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"Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead." ~Gene Fowler


As Twilight deals with life as the head of a nation and the responsibility that comes with it , she must also deal with her secret relationship with a certain moon goddess. As they face various issues from the get go. Including intense media and public scrutiny, a commitment to her friends and family, the complexities of the Equestrian political system and Luna's struggle to find peace with herself and her faults.

With a political crisis brewing on the horizon, Twilight must come to terms with her position quickly while also coming facing a daunting task in the form of reconciling Luna and Celestia's damaged sisterly relationship. In the end she'll learn that being royalty isn't all what it is cut out to be.

I highly recommend reading the first story. It's not completely necessary but it will be easier to follow the plot.

Sequel to Learning curve

My second attempt at romance with Twilight and Luna. Starts off as fluff in the begining but develops a political side story as the chapters go by. The story mainly focuses on Twilight and Luna and the issues they deal with after Season 3. Written before season 4 so it may not conform fully to canon. May fix this in a later rewrite. Criticism is once again welcomed.

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3057791 Awww you're too kind :twilightsmile:

It just wasn't within me to leave it at one. What can I say I'm a sap for TwilLuna. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for submitting to the Twiluna group!
Learning Curve was a sweet little read, and I'm sure this will be equally so.

I finally read the chapter i got a tad distracted.
Any way it was a pretty good first chapter and i looking forward to more.
I think i spotted a spelling mistake "Twilight hit Luna’s barrel" that line confused me a tad
unless barrel means more then one thing /shrug

Any way keep up the good work!:heart:

3058492 Luna's kind of chest-stomach area near the centre of the body. May change that considering its more of a slang term but yeah it just means around the chest really.

Thanks anyway. Glad you enjoyed it.

3059348 using barrel is fine but this chapter could use a quick readover i noticed quite a few missing words in sentences.

3061046 Yeah, I have an unfortunate tendancy to overlook those kind of errors (not on purpose of course) I'll give a read over the chapter again later and pick out any mistakes. Hopefully I might be able to catch some.

Yet another good TwiLuna entry! Consider putting your TwiLuna together into a single story, especially if all your scenes are part of the same "universe".

3073012 I was actually just going to continue on Learning curve but I felt that since it had a definitive end I would leave it as a one shot which is open to whether you wish to continue reading or not.

I may consider it later but I'm content with Learning curve remaining a one shot while this is the expanded version of it. This also may add a plot unlike Learning curve so it suits to be a seperate story.

Anyway, thanks for the positive comments and favourites and the watch. Hope I can keep ideas for this story up :pinkiehappy:

“Darling,” deadpanned Twilight. “You and Rarity sound the exact same when you do that. It gives me the creeps.” Luna put her hoof to her chin and squinted her eyes in scepticism.

Hehehe, BWAHAHAHAA!!! Very smooth. I love Tabitha St Germain.

Ahh nothing like a bit of silliness to lighten the mood
I'm looking forward to the next chapter keep it up!

Want moar! Gonna fave, this is good stuff. :twilightsmile:

3119482 More you shall recieve. Maybe by this friday if I'm not too busy. Thanks for the fave anyway! :pinkiesmile:

Meh the episode was unfulfilling kind of seemed like it should be a two parter you know what I mean.

3128087 Are you referring to the bit where I split the bit with the nobility and the breakfast scene or are you talking about the story on a whole in which I should have just kept it as one story in Learning curve? Sorry I'm just a tad bit confused :applejackunsure:

Anyway thanks for the faves! :pinkiehappy:

3128535 I am talking about twilight's ascension

It's just a bunch of assholes talking about Twilicorn. Is sort of based on a real conversation of mine with friends over Twilight being an alicorn. All they did was whine and moan about it until they saw the episode. Go figure

The chapter itself was good

3128843 OHHH! okay thanks. Jeez I was worried for a second that you found the story unfilling!

Well yeah I tend to agree with you on that. The episode was rushed and poorly paced. Could have been better. But I didn't hate it. It was good and bad in a way. I hope they expand on it more in season 4. If they don't it will be a terrible shame.

Thanks anyway for the comment!

Huzzah a new chapter!

Also this is now the second chapter that hasn't shown up properly.
I only noticed that the fic had updated when i scrolled threw my favorites list.

Anyway keep up the good work!

haha this was great!

3130910 That's weird :rainbowhuh: I can't really explain why that's happening.

3131319 Thanks.

haha I recognized those Q scenes instantly! Nice job with the chapter.

So the entire government and public are morons according to you?

America in a nutshell.

No need to panic. Just remember if you fail at least you can pick up some interesting rocks to study from the moon. Yeah rocks. Rocks are like books except they’re rocks. Yeah just like books.’ Twilight reviewed what she had just been stating. ‘Sweet Celestia I need a therapist.’

