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Firefly writes to her best friend about her career, her declining health, and her daughter, Scootaloo.

Based on events from SamRose's excellent blog Motherly Scootaloo. Written with permission.

Cover art by SamRose.

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Im literally sobbing right now


The image got my attention, then i read the description, then i saw the words "Motherly Scootaloo", and instantly read it.

It's about time someone wrote a story based on this blog!


Very nice ............

There simply are no words for how amazing this story is.

A lovely story, and of my favourite pony blog!

Well done!

I have to go hug my mom now.:fluttercry:

Oh crap, a sad story about one of my favorite characters? I'm going to go get a box of tissues. But I really like the twist, having Firefly being Scoots' mom instead of Dash's.

Got a little something in my eye

I loved this story so I did a reading of it:

Holy cancerponi tears, this is friggin' sexy as hell.

Wow.....This.....T-This is......I can't even describe how amazing this story is...:rainbowkiss::raritycry:

Oh, gosh...You have no idea how hard it was not to burst into tears in front of my big brother while reading this (as soon as he left the tears didn't stop flowing until the end of the page). You are an amazing person for writing this.

Author Interviewer

+1 for writing a compelling tale about a woman battling cancer and her own regrets, but I had a hard time believing most of this story would actually happen in Equestria. I have to assume it's because you're writing in the tumblr's AU, which I'm not familiar with.

Powerful writing.

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