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My name is John Philip Walaszek. My state of origin is New Jersey, USA. I have created a lot of fanfiction, but I want to show the creativity I have in my mind.



Equestria will come into contact with the Skylanders and a whole new adventure will take the ponies to an entirely new direction that will intertwine the destiny of the Mane 6 with the Skylanders.

(This is basically a merged universe of all Spyro trilogies. Classic, Legend and Skylanders.)

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how did eon make celestia and luna portal masters you're not supposed to be able to do that they can only be born portal masters.

This is gud very gud.:pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy: Its more better than my story on the skylanders.:derpyderp1::ajsmug:

Whoa, hold up. Dude, I think you forgot to write an introduction scene for the Earth Skylanders. You might want to fix that.

But what story are they from?

Well you sir have created a great story. I really do like I mean after all I did favor it.

And trigger Happy with a schedule........:rainbowderp:...wow didn't see that coming.

3048425 I had a feeling that most people wouldn't like it....but it seems I was mistaken. But I managed to create this story.:pinkiehappy:

What about the crossover with Earth? Will you be making that story?

3068976 Like I said, It is a three-way crossover between Skylanders, MLP and........a Disney movie that I watched when I was a kid. Well, mostly because I've grown so far away from it.

Thats good. I might get that game later on in the month. Maybe one of the Equestrians can have a swapable ability.

I see. This is gud I like it ur story is giving some ideas. :pinkiehappy:

3072260 I already preordered it back in June.

"The egg has put itself in danger sometimes. When the Griffins brought in a War Criminal for judgement, the criminal was going to attack me, but the egg appeared out of nowhere and landed on his head. As the Griffin attempted to smash the egg, he started moving slower and I pulled the egg back to me. I carried it under my wing, but I was so mad...I...I killed him."

This seems like it came directly from "Spike's Destiny", all the way down to where Celestia literally executed that Griffon. I assume the scene where Celestia explained to Luna in this was inspired from that, correct?

Other than that, interesting story, and thanks for having it show up on FIMFiction finally, it's kinda hard to review all of these on DeviantArt.

3078067 I should thank the author of 'Spike's Destiny' for inspiring me to put that in.

here are some Swapab Skylanders Grilla Drilla, Boom Jet, Stink Bomb. Thats all I found and two that can't swape Zoo Lou and Slobber Tooth

sorry, but what does spike look like nao?

3100667 He possesses zig-zag horns, a green spaded tail tip, more pointy frills, purple and green dragon wings and he walks on all fours.

3100259 I'll find a way to add the rest to their search, but right now I need to think of a plotline for when the CMC continue their search.

I would say yes. They are both AWESOME!!!!!!:ajsmug::pinkiegasp::rainbowdetermined2::twilightsmile:


I needed a dose of monthly trollage.:facehoof:
I have now dishonered my family.

3278707 Why have you dishonored your family?

Lol yes I'm not the only pony that calls him blueballs!!!!

3047146 They are from Soul Gems: Spike's Adventure. The Prequel to Skylanders X MLP.

Comment posted by Skylander545 deleted Oct 19th, 2013

3368988 You asked about my fanfiction being updated on Fanfiction.net. Wow, I posted a lot of chapters and forgot to updated the others on the previous site.

dang a multi crossover. good luck:ajsmug:

Is flashwing not in this?

3388435 I made this before Giants came out, so I decided to play this out. One game at a time. Flashwing appears at the end of the chapter, 'Confrontation and Assignment.'

3388431 She is in this. But she will appear further in the story.

I bet Kaos' colleague is Hektor.

Hektore was a tough boss.

3044373 Did you find that Avengers reference in the chapter?

Like it and funny that drobot it the meganical version of spiderman

I love this chapter. It has a unique character and similar traits to Spider-man. Very Good keep up the good work.

what are you planning for next chapter?

3462676 I'm planning the Swap Force chapters that mostly revolve around the game. If you read my recent Blog Post, I'm adding another character to the fanfic.

Did you already put in nitro magna charge if not i have an idea. That spracked has made a special chip that upgrades his speed and gun attack and atract atack

3421552 puny queen. Personally it should have been a Titan but who cares, it's hilarious.

3594649 The Giants were only mentioned in that chapter. But I used Slam Bam because its funny.

Hope you still update because you mist a few skylanders and do you have tha game your self because i do have all three

3637465 That depends, on what Skylanders I didn't mention and yes, I have all three games.

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