• Published 14th Aug 2013
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The Experiment, Attempting the Impossible. - neokiva

Twilight Sparkle becomes an unwitting accomplice to an abhorrent experiment.

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Finally reaching her house, Twilight burst through her door and slammed it behind her briefly causing bystanders to glance towards the library. Inside Twilight dropped her belongings to the side of the stairs and took the filly to the guest bedroom on the first floor and laid her gently on the bed in the center of the room, Twilight then pulled the covers over Rose's sleeping body. Twilight then left the room, closing the door behind her quietly.

Twilight began to search through her books as she had never taken care of a filly before, let alone one that had just went through a dangerous surgical procedure. So she had once again turned to books to find out how. soon after Twilight was surrounded by volumes on biology, sociology. that were stacked high enough to obscure her from sight. “Spike!” She called out.

Down the stairs came a grumpy looking Spike “Twilight, I thought you were in Canterlot. What are you doing here?” Inquired Spike.

“I don’t have time to explain right Now. Where are the books on parenthood?” Replied Twilight.
“Under p, where they have always been.” Spike stated matter of factly.

“P.P.P. ah! Here it is!” Twilight said. “Twilight, why do you need a book on parenthood?” Spike asked as Twilight took the book over to the library’s lectern “Celestia asked me write up a report on reproduction and parenthood.” Twilight lied.

Spike looked at the books that Twilight had already had pulled from the bookshelves. Some of them included Advanced Pony Biology, Pony Reproduction for Eggheads Spike shrugged "I'll clean those up later, oh by the way Lero came knocking earlier something about asking when you were back." as Spike starts walking back up the stairs, “Okay now that I have told you, I'm going back to sleep. Maybe I'll have that ice cream dream that you woke me up from, again.” he said begrudgingly.

'I can't see Lero now this is important, what if Rose dies while I'm out I would never forgive myself.' Twilight thought


Twilight had been writing notes when she looked up at her clock. It had been 3 hours since Spike returned to bed. She sighed, 'Spike, sleeps too much.' Twilight thought to herself. Behind her the door to the guest room creaked open. “Mummy?” Came a little voice. Twilight quickly tuned round to face the little filly, who had just woken up.

The filly’s eyes opened wide a big smile on her face as she quickly ran up to Twilight as fast as her weakened self could go and wrapped her forelegs around Twilight’s left fore leg. “Mummy!” The filly said again while nuzzling Twilight’s forelegs.

Twilight looked down at the filly, “Rose, are you okay?” She asked.

Rose beamed up at Twilight “ Yes! Mummy.” She replied.

Twilight pulled out an old dress she wore as a filly and put it on Rose Storm, effectively covering her wings, "Rose this will keep you warm. How does it feel?" Twilight inquired. Rose looked down thinking then smiled "It feels okay mummy!"

After Rose had sat down and started drawing with crayons, Twilight was thinking 'Oh My Celestia, she thinks I'm her mother! What am i going to do, can I really be a mother!? What will happen if the girls find out!? I'm not even sure my herd will accept her at the moment, oh how will I explain it?!'Twilight panicked. 'I know! I'll tell Celestia, she'll know what to do.' Twilight took out a quill and a scroll and wrote a letter to her mentor, explaining that had happened. She went upstairs to get Spike to send it, who reluctantly did so and went back to sleep.

Twilight waited for a reply and surely enough Spike burped up a new letter, as he snoozed. Twilight read the letter. "My faithful student
you are hereby assigned as Rose Storm’s guardian. As such, try to make her life as comfortable as you can. You must also pretend to be her biological mother. No one must know for her sake as well as yours, this includes your friends. Due to the unusual nature of this event, I am pleased you contacted me as I have shut down the lab before any more ponies can be hurt. The guards have not apprehended the staff that worked there yet, but we are working on it. In the meantime I shall search for her real mother. If she is alive, we shall find her.

Princess Celestia"

Twilight did as she was told and changed Rose's coat, horn, and wings to match her own her horn glowed for a few long moments as Twilight cast the spell. As much as this made her hurt inside, she knew that Celestia would only do what was good for Rose.

