• Published 14th Aug 2013
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The Experiment, Attempting the Impossible. - neokiva

Twilight Sparkle becomes an unwitting accomplice to an abhorrent experiment.

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Celestia had just set the sun on another day, Celestia sat atop her throne in the castle throne room. She held the letter, her faithful student Twilight had sent her. Heaving a heavy sigh she wrote a missive to her sister, and levitated it over to a waiting guard whom she had called forward to deliver the missive. “My Sister must receive this missive as soon as possible, go now!” The guard caught the missive, and galloped off as fast as he could.

After the moon rose from it’s resting place to it’s apex, Luna arrived into throne room.
“Dearest sister, thou hast desired our presence?” Celestia called out to the guards “ Guards, leave us, for we discuss private matters.” As the final guard left the room, closing the door behind him, Luna trotted up toward Celestia nuzzling her in greeting. Celestia returned the gesture.

“Yes, Luna, I have received news from Twilight Sparkle. News that she has come into contact with a filly, who had supposedly volunteered for the horn transplant research Twilight was conducting. Judging by the description and her race, she may very well be your daughter.”

Luna sat on her haunches, her face aghast as she tried to process this new information, before she suddenly she snapped out of it. “ Dearest sister, Doth she livest? Thou art aware that those transplants art prone to complications!” Celestia laid a hoof on Luna’s shoulder.

“She is very much alive, Luna. Twilight is looking after her.” Luna’s face scrunched up. “Art thou apprentice aware student know, Sister? We art not certain that she art ready. We art not ready!” Celestia had a kind smile on her features “Luna, she’ll find out, eventually. whether, we tell her or not. Better that she hear it from you, rather than finding out herself. either way you best be ready for it Luna.”

Luna looked down at her hooves. “We, art not certain that we wilt ever be ready, dear sister.”


As the sun begun pouring through the curtains of Twilight’s room, her door slowly creeped open. Rose’s little head popping out from the gap of the open door as she pushed it open further. Rose crept forward, crouched down, as her ears were folded back in concentration. she looked like she was going to pounce on some prey, as she reached Twilight’s bed. she sprung up into the air and she landed on Twilight’s bed. Rose continued to creep towards Twilight. She prepared to pounce again and launched herself on top of Twilight to wake her up. “Mummy, wake up!” Twilight woke up with a start.

“Rose, what are you doing? It’s … .” Twilight looked up at the clock. She saw that it was nearly 8:00 A.M. Realization dawned on Twilight‘s face as she rushed to get up. “ Rose! It’s almost time for school! No daughter of mine.” Adopted or not. “Is going to be late for school! Come on, I am going to make you some breakfast, then we gotta go!” Twilight and Rose got ready to take Rose to school, both of them had buttered toast in their mouths as they ran out the library door and off to school.


Twilight and Rose made it to the school. It looked deserted, the red door of the schoolhouse opened suddenly as an earth pony stallion wearing janitor’s overalls and a small cap that matched his uniform, He walked over to Twilight and Rose, who had backed up behind Twilight.

“I reckon, that it’s too early for anypony to be here, ah’m Scruffy … . The janitor at this here school. What brings you here?” Even though he posed her a question, he seemed disinterested.

“I’m Twilight Sparkle, this is my filly Rose Storm. where is everypony?” Twilight looked searchingly at Scruffy. “I reckon they be asleep, what with it being 6 A.M.” Twilight looked dumbstruck as she looked around for a clock or a watch or something to tell her he was or wasn’t lying.” Scruffy said “Don’t believe ol’ Scruffy. Ah’m used to it.”

He lifted his left forehoof to show Twilight his pocket-watch. “Come on, Rose, we’re way too early.” Rose looked up at her mother as a giggle left her mouth “Silly Mummy, are we going back home?” Twilight sighed “ Yes Rose, remind me to tell Spike to get new batteries for the clock.” Rose smiled “ Yes, Mummy” As they went back home Scruffy called . “School won’t be open ‘till 9 A.M..” Twilight Sparkle and Rose waved back to Scruffy in farewell.

