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EDIT: First and probably only ever, added Author's Notes to address the frequent "Were means man" issue. Please read them before commenting.

"Fluttershy gets bitten by a werewolf from the Everfree Forest, but when a side effect of the changes limits her inhibitions, she starts to wonder if the cure is such a good idea. Even if she does start to behave a little 'differently' otherwise..."

A one-shot story in the spirit and style of an episode of the show itself.


Cover image by ~Dragon-Fangx
(With one small edit to fit details of the story)

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Comments ( 194 )

seems interesting, MUST READ



This is an awesome story that is so well written it could almost be canon! :yay:
take a thumbs up from me. :yay:

I'm cool with this.
Its awesome!

Wow, goal achieved. Nice job. :pinkiehappy:

...that picture alone is enough to make me FINALLY like Fluttershy. But, only in that picture. :flutterrage:

As a werewolf, this gets my two claws up of approval.


Keep writing, that was great.

Well that was a lovely story. I enjoyed every bit of it.
So I will offer you this since you have earned it by writing such a great story.

Urgh, again!
Why does everyone forget that the 'were' in 'werewolf' means 'man'!? As in 'human'!?
I swear, every single fic that involves lycanthropy makes this mistake...


Cue applause, that was awesome... I suggest submission to... EVERYWHERE!

I'd say get a copy to MLP:FiM to make it but we've already got an episode coming up that's going to probably have the exact same moral.

Four hooves up for Flutterwolf!:moustache::trollestia:

I wish this was an episode now.... THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!

EXACTLY. That is a werepony. Or werehorse. Whichever.

The inherent problem is, if I had changed the "were" part, who would've known what I was talking about?
Believe me, I knew it was wrong. But I think a common mistake works better for most readers than something obscure, but correct.


I wish this was an episode now.

I half expected a random twist at the end where she went out and got bit again. That'd give me an excuse to say "WAHT A TWEEST!"
Now if you'll excuse me, my headcanon is going to assimilate this fanfic and change the ending to better fit with my preferences. Flutterwolf FTW.
*thumbs up*
My only issue is that, since it's a oneshot, and is also "episode-style."
1. Nothing is ever pernament. It will be deus ex machina'd during or after the friendship report.
2. It will never update, meaning we have to be content with such a deus ex machina ending. It's like nothing ever happened. They will completely forget about it next "episode."
3. I can't track oneshots. (Correction: There is no point to track a oneshot.)

This is so awesome it should most definitely be an episode if possible! :trollestia:
*clap clap*

So now she has fingers too, but wait, were are her bat wings? Darn those wonderful artists away messing things up! I'd miss flying too much. Super fun story. She just needs to hunt him down, and bite him back, anytime she could use a bit more fun.


You could easily use equus, like Lauren Faust did with Discord. She called him a Draconequus.

So logically, a Wolf Pony would be a Lycanequus, a Vampony would be a Lamiaequus/Sucoequus/Succoequus, a zompony would be a Necroequus, and a a Deeper Pony would be an Equusequusequus. BVVVVVOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM.

In trying to boost her self-confidence,
She encountered the tiniest hitch.
She ignored the obvious consequence,
Now our 'Shy is a bit of a bitch.


Oh, don't look at me like that. It was a pun, I didn't mean... aw c'mon, don't start crying... :facehoof:

Awesome story, it was a lot of fun to read, and it did come out just like an episode.

my ideas. you steal them
cool fiction :pinkiehappy:

257964 Lycanequus?

Oh, you know I'm saving that one.

Is that a kilt I see? Wereponies are Scottish I take it. :rainbowlaugh:

Either she doesn't know the multiple uses for "bitch" or she is sad that no longer will she be able to hold meaningful conversations with Winona. :fluttershyouch:

Just like Ah Ain't Got No Ack-cent, this is a freakin' episode that needs to be made. RIght now.

This was just... :yay:

Best episode ever! Or at least it would have been :fluttercry:


Feel free to use it.

I love etymology, so naturally I love to create words to help people or fill my needs.

Like Cervidigriff(Deer/Griffon hybrid) or Falconess(Word for a female griffon. Combined the terms lioness and falconiformes.)

257451 i thought that too ;P beat me to it :$

If the newest episode of mlp uses the same letter to celestia.. i'm gonna laugh..

oh great story by the way :twilightsmile:

257673 If you wanted to be cute you could have just called it a "Marewolf"... :derpytongue2:

Chuckles, I've got a strong feeling that it was you that bit Fluttershy...
I mean, I don't know anyone else who is a werewolf...
So, what do you have to say to that?:fluttershysad:

259326 Do you see me blowing my brains out or slitting my throat? Then it wasn't me.

I couldn't live with myself if I hurt Fluttershy.

Since this is over the internet, then how can I see you?
However seeing as how you denied, and is obviously the truth...
Who did hurt Fluttershy?

259431 whoever it was i will hunt the F***ER DOWN AND RIP HIS F***ING TEETH OUT (fluttershy is my favorite, and i l know it wasn't you chuckles, the spy camera i implanted on you registered you doing *looks at tape* ...ummmmmm yeaaaaaaaaaah, 'something' else at the time (don't worry, i won't say what))

259431 Don't worry, he tasted good in a stir-fry.

DJ YOU PERVERT! THAT WAS A PRIVATE MOMENT! Now I'm turning you into a furry codpiece...
Run, bucker, run. XD


Of course, what they're forgetting is that it is also possible that 'were' could have come from the old English 'weri' meaning 'wearer'. In which case 'werewolf' would more or less translate as 'wearer of wolf skin'. Meaning you are completely correct in your usage.
This is especially important to remember when the term 'were' in old English is definitively masculine - so there cannot be a female werewolf, as that would be a contradiction in terms.

Also - this was an awesome story, and I hope to see more.

Well jeez, that was just awesome! Excellent story, I could definitely see this being an episode!


Ummmm, so THAT's the punishment for biting fluttershy. Heheh...I'm just going to quietly leave now. *innocent whistling*:twilightsheepish:

:moustache: Can't be me! I don't even have teeth!:derpytongue2:
Also, I AM ON FIRE!:flutterrage:

“W-wait for me!” he called after his wife. His balance shifted when he tried to walk - Is this a hint to what I think it is or is he just scared shitless of his wife?

Hi, mister ice-cream man! i´ll like some original flavor. :heart: Stories like this that can easily pass as an actual episode are my favorites. :yay:

DAT image :rainbowderp:, I loves it :pinkiesmile:

*noms on Fluttershy* Nom nom nom nom... :trollestia:

260539 Do you not know what happened to the last thing that hurt Fluttershy?

I ate it with chopsticks and soya sauce.

I'm thinking a nice egg roll this time.


I'm watching you...

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