of. The other two men immediately got to their feet. Crimson quickly jumped through the hole and stood up as the mace user got to his feet.

“You got some nerve buddy.” The three men then surrounded the man with their weapons drawn. “We’re members from the Academy.”

“Really? Here I thought you were the bandits of the stone fox mountains.” The three men instantly gulped as Crimson reached inside his coat and withdrew three wanted posters. Each had the impostors face on. Each with a bit amount under their pictures. “You each have a hefty price on your heads.” The staff user chuckled and stepped forward.

“Since you know the truth. We can’t let you walk away just like that.” A crowd had gathered outside the bakery and watched in anticipation. The mace wielder swung at the man who quickly dodged the blow and slammed his right palm into his jaw causing making a loud cracking noise. The large Pegasus dropped to the ground and groaned in pain.

The axe holder’s blade glowed and he swung a large magical slice that cut through the air at an alarming speed. Crimson slammed his hand on the ground and a cloud of red smoke covered the man’s body. As the attacker drew closer he saw two bright red horizontal lines shoot out from the smoke. The Pegasus quickly dodged them and return his attention to the hooded stranger.

When he turned back around all he saw was a pair of deep red eyes only a few inches away from his face. Crimson gripped the handle of his weapon and slashed it across the attackers chest. The axe wielder felt numbness over take him and fell to the ground. The now terrified lone mage looked at the hooded man. In his right hand was a long black, Scythe with a red edge that was radiating with magical aura.

The staff user quickly snapped his fingers and let lose a barrage of bright blue fire balls.The hooded stranger dodged them with ease and closed in on his target. The mage charged what magic he had left into a small ball that was swirling at the base of his palm.

“Eat this!” He yelled as he thrust his palm forward and a bright blue beam shot towards the running hooded figure. Crimson took a defensive stance with his blade drawn as the blast came into contact with him. There was bright explosion that seemed to outshine the stars and lights inside the nearby buildings.

“Ha! Blew that weakling to bits.” He said as he let out a massive sigh. The crowd let out a gasp at the size of the scorch mark in front of them.

“What weakling is that?” The staff user froze. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. He slowly turned around to see the red stranger staring at him with his blood red eyes. Before he could react, the scythe’s blade glowed and Crimson slashed the man across the stomach with the weapon. The man felt nothing, he collapsed on the ground in front of him.

“Alright nobody move or the broad gets it!”The crowd turned to see the mace wielding Pegasus holding the librarian by the throat.

“Let me go!” Twilight yelled as she felt the injury from earlier cripple her stomach.

“Can it wench. You and I are going for a little stroll.” He said with a wicked grin n his face. The rainbow hair’d flyer was about to jump into action when the man put the mace to the woman’s throat. “Any of you move and the bitch get’s it.”

“You, stranger.” He said as he looked at the red warrior. “Drop that weapon.” Crimson held out his scythe and dropped it on the ground. Fast as lightning, Crimson raised his left hand and the silver gauntlet glowed a magnificent red. “I said-” Was all the thug got out before a solid beam of red magic erupted from the gauntlet and made contact with the man’s face, missing the librarian by mere centimeters.

As the man fell back, Twilight felt her legs give out. Before she hit the ground, Twilight felt a pair of strong arms catch her before she hit the cold dirt. Twhe girl opened her eyes to see the red hair’d man holding her in his arms. The librarian felt a small blush creep over her as he sat her on the ground.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, just a little roughed up.” She said as she clutched her stomach. The man nodded and his hand glowed a faint red as he reached for her abdomen. “Hey! What are you doing?” She asked in a flustered tone.

“Relax, it’s a healing spell.” Twilight reluctantly let the man’s hand come into contact with her clothed stomach. The librarian felt a small tingling sensation as the magic seemed to make the large bruise vanish. The five other girls then raced over to the par with looks of astonishment on their faces.

“That was so awesome!” Dash yelled like a fan girl.

“That was totally cool!” Pinkie yelled in excitement. “I mean those guys were super duper scary and then you come along like, out of nowhere and then you were all like, bam! Zap! Swoosh and-” The waterfall of words was cut off as the farmer put a hand over her mouth.