HA! :rainbowlaugh:

We can NOT have another Blueblood.:twilightangry2:
It is imperative that he not be an asshole, lest Luna may hurt him...Badly:pinkiecrazy:

3191291 I don't think I'll go down the Blueblood route with him...yet.
I mean why would we ever want to usurp the crown prince of uselessness himself.
I haven't even added Blueblood yet. But I have plans to.... :pinkiehappy:


You know, it was people whom acted like him that caused America to be made.

:pinkiehappy: LOVE IT there's so much drama how about adding a mean six to drama :pinkiehappy:

3276900 Yes to a limited capacity the Mane Six will be featuring soon later but as I said they won't have a massive role. Haven't thought of what to do with them yet.

Well on the bright side Storm Mount doesn't seem to have any hidden agendas, he just seems kinda tangled by an obligation if anything?

oooh nice!

but tooo short!! :raritycry:

I can't wait for the next update.

The more I read this stsory, the more I get the feeling that Celestia should just let Luna have her way with the nobles exiling the whole lot of them to the moon. They're all assholes, Blueblood being the biggest cunt.

3276840 except Blueblood stands for everything America does not.

3277183. He does what he does out of loyalty to the state and crown. Even without a political motive he's still quite bigoted and generally unlike able. He still wants the nobility in charge.

3277240 Next Saturday or Sunday at latest. If you want to blame something for the shortish filler chapters blame the mountains of study I have to do. :pinkiehappy:

3277356 Yea...Thats why everyone ran the hell away from guys like him. And shot them when they followed.

Just a typo i noticed.



I'm loving this story, Coronet. Keep up the good work!

3281912 thanks for spotting the typo. Just fixed it there. Glad you're enjoying it. :pinkiehappy:

3277330. If only it were that easy. :raritycry:

“I’m afraid we both know you won’t do that." Blueblood fixed the rose on his coat. "Without my house's support you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. You are in quite the fix Storm Mount. While you may be Prime Minister remeber that my family still holds considerable sway

Just so you know :twilightsmile:

I'm kind of wondering if this little news conference of Blueblood's won't backfire horribly on him. Not only did he show the reporters that he is completely serious about being against Twilight, which he himself acknowledges as being more popular than he is now, but he called Princess Celestia "crude" and "senile." :facehoof:

On top of that, newspapers tend to report the story that would sell the best, and Blueblood openly insulting Celestia would make a much better headline than another one of the nobility's numerous complaints about Twilight. I really hope he dug his own grave with this stunt. There IS such a thing as bad publicity after all.

3314079 Blueblood is old news for the media. At current he has sunk so low since his incident at the gala that he's is willing to do anything to show that he is still a political player. Even if it'll result in his own crucifixion.

Sure some papers may call him out for disrespect but since he's already already publicly hated it matters little to him or the papers, to most ponies he's just a rambling buffoon. Besides it's more than likely that his staff will bribe some of the papers. Even when Blueblood is trying to come off as political he still manages to screw it up with his superiority complex.

As for Celestia, we'll see in a later chapter that while dearly loved some of her decisions have made her unpopular with the nobility and some of the more liberal public members.

The main reason as to why Blueblood held the conference was to rally the more stubborn old guard to him in direct opposition to the prime minister.

Trust me when I say Blueblood will ultimately have a backlash against him but not before he plays more of the fool yet.

This was... at least to me... a very good chapter. I didn't expect Luna to have to literally confront her demons so soon. I love how you did it so that Luna's not sure whether what she's hearing is truth or a lie, though she insists it's all lies. Well, as they say- only time and the rest of the story will tell.

3343113 Well thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! :pinkiehappy:

When I wrote this chapter I had always planned it would be Luna vs her Doubts. Whether the words said by Nightmare Moon are true or not I should really leave up to the reader much like Nightmare Moon herself. Is she real or is she just the manifistation of Luna's fears? ( personally when I wrote this I didn't actually know myself).

I will definately expand on some of the themes brought up under the chapter and will also have Luna deal with the aftermath later.

Thanks for the comment.

wowzers! That was a great chapter!

The way I read it... it seems like this NMM is someone else... posing as her. xD

"Celestia" is constantly written as "Celestial" but that's the only major problem I could find here, unfortunately it's also one that bothers the ever loving [redacted] out of me:ajbemused:.

3417829 Ahhh damn. I thought I caught all that crap. Apparently not. Stupid computer :ajbemused:

Give me a moment I'll fix it

It was a good chapter! If I may, I would like to point out something that was very distracting.

The first is many times you add an L to Celestia's name. It's minor, but it's very distracting.
The second thing is, correct me if I'm wrong, is I think you meant but, however you put bar. (In the correct usage) I don't think that is a word, however like I said correct me if I'm wrong.

Other than those two things I loved it and I can't wait to see how Twilight does in her meeting!


3417983 Glad your enjoying it!!! :pinkiehappy:

The extra "l"s were a result of my computer autocorrecting them. I've gone back over the chaqpter and hopefully caught most of them. It is very annoying to say the least.

Bar in this context means except or besides. I used it because I kept using besides previously.

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♪Who am I to disagree♪
and now to read.

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