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Chapter One

The sisters waited, and planned. Time passed, and it was almost time for the Summer Sun Celebration. They were holding it in Canterlot this year, and Celestia invited Twilight and her friends to come and be special guests to the gathering. When they gathered, Twilight could tell something was effecting Celestia, her smile was just a bit lowered, and she was a bit more flighty than usual. Being with Celestia for her entire life proved to show the slight discrepancies of her behavior. After a hour of almost unnoticeable awkwardness, Twilight brought it up.

"Princess? Can you tell me what is bothering you?"

Celestia's smile fell into a straight line, and she sighed. She said, with a bit of melancholy,

"Seems like I cannot hide anything from you, my student. I have certain... thoughts about what is going to happen in the following days. I am just worried about what will happen, if anything does."

Twilight's brain went into overdrive when she heard what her teacher said. Last time she acted like this was when Discord came back... And when Nightmare came back for the first time...

"Celestia, it isn't due to some other world-ending evil that could be released at any time again, it it?"

Twilight's brain automatically went back to Reaper, but she refrained bringing it up with the celestial Alicorn. Celestia's face suddenly sunk a bit lower, and then a genuine smile broke out on her face. Celestia said, with a chuckle,

"Of course not, Twilight. Why would you think that? I immediately told you with Discord, and I only paused to tell you about Nightmare Moon because friendship needs to be nurtured freely and without too much effort in a third party."

Twilight visibly relaxed as the danger of impending doom lifted itself from her shoulders. Twilight said, with a curious tone,

"Then what are you worrying about? This seems like a regular Summer Sun Celebration."

Celestia cocked an eye at Twilight, and said, with a bemused tone,

"You'll see, eventually. It would be very hard to miss."

Twilight didn't either to be worried, or to be confused. Celestia was the common joker, using a gag to break the tension of a regular royal meeting. But she wouldn't do that at a nationwide celebration, would she? Twilight glanced out the to the side of her sight, and saw Luna quietly snickering. This couldn't be any types of good. Twilight decided to just wait for whatever that is going to happen, happen. Celestia ushered the six towards an overlarge balcony where Celestia would be raising the sun after Luna would bring her moon down. Luna trotted over to a structure across from Celestia's sun-pedestal. It would circle the moon as it went below the horizon, and had graceful, flowing additions, to give everypony a good view of the grace that the moon. Whereas the sun's pedestal had erratic jutting protrusions. Celestia motioned for the six to stay where they were as she trotted over to her position. Making eye contact, the two sisters nodded, and Luna launched herself into the sky, floating in the air from the force of the moon. Celestia called out to Twilight, almost breaking out in chuckles,

"This is it, Twilight!"

And launched herself into the sky herself when Luna's horn flashed with a silver glow. A bright glow flashed out as the sun broke the horizon line. The moon stayed where is was. As the Sun slowly creeped up into the sky, the moon simply did not budge. Rarity nudged Twilight's shoulder with a forehoof as she asked,

"Twilight? Just what exactly are the princesses doing?"

Light's danced under Twilight's eyes as she saw the sun get steadily closer to the moon. Twilight was frantically searching in her vast knowledge database for what was happening. For all of her knowledge, Twilight, for once, came up blank. The sun continued to advance. As the sun began to get closer to the moon, all of the unicorns in the patio around the castle and the two on the balcony began to feel something tingling, something affecting their magic. A few inches more, and their horns began to involuntarily glow. Twilight felt something pulling immensely on her horn, and her magic. As she struggled to grasp what was happening, her mind got a sudden calm in the storm, and remembered what was so important about the celestial bodies. Rarity was freaking out, eyes desperately trying to lock onto her horn.

"Twilight! Twilight! TWILIGHT! What is happening to my horn?"

Twilight stared up into the sky with a blank face.

"They... Effect Magic..."

Twilight didn't move as she said, much louder,

"The celestial bodies, they effect magic! They are getting closer together, so it's creating a massive influx of magic!"

The sun began to intersect the moon. Rainbow's and Fluttershy's wings fluffed out, and RD fell out of the sky like a rock. Before she could squeak out in indignation, the glow from every unicorn horn began to glow at an even brighter light.

