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After Twilight receives a package, that was never intended to end up in her hooves, she can't resist but to take a closer look. And what a look it is, indeed. With knowledge that no pony before her held, will she use it for good or fall prey to Mad Science? Or both? Or neither?
One way or the other, Ponyville and all of Equestria is bound for some changes. After all, every budding Princess needs to bring something new to the table. Like a new table. Made of steel, plastic and science.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 13 )

This should be an interesting little tale.

Now this should definitely be worth reading.

Very interesting start. There are a few minor grammar errors but other wise well done.

Looking forward to seeing what craziness follows.

What was ‘Software’ even supposed to mean?

Isn't it obvious? Hardware is tools, software is linens. :twilightsmile:

Feel free to point them all out. :raritywink: I usually write with a translator and a dictionary open in the background, but unfortunately there's no spellchecker for grammar.

Thank you all for your kind words. I should have the second chapter ready later this day. Overall I'm planning for three chapters, maybe four, if the third turns out longer than expect.

I think Equestria is familiar with electricity and video technology, as well as some form of computer technology.

Ponyville has a hydroelectric dam, and in "Hearts and Hooves Day", you see a foal playing an arcade game.

They never said it was hydroelectric dam. Maybe they just like to have the threat of flood looming over their heads. :moustache:

Jokes aside, the technological level presented in canon can be all over the place. I am mainly going with the most commonly presented level, which includes steam powered or magically enhanced machinery, as well as a basic (but not practical) understanding of electricity. Vinyl after all uses it, but it's not common knowledge. All in all, I don't think some oddities in canon warrant an Alternative Universe tag.

3045245 Indeed. The level of technology in canon makes no sense. I think there was a flashlight in one episode. Then there are the machines Twilight used to try and study Pinkie's "Pinkie sense", though what they ran on is anyone's guess.


I wouldn't worry too much about what kind of technology Equestria may or may not have. Just do the story like you've been doing it and it should be fine.

Dunno if I need a bonus chapter, but an eventual sequel would be nice:yay:.

A sequel, you say? Let me stroke my beard and think about it. :moustache:
One way I see that happening, is by taking the state of Equestria at the end of Return to sender and turn it into a full Alternate Universe. This then puts me into the situation of coming up with a plot to incorporate said AU.
The other way is basically more of the same. This would require a new source of conflict for Twilight. I can't rely on a person-vs-self conflict again, because I'd just be retelling the same story.
In essence, unless I stumble upon a plot, that works only within this AU, I don't see the space for a sequel.

3078663 What I was thinking was a single tech innovation that helps overall, but changes how something gets done, maybe pivot sprinklers for irrigation instead of clouds, or PM's instead of dragonfire messages. Just thinking, and I can't write comedy, so I'd end up depressed if I tried to rite it:facehoof:.
I get your concern, and you're right. Thanks for looking at it anyway!

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