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War has divided Equestria into two factions fighting for total control. The established Solar Empire with the full force of the Solar Armed Forces commanded by Princess Celestia herself, aiming to regain stability and lead Equestria into it's next great leap forward. The newly founded New Lunar Republic fighting for total freedom from their perceived oppression, led by the night princess. In the middle of this conflict, one stallion fulfills his goal of joining the Solar Army Air Corps to live a life of fame and glory as an aviator. At least, that is what Bright Eyes believes. However, warfare is much more chaotic and morally ambiguous than he had ever realized. Will Bright Eyes be able to withstand the impact of his choices? That remains to be seen, for the war ain't no place, for no hero.

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What I thought when I saw this: Click Here

-The Good Doctor

3031133 Actually, the title was indeed inspired by that song from The Heavy. I was laying in my bed after getting off the flight line at FOB Gardez, and I listened to this song. It made me think about the conflict I was participating in, and all the messed up stuff I saw and heard. I then just got typing, and this was the result. I decided to base it on things that have actually happened. I took stories and events of myself and my pilots and incorporated them into my writing.

*reads chapter, enjoys immensely, begins to track story*

Go on.... :twilightsmile:

I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter

Definitely have me interested. You've earned a like, fave and follow from me.


You have my interest.

I am intrigued...

My fellow brother in arms... You have caught my interest. I await more of this story, I expect great things from this.


After finally remembering that you can read on FimFiction as well, I finally got around to this story.

I must say, besides a few formatting errors, this is 1186 words of pure beauty. Your writing reminds me of some of Tom Clancy's works. I haven't actually said this about any story in my two years here, but THIS is some good shit.

If this story gets some more updates, you can expect some publicity.

I would have also followed you... but it appears I have already done so.

Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep it up

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