The sun was halfway behind the moon. The overglow from some unicorns began to shed off of their horns, floating in little balls to congregate in the air. Soon, balls of energy began to float up into the sky from across the entirety of Equestria.

The sun had eclipsed. Many things happened all at once. The princesses fell out of the sky, and when they fell, so did every earth pony in attendance of the Summer Sun Celebration. The last of the unicorn energy blasted up into the air, and a large orb collected just above the balcony from all of the unicorn magics. Twilight, Fluttershy, RD, and Rarity were all flung onto the floor to join the earth ponies as the multi-colored ball burst mid-air, unicorn magics dissipating into the sky. As the six recovered, they got up to see two smiling princesses standing over them. Almost immediately, Twilight said,

"Princesses, what was that?"

Celestia explained,

"As you already know what the sun and moon do to magic when they are out. Being up in the air, and together, not only do they effect the magic, but they are magnified almost ten-fold by each other."

Twilight began to say something, but she was interrupted by even more explosions. Little balls of green light could be seen floating over the various small towns that dotted the equestrian landscape, randomly detonating as they got to critical mass. Twilight and the six all jumped and tottered around as the last of the green sheets blasted into the air.

--- --- ---

A large, black coated draftpony stallion walks calmly along a dirt road, humming a tune under his breath. As he made his way down the road, a particularly large explosion rocks the area, and a tree begins to fall onto the path, leaving the stallion no room to go. As the tree continues to fall, he looks up at the tree with a defeated expression, and says rather flatly,


Before it smashed into his body.

--- --- ---

As the six regained their senses from the last explosion, Applejack asked the princesses,

"Now, Princesses, why did ah collapse? All ah felt fer a second was me being lightheaded, and then I passed out."

RD ruffled her feathers for a second, and launched into the air once more.

"Yeah! and why did I fall out of the sky? It was like my wings couldn't keep me airborne anymore."

Celestia said,

"As well with effecting unicorn magic, the celestial bodies effects natural magic."

Luna picked up after her sister, and said with a scholarly tone,

"Natural magics are the specialties of a pony. For a Pegasus, their wings are imbuned with a special type of magic to allow them to fly. Earth ponies have a special connection with the earth, they can make it nurture and grow things better than any other pony, and it gives them superior strength and stamina. Unicorn magic the the ability to craft the magics flowing through them, creating magic spells."

RD continued floating, and said,

"So that explains why I fell out of the sky, the eclipse messed up everypony's natural magic!"

Celestia smiled at the usually brash Pegasus, and said,

"You catch on very quickly, Rainbow."

RD just rubbed the back of her head with a hoof as she floated there, blushing. Celestia turned to Twilight, and said,

"Believe it or not, that wasn't actually what I was worried about, me and Luna have been planning this for over two months now. What I was thinking about will probably happen in a few days, If I am correct."

Twilight was still confused, trying to see if this was one of Celestia's many jokes, or if she was completely being serious. However, it was still amazing to see something that has only been theorized for the past few centuries. The rest of the long day had been spent with Celestia and Luna, only a few times had a small wave of depression passed over their thoughts when they would see something that would remind them of Reaper. They said their goodbyes at the end of the carnival, after Luna brought up her moon to end the day. Twilight went home with a few notes from Celestia, and a letter to open once she got home. The six had a happy time going back to Ponyville in a chariot, and Twilight went home to find Spike asleep with a happy grin on his face. She chuckled under her breath as she went up the stairs into her room. She lazily opened the sealed mail in her bed, trying to relax with some 'light reading' before she went to sleep. Reading it, Twilight's eyes widened a bit.

My Faithful Student,

I have reasons for the eclipse. I believe that it could bring Reaper back to us. We received a message that could prophesize him coming back. If you meet anypony that could be him, or him as a human, contact me immediately. If not, then we are grasping for straws.


Princess Celestia

Twilight went to sleep dreaming of Reaper coming back, or just meeting him one last time to thank him for all he had done for everyone in Equestria.