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I'm a novelist, published poet, artist and university student. I am a pegasister from Alberta, Canada.


While innocently drinking a few mugs of apple cider on the farm, Applejack and Rainbow Dash are unwittingly targeted as a pair the Cutie Mark Crusaders are determined to force together. Staging a kidnapping, the Crusaders convince Applejack and Rainbow Dash to embark on a daring adventure across Equestria, a danger that soon proves entirely real. *Includes all original music*. AppleDash.

Chapters (5)
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Ooh, looks great! I find this very believable, it seems like something the Cutie Mark Crusaders would do :applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie:. Appledash forever! :ajsmug::heart::rainbowkiss:

Dat cover! :pinkiehappy:

It looks promising. :)
WTB next chapter. :rainbowwild:

Well done Sweetie Belle you have a keen eye for ships i could consider using you three as my intrigue causers in my plans. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: Just do not use the love poison again it will cause a lack of weather control in Ponyville less workforce on sweet apple acres and also disable the elements of honesty and loyalty. You are doing the world a favor but their love HAS to be real so NO magical potions NO magical poisons and NO magical spells.

I think they learned their lesson last catastrophe, they have a new flawed and dangerous plan, don't worry! :pinkiehappy:

Apple Jack want something from Rainbow Dash option :

1 Challenge her to something wille beting a service (50 % success not winning all the time )

2 Bolster her ego or say she can't do it (80 % success rate sometime just can't be used )

3 Offer Cider in exchange of said service (100 % success rate, confirm cider level before offering.)

Ponies and not humans? WHO ARE YOU?
Just kidding, good to see another story from you so soon, and great you are using the CMC. I remember I didn't like them too much when they first appeared (it had something to do with the fact that I was still new to the show, if watching ponies was a little embarrassing as it is, watching the little fillies was even worse), now their episodes are among my favourites.

Cool to read that you're planning on using music on this one. The only fic I remember with music on it was an Octavia/Vinyl (that I read because it was a sequel to an AppleDash one hehe) and it was a good experience. Just please tell me you're not using dubstep... I respect different tastes (to an extent I admit) but I can't stand that genre, and this fandom seems to like it a lot. But I'll read the story anyway.

And if you needed one more proof that the dislikes you got in your previous stories were because of humanized ponies, here it is.
Bye and good luck.

3088005 A new flawed and dangerous plan? My favourite kind!

Oh YEAH!!!!! Bring it on this is going to be awesome:rainbowdetermined2:

Yeah I decided to try something a little different, so here it is: NO HUMANS!! Weird, the whole somepony vs. someone, hand vs. hoof was a little weird, but now I actually start saying it out loud, like, at work... so that sucks. But yes, I have written lyrics for songs, but I myself am not the best with... um, making it happen. I used to write for a guitarist/singer, but I doubt she'd want to cover my MLP songs, hehehe... soooo, hoping other fans will like the songs and make them for me!!
And yeah the reaction to this story has been crazy, just got home from work to fin like 32 notifications. Wow.
Hope to hear from you soon!! Keep commenting, I feed off of it!! :pinkiecrazy:

Yeah I accidentally use pony slang a lot too. Don't feel alone.

I don't have the pony slang problem because I speak Spanish. Although I have the weird tendency to use English in my mind, specially in my daily conversations with myself, and in the thousand fantasy scenarios that I put myself into.

I absolutely love cmc storys with applejack and ranbow dash having to save them always adding that exta exitment to the story and it being written by my fav author. ..my god im in heaven:raritystarry::heart::pinkiecrazy::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy: (im fan-girling help me:applecry:)

I love it when you fangirl and praise me all in one comment!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

Oh my god you are my favourite person EVER!!!!!!!!!! Everyone of your stories are in my favourite file in my brain!! :rainbowkiss::heart::raritystarry::yay::moustache:

ha! wow sweety bell..... evil-ness is happning lol:pinkiehappy:

Wow!! Favourite EVER?!?! Good Celestia, man! :trollestia:
Stoked to hear it, hope I can like up to such ambitious admiration!! :rainbowdetermined2:

great song sang it in my head now all I need is a tune and someone to record....
I wonder how one pulls off a fake kidnapping:rainbowhuh:
in all great chapter will be waiting for the next one:twilightsmile:

Oh Fuck, Applejack... you're very difficult...
The same for Rainbow:ajbemused::ajbemused::ajbemused:
But amazing story! I want to read the next chapter!:raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry:

I don't know why but this God damn website didn't notify me of this update, I discovered it by chance. Seems I will have to pay more attention.
Great chapter, and I'm realizing that Sweetie Belle, in spite of being the cutest of the CMC, it's some kind evil genius. There was a time when she was my second favourite pony, and I'm starting to remember why.

Cursed website!!
And yes, Sweetie may not be so sweet after all... :unsuresweetie:

Great chapter, the song was nice and some littles problems :

She filled it right to the brim as she was plenty skilled and doing and shoved the mug into Rainbow's hands. Eigther i missed the human or anthro tag or this word needs to be changed.

"Let them get a drink down first while a think," This is not an apple family member talking

:pinkiegasp: thankya thankya for paying close attention, I did try to fix all those little habits I have, since I have been writing stories about humans for EVER before this, but clearly some have escaped me. I shall fix these errors immediately.