Twilight and Rose sat on the couch and read together. Twilight read, “The Dungeons & Dragons 5th Iteration Rule Book” I always felt, that the numbers and math formulae in the rule books calmed me down whenever I would read them. Rose on the other hoof was reading elementary text books for foals and was breezing through them at a pace that made Twilight raise an eyebrow.”Rose are you actually reading those books?”

“Yes Mummy!” Rose chirped with a smile on her face “They are fun!”

Twilight thought for a moment.”Okay, sweetie can you tell me what 6x8 is?”

Rose looked serious for a while and then looked up. “48, Mummy.”

Twilight looked back incredulously “That’s correct Rose, can you tell me Neighton’s 3rd law?”

Twilight waited again as the little filly thought “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Twilight was stunned. After a little while Twilight gathered up Rose in her forehooves and starts to nuzzle Rose.

“That’s right Rose, I’m so proud of you!” Rose was happy that her Mummy was praising her. “Mummy that tickles!* Giggling in Twilight’s arms, the warmth of Twilight’s body spreading into Rose’s body. After awhile they, returned to the schoolhouse. This time Twilight was certain that she wasn’t late, As Rose and her reached the school house again, it was a little more active as parents and foals were standing around, Miss Cheerilee frowned and came over towards Twilight and Rose. Cheerilee said “Twilight, who is this?”

Twilight smiled. “This is my filly, Rose Storm. I’d like to enroll her here.” Cheerilee smiled. “Of course Twilight, I’ll have the paperwork sent to your home, in the meantime Rose you can play with the other children in the playground before class, when the bell rings come inside.” Cheerilee smiled at Rose Storm, who was clinging to Twilight’s two right legs.

Twilight bent down and held Rose. “It’s going to be okay Rose, I’ll be here to pick you up when school finishes. Okay?” Rose nodded, slowly letting go. Twilight watched as a few of the foals backed away from her as she was a little bit bigger than them, despite her age. Twilight’s heart fell. Then three rather boisterous ponies came up to Rose and introduced themselves to her. Twilights heart lifted — a little bit.

Those foals were notorious around Ponyville, and Twilight was wondering if it was such a good idea for them to hang out with her daughter. Twilight stopped herself. My daughter. She felt a warm, tingly sensation inside her. Strange, it had only been a day ago when She had been charged with her guardianship of Rose, and now she was getting attached to the young filly. Twilight sighed, as she left to go home. She must prepare Rose’s room “Maybe Rarity will help me decorate.”


Twilight had decided that she may need help after all and went to Carousel Boutique.
Opening the door, Twilight was greeted by the flamboyant seamstress. “Darling, you simply must come here more often, what brings you to Carousel Boutique?” Rarity held Twilight close, “Rarity, I was wondering if you could help me decorate my daughter’s room” Rarity’s eyes bulged and twinkled as if stars had replaced her eyes. “Oh Darling, of course I will help!”

Arriving at the room in question, Twilight was almost bowled over by Rarity.
“Oh Idea! it will be beautiful, fit for a princess, I want it to be a surprise for you and your new Daughter. Oh how silly of me I didn’t ask what sort of things does your filly like. ” Twilight said, “I’m not sure, but she went through 4 books this morning.” Rarity laughed “ I see, even when adopted the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, or maybe you give off magic book loving rays. Anyway darling, this may take a while. Why don’t you go to the spa. Do tell aloe and lotus, that i send my greetings and wish them well.”


In Cheerilee’s classroom, Rose stood at the front of the class looking nervous.
Cheerilee began “Morning class, this is Rose Storm. She is Twilight Sparkle’s filly. She has been enrolled into school and will be learning with us from now on. Be nice to her. Rose there is a chair between the CMC.”

Rose eyebrow climbed questioningly “CMC?”

The Three fillies she had met prior to class stood up and started shouting, “we’re the Cutie Mark Crusaders!” Everypony’s ears flattened as they shouted loud enough to deafen the class. Rose glanced at the free desk behind the CMC, and trotted over to sit in the desk lifting her saddlebags off her back with her magic. as sat down for the rest of the lesson, listening to Cheerilee as she spoke.