“Are you alright darling?” Rarity asked as she looked at her friend.

“I’m fine.” Twilight said with a groan. Applejack walked over to one of the thugs and poked him with the tip of her boot.

“Do that again, and I’ll tear that foot right off!” The Pegasus said in a pain filled tone. Applejack immediately jumped back and got into a fighting stance.

“These fellers are still kicking and how come ah don’t see any blood?” The group then realized that despite the battle they had just witnessed there wasn’t a single drop of blood spilt on the ground.

“What? But I saw that guy slash them!” Dash said as she looked at the man. Crimson chuckled and summoned his blade.

“A good swords man only cuts what he wants to cut.” He said as he held up the blade. “You see, my blade cut through magic itself and absorbs it.” The warrior said with a smile. “I didn’t kill them, I only absorbed enough magic through the blade so that they won’t move for a while.” He said as he sheathed the blade. He then faced the crowd and let out a sigh. “Now that that’s done can someone please tell me where Twilight Sparkle is?” The five girls then pointed to the bookworm who was sitting on the ground.

“Yeah that’s me.” Twilight said as she slowly stood up. “How can I help you?” Crimson reached int his pocket and withdrew an envelope. Twilight took it from the man and hastily opened it up. A small image of Princess Celestia appeared on the parchment.

“Hello Twilight Sparkle.” The image said with a warm smile. “If you are receiving this, then the agent from the Academy has made contact with you.” The six girls’s jaws dropped at the message. “I know not who or how many Headmaster Crow has sent, but I trust his judgement completely. I have also been hearing reports from Trottingham that a group of bandits may be passing through your area. As soon as the agent arrives contact me via mirror portal. Good luck and be careful my faithful student.” With that final word the message vanished in a flash of yellow light.

The group of girls looked at the stranger in shock as he gave them a shrug. Applejack walked over and gave him a hardy slap on the back.

“Well, shoot. Why didn’t you tell us that you were the agent they sent?” The farmer asked as the group of girls held a skeptical look.

“You never asked.”


“We didn’t?” Dash said in realization.

“Nope, plus I had no idea what these three were up to. For all I knew they could have been some idiots looking for attention or assassins.” He said in a flat tone.

“Well, now that that’s out of the way can I ask something?” Twilight said as she looked at the man who gave a nod. “What’s your name?”

“Crimson Storm, at your service.” He said a with a nod.

“So, who exactly are these ruffians?” Rarity asked as some police men dragged the thugs away.

“They’re a group of bandits that have been passing themselves off as guards, bodyguards and just recently Academy members.” He said in a rough tone. “There’s been a bounty on their heads for a while now.” The librarian nodded and looked at the man.

“I have to go report to Princess Celestia that you’re here. Thanks again for your help!” She said before going off towards her home.

“Well, now that that’s out of the way, let’s party!” Pinkie said with a smile. Crimson held up a hand and let out a sigh.

“Sorry, but I’m beat and I have a lot of work to do tomorrow. If you guys need anything then give a shout.” He said before vanishing in a puff of dark red smoke. The girls looked at one another and shrugged as they went back inside.

Twilight raced into the library and walked over to a large mirror. Her right index finger glowed as she tapped the reflective surface of the mirror. The smooth surface rippled and an image of Princess Celestia appeared.

“Ah Twilight, I’ve been expecting-” The Princess then notice Twilights disheveled appearance. “My goodness! What happened to you?”

“I had a little run in with those bandits you mentioned.” She said with a weak smile. “Don’t worry though, the real Academy agent is here and dealt with the bandits post haste.”

“That’s a relief.” Celestia said with a sigh. “How many did they send?”

“One.” The Princess looked at her student in surprise.

“One?” The librarian gave her a sharp nod. “What is their name?”

“Crimson Storm. He’s got shoulder length dark red hair and red eyes.” Celestia’s eyes shrank and a small look of worry was strewn across her face. She quickly replaced it with a small smile and nodded.

“Thank you for the update Twilight. Be sure to keep me informed.” The Princess said before the mirror flickered out only leaving the young scholar’s reflection.