• Published 12th Aug 2013
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Warring Dusk - AlphatheGriffin17

A happy day soon descends into a war between two peoples. Canterlot is under siege, the princesses are captured and Dusk must take up arms or watch his home fall.

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Beastly Intentions

The reception was drawing to a close. The bride and groom had left on their honeymoon, the music was quietening down, the guests leaving for their homes or accommodations. The Elements and their friends had already departed to the rooms that the princesses let them stay in whilst in Canterlot, in order to rest up for their train journey home.

It had been Luna who had seen them off, smiling happily and wishing them goodnight. She had especially made sure to do this for Dusk, whom she saw leaving with Twilight. When it looked like they were supposed to part ways for separate rooms, the mare had pulled her stallion closer and gave him an alluring sort of look. Luna had suppressed a giggle when a surprised, but perfectly willing Dusk was teleported away by his marefriend a second later.

It wasn't just them who weren't leaving alone. Rarity walked out, smiling contently at a snoozing Spike on her back. Fluttershy and Ray departed, the two of them rather close to each other's sides as they did. Phoenix carried out a rather inebriated Rainbow Dash, chuckling when she would almost topple him over. Applejack was conversing with Soarin, the latter suggesting to the former on taking her out for a 'fly' tomorrow. The farm pony blushed and murmured something about considering it.

It seemed that Twilight and Dusk's song had not been incorrect. Love truly was in bloom.

"Nopony to escort you home, Pinkie Pie?" she asked as the earth pony bounded out.

"Not today, but maybe someday," she replied. "What about you, Luna?"

The princess was rather surprised by the question. "No. As you say, Pinkie, not today."

"Aw, but maybe someday?"

Luna found she had a hard time answering. "Perhaps."

"Was there ever?"

"Once," she blurted out before she realised. "I mean um… yes, there was. A long time ago."

"Really? What happened?"

She felt a lump form in her throat. "I… I would prefer not to discuss it presently."

"Oh." Pinkie saw her expression. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you."

She collected herself. "Do not worry yourself, Pinkie. You didn't know. After all, it was a long time ago."

"Okay-dokey-lokey." She smiled brightly. "Whoever he was, I'm sure he was great. To match the princess he went with."

"He was," she murmured, then louder. "Thank you, you're kind to say so. Sleep well, Pinkie Pie."

"You too, Princess." She gave her another bright smile before bouncing off.

Luna watched her go, vaguely acknowledging the long forgotten emotions that stirred faintly within her. She would have time to dwell on them later. Right now, she thought while she spread her wings, there was another matter to attend to before she faced her duties as Night Princess.

She found her elder sister on top of the tallest balcony, overlooking the city. However, her gaze wasn't fixed on the city, but beyond it. It was as distant as the lands that stretched before them.

"Shouldn't you be in bed, resting for tomorrow?" asked Luna.

Celestia managed a smirk. "After you stayed up today, aren't I entitled to a little?"

"I think you have been extensively, for the past few days." She indicated the lines under her eyes. "You should rest, my sister. You know you should, especially after all the magic you've been experimenting with."

"I know…" She looked towards Ponyville. "I just find it difficult to do so, with ghosts from the past keeping me awake."

"I know how that feels," murmured Luna. "You made the right decision, Tia. If nothing else, you must believe that."

That smile came back. "I do. After all the wrong I've done by that stallion, it was about time I did something right. I'm just sorry it took me so long to realise it."

"What matters is that you did and I am happy for you because of that, dear sister," she said kindly. "You deserve a rest from this now, as he does and as we all do."

"Thank you, Luna," she said sincerely. "I truly have been lost these past thousand years without you, sister."

"And be sure you do not forget it," said Luna, with a small laugh. "However, there is one other question I feel I must ask on the subject."

"Then ask."

"It is one born of my new knowledge and your secretiveness concerning the matter," she explained. "Concerning Demon Beast, is there anything else I should know on the matter before I find out for myself?"