Rose giggled. "Mummy, that tickles."

Twilight smiled back at her, “That’s good, are you hungry?” Twilight asked.

“Yes, Mummy.” Rose Storm replied “Okay, just sit here then and I'll make some food.” Twilight put on a false smile she knew that Rose may never have a normal life again, she will most likely endure a lot of bullying, if they find out she has a horn and wings if not outright fear from the other fillies and colts. In the kitchen Twilight was making some sandwiches when she heard a voice.

“Twi!? You in here? I just finished the second Daring Do book, again! Lero loved it too!” Came the voice again.

“Rainbow? Is that you?” Twilight called back.

After she had finished making the sandwich, Twilight then levitated it to Rose Storm, who was sitting nearby.

“Yeah, it’s me.” Rainbow said.

“Twilight, can you lend me the third Daring Do book?” Rainbow asked.

“Yes, of course, Rainbow.” Twilight said as she hoofed it to Rainbow.

Rainbow Dash was about to leave, but then turned and asked, “Twilight, you do know there is a filly in your library, right?”

Twilight blinked, “Yes, I know. Her name is Rose Storm.” replied Twilight. As Rainbow turned again to go outside she heard a word which caused Rainbow to freeze upon the spot.

“Mummy, I'm done eating.” Beamed Rose.

“Okay Rose, you can go play with Ms. Smarty Pants” said Twilight as she levitated her Smarty Pants doll to Rose. Twilight turned to see a wide eyed Rainbow Dash hovering in mid-air. 'Oh horsefeathers!' She mentally cursed.

Rainbow Dash began to speak, but as she could not think of what to say she just mouthed what might have been words.

“Equestria to Rainbow Dash, are you okay?” Twilight asked, waving her right hoof in front of her.

“Why, how and with who?!” Rainbow demanded of Twilight.

Twilight responded, “I adopted her as part of my training, as directed by Princess Celestia, in order to experience what motherhood is like. Since I have no experience in this area and our herd is trying for foals with Lero.” Twilight said.

“Um, Twilight what are you gonna do with her, when your experiment is done.” Rainbow said, worry in her voice. “Yes, Rainbow I’m just going to cold-heartedly abandon her.” Twilight said sarcastically, her eyes half lidded. “Of course I am going keep her with me until the day I die, or she graduates a respectable college. Whichever comes first, more likely the former given the amount of times Ponyville is attacked.”

“Hey Twilight, you're not gonna die; not while im here and I’m sure the other girls, Lyra and Lero all feel the same. So don’t be so -- I dunno -- mopey about it, ‘kay? Anyway, are you sure you can handle it Twilight? I mean, I'm not a mother, but I have seen how hard it can be to raise a foal, good thing you got a herd who'll support you.” Rainbow Dash said, laying her right hoof on Twilight’s left shoulder.

“I’m okay, Rainbow. If it gets out of hoof I’ll just have to ask Ponyville’s most loyal pony for help.” Twilight said.

“Really? Who’s that? I bet she isn’t as loyal as me!” Rainbow stated matter of factly.

Twilight put her right hoof up to cover her mouth and giggled. She then leant in and gave Rainbow a kiss, “I'm talking about you, silly.”

“Oh, I knew that,” she laughed nervously. “Well, I’ll get going Twilight. Need to tell Lyra and the Big guy the good news” She waved goodbye to her marefriend, before she flew off towards home. She wanted read the next Daring Do book as soon as she could, so she would need to find Lyra and Lero fast.

Twilight let out a sigh of relief. “One down, four to go.”


Rainbow dash was flying through Ponyville, looking for Lyra and Lero. She hadn't seen neither head nor tail of them yet and was beginning to get frustrated, when she noticed a tall figure in the crowded market place as she flew over. The figure was slightly stocky, with fairly wide shoulders and a barrel chest, and had shoulder-length, reddish-blonde hair and a neatly trimmed red mustache and goatee.