Diamond Tiara glared at Rose Storm from her seat. Cheerilee noticed that Diamond Tiara wasn’t looking, “Diamond Tiara, I know it’s fascinating having a new student in the class, but can you repeat what I just said?” Diamond Tiara stared blankly, as she tried to think of what the teacher might have said, but to no avail. “No, Miss Cheerilee, I can’t.” Cheerilee looked disappointed “Pay attention in class, Diamond Tiara.” Diamond Tiara shrunk down as the class laughed at her.

”I had been humiliated, and it was that new filly’s fault! How dare a blank flank embarrass me! I’m gonna make her pay and her little friends too! What is she anyways? Wings, a horn, and a body like Princess Luna’s, She must think she’s so pretty! Wait is she an alicorn? How can I get my revenge against her?”


Twilight had just left the spa feeling refreshed, she went home to see how Rarity was doing. Upon entering the library, Twilight heard a loud thud. Rushing into the room Rarity was on her back with Spike tangled up with her, “Help Twilight, we are well and truly stuck!” Twilight face hoofed at the two tangled up “Do I even want to know why you’re tangled up like that?” Twilight asked dryly.

“No, it’s best that we never speak of this again.” Rarity said. Twilight pulled the pair apart with her magic and righted Rarity back on her hooves. “ I finished the room Darling. What do you think?” Twilight looked around the room, the wooden walls were painted midnight blue and covered in stars technically these aren’t accurate Twilight thought to herself She saw that Rarity had trot into the wardrobe and a bookshelf installed No, doubt so Rarity has an excuse to make Rose some clothes.

“Oh, I see you noticed the wardrobe. A filly needs a big enough closet for all her clothes, where are Roses clothes?” Bingo “Rose doesn’t have any of her own clothes yet.” Rarity pulled her head up and one of her forehooves up to her head “Oh, the poor filly. This — is — the worst possible thing!” Swooning onto a sofa, looking back up Rarity proclaimed “I cannot allow such a crime again fabulosity go unaddressed” Twilight rolled her eyes. Rarity is a good friend, but she can be a little over dramatic and where does she even get that sofa from?

Twilight looked over to the bed, which replaced the small bed with a huge four post bed made of varnished mahogany and gilded with gold and silver, Rose’s new bed covers were made of soft cotton with the highest thread count possible for pony magic, they were dyed royal blue. and looked ever so welcoming around the canopy was thin near transparent silver velvet. “Rarity, isn’t this a little much for a filly?” Rarity positively looked shocked. “Wasn’t this the kind of bed you had at the castle when you studied magic, Twilight?”

“Well, yes but she’s not in the castle is she?” Rarity walked over to Twilight and said “That maybe true, she deserves the best you can give her!” Rarity then mumbled, “And maybe I can score some early ‘favorite auntie’ points.” Twilight looked at Rarity, who was now doing her best pout she could. “Fine!” Twilight said relenting.


Twilight was waiting for Rose with the other parents, as the bell rang for the school day to end. Rose rushed out towards Twilight. As she reached Twilight, Rose closed her eyes and nuzzled Twilight, who returned the gesture. “Come on Rose, time to go home. Say goodbye to your friends for tonight, I have a surprise for you!”

Rose looked up at Twilight beaming “Really!? What kind of surprise?”

Twilight couldn’t help but giggle. “The secret kind.” Rose was bouncing around like a giddy filly little filly, which she was of course.

When Twilight and Rose got home to the Library, she guided Rose to her room. The filly couldn’t contain her excitement, and burst into her room. Rose’s eyes went wide as she looked around the room. It looked like a proper bedroom now. Then she spotted it, the giant 4 poster canopy bed, with a large book on it. she bounced up to the bed to look at the book the title of the book was 101 Spell’s for Novice Magicians. Rose turned to Twilight who had a warm smile on her face.

“Thank you thank you thank you, Mummy! I love it!” Tears of joy running down Rose’s cheeks. “I love you Mummy!”

Twilight trotted over, climbed onto the bed and laid with Rose on her bed and read the book with her. “ I love you too sweety. My beautiful Rose.”

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