Celestia considered the question with a tired expression. "I think I have told you all you need to know about them, Luna."

"Very well." She blinked when she acknowledged one word there. "'Them'?"

"Luna, please," her sister said softly. "As you said, I'm in need of rest and this is a subject I'd rather discuss after I've gotten some."

The younger thought of insisting, but nodded. "I'll hold you to that. Even so, it is not just Demons we need to concern ourselves with."

She froze. "What do you mean?"

"You saw him, just as well as I when we were prisoners of that infernal queen," she muttered darkly. "She did mention that he was an ally in her cause and it was due to his efforts their invasion was even made possible."

"Yes." She jerked her head in a nod. "I remember…"

"It is curious though," she continued. "If he was her ally, why did he leave so early on? And when she was in need of aid, why did he not return to help her? What is that he wants?"

"What I believe any in his position would want," replied Celestia grimly.

Luna understood that completely. "But if he did not seek revenge by way of the invasion, then how does he mean to get it?"

"I don't know, but perhaps…" She trailed off and her eyes widened slightly. "Maybe only Chrysalis could offer him something that wasn't an army."

"And what would that be?"

"I can't say that…" That same tone of fear returned to her voice. "But if I am right, and he does seek what I think he does, then it may be a lot more than our old castle that burns this time…"

Celestia didn't add to this, nor did Luna question further. The memory of the Demon's roar still echoed freshly in their minds. The thought of burning flames adding to those roars with the intentions behind them... was inconceivable.


The howling of the wind could be heard faintly outside the walls of their hideout. Were Doctor Test Tube of a simpler mind, he would have thought that it sounded like the wailing of spirits. A sound that would chill the bones of any normal pony. He, however, did not allow himself to be frightened so easily by such sounds. His mind was far more sophisticated to be above such things as fear.

He focused on that thought in order to ignore the mild chills he did feel at the sound. He had to remain above such weaknesses, especially in the presence of his… employer.

He stood not too far away, encased inside of his armour, breathing echoing from inside the metal shell, his horn glowing faintly with blood red magic. Even in his apparent meditative state, he was still an impressive figure. He was everything that Tube strived to be. Powerful, intelligent and most of all, feared. Tube knew this too well. The wind's howling truly was a childish fear compared to the stallion stood before him.

They were both focused on their own tasks. Tube on the experiment laid out on the table before him, the other engrossed in his own thoughts and enchantments. The doctor was relatively absorbed in his own work as he usually was, only reminded of his employer's presence when he glanced up and saw him. And once again felt the shiver down his spine.

It was fear he felt. But not out of intimidation, he told himself. Out of respect. The kind of respect that he one day hoped to share in. And it seemed very promising that he would.

He heard a shifting of metal plates. The armoured pony stood up, his horn no longer glowing.

"Positive developments, sir?" he asked.

The helmet turned to look at him and nodded. "Indeed. The battle has drawn to a close, the penned outcome arriving as expected. The invaders have been repelled and the curtain hath closed upon the conflict that was staged."

He took a moment to interpret his master's use of theatrical rhetoric.

"So the changelings have lost, then? You are not disappointed?"

"I expected it," he replied harshly. "Though they played their parts well enough, the odds were never in their favour. Their role in this was merely a prelude of greater parts in this grand tragedy."

"I see," nodded the doctor slowly.

"Thou will, in time. As will all," he murmured darkly. "We have received our tribute from her highness Chrysalis regardless. On that subject, is our guest being treated suitably?"

"As well as can be, given the circumstances," he told him. "If I might be so bold to question, sir, are you certain she is the one we need?"

"Thou mayest not," his master breathed. "But in answer regardless, I tell thee that she is. That is all that thou needest to know."

He flinched a little at this, but bowed his head respectfully. "Of course, of course, my apologies. Still, in light of recent events, it should be noted that we no longer have the security of anonymity any longer."

"Evidently. They may well determine where thine weaponry was crafted and the sages will have certainly held me in a familiar eye." He noted the rather sombre tone his voice took there. "Still, we will proceed as planned, though we may require additional players for our troupe if we are to continue."

