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Nov 7th "Maybe"



This story is a sequel to Maybe until death. I promise I do

Part 42, It's been three months since Canterlot and three months since your new life started, but just because change has come to the world doesn't mean Twilight's needs to please Princess Celestia has changed as shes once again asked to do something you might soon regret.

To new readers I suggest starting at an earlier part if you want to better understand the story.To my old readers, if you know anything about me its that nothing is simple, with that in mind good luck as you read through the new start for this saga... I hope you enjoy it and will be wainting more of it.

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It's here finally!!! Swag

A chapter idea. The unholy trinity. Discord, nightmare moon, sombra. Yay

The first one to see this story is me (or the 6 th). I don't care I is awesome


Ohh, new :pinkiecrazy:

Just thought you should know the Might Be series is the follow up from the MAybe series, so if you are a new reader you might want to go and see the other series so you can better understand this one, if not hope you enjoy it.


Hmmmm Night mare moon has never been in the series, I wonder if she could be? :duck:

I saw bring back Queen Chrysalis :eeyup:

I need definitely a mobile-web able tablet-PC... *has again NO FREAKING TIME... cry*

*"tired like hell" Smile* nice work fatty ^^

social activities: :yay: !!! ^^

I don't know if you do it already, but try to use meaning synonyms some times in the direct speech instead of Violets actual name. ^^

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