It's not that hard to pay attention when it's such a good story.
Btw are you gonna show the argument betwin the crusader about how epic the kidnapping must be. (Cause Scoot will certaintly try to make the kidnaping seems awesome to impress Dash and I don't see the other 2 agreeing with that too easily ift even at all for multiple good reason.)

Hmm, I was not going to show it, but you make a compelling argument. Tell me more of these ideas, let me suck the creative juices from you. :trixieshiftright:
EDIT: In the 5 minutes since I posted this, I have written something of what you described. I will probably put it into the story. Gotta love the collab!


If I get anymore idea, I'll send them your way throught PM this time so everybody get the surprise, instead of reading it in the comment.

Hum... a manticore, great choice big dangerous but not actualy all that fast Scoot could out run that for a wille until she find some sort of safe zone. I like the way AJ and Rainbow act seems in caracter and the flow is great.

(Great work with the argument not to long not to short of a segment and you don't actualy say anything about their plan a great way to push us to read the rest of the chapter.)

I actually went over several creatures mentioned in MLP and tried to pick a decent choice, of course, I could have just defaulted back to ancient greek mythology, but I decided to try and stay true to the fandom. I do like to try and keep suspense in my writing as well, hence why I leave many things mostly indirectly addressed... I think :rainbowhuh:


I can gess why dragon wasn't choose, same goes for cokatrice, and their is only one Cerberus so that kind of leave manticore, Timberwolf, diamond dog and Changeling. Diamond dog is just to lame to be picked, Cahngeling and Timberwolf are overused so great choice.

(i might have forgoten one or two monster but i don't know witch. Oh right! wendigo also out for obvious reason.)

i try :twilightsmile:
(and lol at "Diamond dog is just too lame to be picked", the poor pitiful pooches hahah)

nawwwwww the wing cuddle, the best cuddles in the world :ajsmug:

Sweetie Belle is starting to scare me... :unsuresweetie:

I love it! :pinkiehappy:

I love the Everfree Forest, I like the way ponies freak out because it works the way our world works in everyplace, with the real natural order, the Law of the Jungle. I sometimes spend quite a lot of time imagining things about Equestria, filling my own headcanon, which draws heavily from fantasy worlds of many sources (fantasy, specially Tolkien, it's maybe my greatest obsession). One of the things I always imagine is that the Everfree is actually how things are in most of the world when travelling far from ponies' cities and towns, but having lived in harmony for so long, ponies consider it unnatural.

All of the last paragraph (which are my own personal choices about the world of MLP, and you probably don't care at all), is simply to put an emphasis in that I'm enjoying the setting of the story and would like if you expanded a little about your own thoughts about this world, maybe through dialogues, the narrator, or using Twilight in some way (the egghead probably knows a lot about these things).

Great chapter, keep the updates coming and sorry for the long comment.

Yes I do like the Everfree forest a lot myself, and I have to agree about Tolkien, a personal faaaaavourite of mine... tee hee... I will try to touch more on the... the, unnaturalness and myth that surrounds the forest, as best I can. Also, don't apologize for long comments, THEY ARE MY FAVOURITE. :pinkiecrazy:

I wonder what could possibly go wrong:rainbowderp: omg something will go wrong next 1-2 chapters wont it! I know somthing will go wrong somthing usually dose when these three:applecry::unsuresweetie::scootangel:get a plan together cant wait to read the next chapter:twilightsmile:

yes... this plan is foolproof considering that nigher Rainbow Dash or Applejack never defeated the Manticore in the first place they got their flanks kicked. they ware only able to pass with the help of Fluttershy. Not that there actually is an Manticore (yet).
well it is working but this is not going to end well.

good luck crusaders i am watching you (you better get ready to run a similar plan twice more to fulfill my plan.)

They are soooooo gonna get it.... I can already see the expressions on AJ and RD's face


3165327 GROUNDED doesn't even begin to describe the hell they're about to go through.

Ahh dragons, the single thing about fantasy that fascinates me the most. Back in school my friends used to tell me I had some kind of fetish with them... which is not true by the way.
In fact, the only thing that has really bothered me about MLP it's their treatment of dragons. A huge red, fire breathing dragon can't possibly be intimidated by a small yellow pegasus, as fierce as her Stare might be (I know it's a cartoon but still). And then in Dragon Quest, we saw too many of them. Dragons can't go around flying like a flock of seagulls, they have to be rare, a few here and there; powerful and dangerous, smart and cunning. And I better shut up now.

Great chapter, I really don't know what the CMC were thinking if they expected everything to go smoothly, but that's who they are. I must say I have two expectations for the next chapters: badass Applejack, and see what the dragon will do.

It seems you have quite a bit to do these days, so take it easy. I know I like to comment like I'm demanding fast updates but it's only to show my support for your writing. Take as much time as you need and don't rush your work.

Listen here, you ain't got no idea where that little filly could be. Now our best course'a action is to stick close, move at a brisk pace and study our surroundin's for clues. Don't cha think?"
"Oh sorry, I didn't know that Twilight had come along with us."
So you started the chapter with a little funny went through the forest with a calm ness and then we get into the serious ridge that ends with a down Pegasus, a kidnapped filly (for real) and some explain in' to do by sweetie and apple bloom... ah shit I almost feel bad for sweetie and applebloom for the amount of trouble they are about to get into almost

I liked Rainbow's part in the song. And this story has me laughing so often it hurts.

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