"An apt suggestion, master," agreed Tube. "Do you know where we might direct our search?"

He remained silent for a minute. "Perhaps. However, a venture north is required to follow such a purpose."

"North?" Tube was surprised. "What would we find there?"

"What I seek and what we will find," he answered cryptically. "However, it seems that thou art already in the process of returning our former comrade."

"I hope so." He looked back at the table, where the form that was being kept alive by machines of his creation stirred. "I did hypothesise that his connections to home would prove to be a liability."

"It seems thou were correct," noted his master. "His first performance did have some highlights, I must admit. Now, what stood out can be refined and what hindered can be removed."

Tube mulled over those words while the form stirred a little more, the eyes opening a fraction. His body had been damaged quite a bit from the battle he'd fought in and by natural standards, he should be dead. But Hard Edge wasn't being kept alive by natural standards anymore, nor would he be operating on such standards ever again.

He looked at the bodies of metal he had waiting off to one side, the monitors that showed him the progress of the lobotomy he was performing.

"Yes, that's very true, master," agreed Tube again. "It will be quite an improvement once my work is completed."

"Then, I shall let you resume it." The helmet now looked at Edge's battered form. "I look forward to seeing his new skills put to the test."

"As do I, master," said Tube.

He watched the armoured pony stride out of his lab and turned back to his work. His own horn glowed he worked his magic to administer more anaesthetic spells to Edge. Enough so he couldn't resist, but not enough to put him out completely. He felt that he should see exactly what was happening to him.

Both reward and punishment and it worked too. Tube could faintly hear small groans as he worked on Edge's body. No doubt he was regretting being so aggressive towards him now. Well, soon that aggression wouldn't be a problem anymore. Very little of his obtrusive personality ever would. It wasn't like he was really using it productively anyway.

Just as he was about to resume his work, Tube faintly heard his employer muse some poetic verse that echoed back down the corridor, mingling with the howling of the wind.

"Even if the morrow is barren of promise

Nothing shall forestall my return."

Author's Note:

And so, another book draws to a close. I would like to thank my loyal and dedicated readers and reviewers once again for supporting me throughout this and every other previous book. Special mention goes to Shadowed Skull, SabreSpark, Alex phoenix Wing, AwkwardTurtle13 and AutoBrony14 for their constant support and the use of their OCs. This story may not be the best of stories, but you guys make it all worth it.
But very special thanks goes to SCI-FIWIZARDMAN, the enigmatic mind behind the creation of Ray Strike and everything that goes with him. It goes without saying that the events of this story, the very existence of Ray himself, would not be possible without him. So, thank you to my partner and my fellow writer and here’s to a continually productive and awesome partnership.
So, Dusk is done for now, but he will return in Book 6. Ray, the Mane Six and all the others will be there too as we explore not only Season 3, but the continued development of a much darker plan. Until then, my friends, be strong, be swift, be just.

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Comment posted by Commander Darklight deleted May 30th, 2015

I like how whats his face, MR. Big, Dark and Gloomy, is all poetic and such it was a nice touch

UGHHH A story i probably would have liked but for some reason the author r63ed twilight dont know why

Celestia considered the question with a tired expression. "I think I have told you all you need to know about them, Luna."
"Very well." She blinked when she acknowledged one word there. "'Them'?"

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Wow... I like the path you took with the changling invasion. More if a real world possibility than the happy end from the show. It actually makes chrysalis seem more of a threat same with the way you portrayed discord(tho am mildly upset there won't be a reformation. Having him on their side would prove a powerful ally) and with mos of the issues i had out of the way now i am looking forward to reading more :twilightsmile::yay:

What, so we can get ourselves served up on a silver platter quicker?" called the farm pony. "Sorry, sourcube, but ah ain't plannin' on goin' out anytime soon."

HAAAAHAAAA sourcube lol nice:rainbowlaugh:

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