Rainbow called out "Hey, Lero!" the figure looked up and smiled
Rainbow glided down toward Lero and just before she reached him back winged in order to avoid crashing in to him. He stretched out his arms and wrapped them around her. Lero leaned in for a kiss but stopped as soon as he noticed we had an audience. He backed off sheepishly to which rainbow dash rolled her eyes and pulled him him into a kiss. When the kiss was broken by Rainbow dash she smiled at Lero .

"Lero, I got great news! Twilight adopted a foal!" Rainbow eclaimed Lero frowned

"Why, did she do that?" Lero inquired

"Oh something about Princess Celestia giving her a lesson about motherhood." Rainbow replied
"The little filly is called Rose Storm. It is weird though how much she looks like Twilight. I don't think she's noticed though." Rainbow Continued.

"Okay love, I'll go talk to Twilight and see if she needs any help. Are you going to tell Lyra?" Lero asked

"Yes, have you seen her?" Rainbow replied.

"I saw her at sugar cube corner. She was buying something from there." Lero informed Rainbow

"Thanks, big guy." Rainbow said giving him a quick peck on the cheek. "See you later!" Rainbow says as she launches off Lero and towards sugar cube corner.

As Rainbow was closing in on Lyra, she was caught in the golden yellow aura of Lyra's magic and Quickly brought in for a kiss.
After breaking the kiss Lyra smugly smiled at the pegasus. "So what brings my beautiful wife here?" Lyra asked while smiling still.

"Well, Twilight adopted a filly named Rose Storm!" Rainbow replied as Lyra just gave her a skeptical look.

Noticing this Rainbow said "It's true go over to the library and see The big guy's there too."

Lyra and Rainbow dash both went to The Library. Talking along the way, as they came upon they went through the door.
Lero and Twilight looked up, Lero was holding Rose in his arms and Twilight was sitting next to him reading a parenting book.

"Everyponies here." Lero declares quietly as to not scare Rose Storm "So, Rose Storm is officially our daughter, until her real mother is found. If she has one, that is. We don't want to over load her with family, so we'll each introduce ourselves later." Lero said looking down to Rose Storm who was snuggled up asleep in his arms.

As he finished He looked around the room getting nods of approval.


Several hours had past since the Rainbow Dash incident Lero, Lyra were introduced to Rose Storm. Twilight had asked Spike to bring Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Applejack to meet Rose Storm. It took him as long as it did, because he went to Rarity's first. Pinkie Pie was already here bouncing around playing with Rose. She'd never been entirely the same since the time she foalsat the Cake's twins. “Everypony this is my adopted daughter Rose Storm, please be nice to her. Say hello Rose.” Twilight said. “I wanted to learn, firsthoof about the challenges and rewards of raising a foal. Princess Celestia also felt that this would also help me in my research into parenting, in addition to affirm or refute what current studies have indicated in comparison to my own experiences with rearing a foal have taught me. So I adopted Rose Storm.”

Rose Storm retreated behind Twilight and nervously said “Hello, I’m Rose Storm.”

Fluttershy said “Hello, Rose. I'm Fluttershy.”

Rarity also said “Hello darling, it's a pleasure to meet you.” followed by a gasp and a high pitch “Idea!” and the fashionista had ran off home.

Pinkie Pie said, “ Aw, you know what this means, It's time for a party!” she bounced off to prepare a party.

“Howdy Rose Storm." Applejack said tilting her hat. "Twilight if'n ya need any help just give me a holler, okay?"

"Thank you, Applejack!" Twilight replied.

"I got to get back to Sweet Apple Acres. Big Mac needs a hoof bucking the trees in the east field.” Said Applejack, walking out following Pinkie and Rarity.

Fluttershy stayed longer, but before long Angel Bunny began to pester her for attention and food.

Rose yawned, it was getting late and she'd been up since this morning.

“Okay Rose, it’s time for bed.” Twilight said, as she levitated the filly up into her bed.

“Mummy, it’s too dark.” Rose whined.

Twilight cast a night light spell for Rose Storm. “Goodnight Rose” Twilight said.

“Night Mummy” Rose Storm said as she snuggled under the bed cover.

Author's Note:

Hiya guy's sorry for the delay in the second chapter real life just had me swamped, I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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