• Published 13th Aug 2013
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Putting My Idol On The Altar - Brian Jacko

Rainbow Dash is sent with an important message and a mission for me.

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A Temporary High

I sat alone on the couch next to my Rainbow Dash plushie doll. The doll was sitting on a small table next to my couch while I watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic on the television.

There were pony figurines lined up across the table that the television was sitting on, as well as tons of other My Little Pony merchandise that I had been collecting over time. It was like I had my very own shrine the way I had things set up.

It was just another day and there was no better way to escape the corruption and sadness that plagued my world on a constant basis, than with a show that had such a powerful impact on me.

I was currently out of work, but I would be hopeful to find a new job soon. I'd also need to buy a new car, but there was no immediate rush for that.

I never thought I'd watch this show in my life, but that very moment, when I got so depressed and suicide often plagued my mind, I gave it a try, and it changed my life.

I was currently watching the episode called Fall Weather Friends where Rainbow Dash and Applejack get competitive and compete in the annual running of the leaves.

I loved Applejack and Rainbow Dash so much. There was something about the two that just made me obsessive over them. I seemed to root for Applejack whenever there was competition between the two because Rainbow Dash can't seem to draw the line between confidence and arrogance. I often had trouble picking out which one I liked better, but I would assume that I'd have to go with Rainbow Dash because I think I liked her voice better, even though they were both very similar characters.

Here came that part in the show that melted my heart and made me all teary eyed. It was the part in the show where Rainbow Dash and Applejack realized that their love and friendship for each other was more important than competition.

I couldn't take it anymore. I reached over and picked up my Rainbow Dash plushie doll and squeezed it so tightly against my chest.

I would do almost anything to hold a real life My Little Pony character. I would probably give my life just to hold a real life, in the flesh, My Little Pony character from the show even if it were only for a few seconds. All I had were these stuffed plushie dolls to give me a temporary high of happiness.

I sighed and put the doll back on the table. Something on the table was in the way when I tried to put the doll back down, and the doll fell on its side. I looked at the table and removed some papers around. There on the table was my old Bible that I hadn't picked up in years. I couldn't bear to look at it. Religion was bothering me, and some of the people who I talked to didn't help my experience with Christianity at all. There was so much corruption in the church and I just lost all desire to read that book. I picked up my Rainbow Dash doll and placed her on top of the Bible.

I was still a Christian and I still practiced the faith to the best to my knowledge. I still spent time in prayer nearly every single night, but I just lost the joy and drive to learn more and I became isolated from others. I hadn't been to church in years and I couldn't stop thinking about My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It was like the ultimate escape and in some ways, it was even better than using video games as an escape from pain. I really didn't care to tell others about the message of Christ anymore. If I ever did talk to people, it was always about ponies.

There were a few people who saw me lose my motivation for God and begged me to come back to church or to join some kind of bible study, but I didn't listen to them. I just wanted to be alone. Some people in the church got me furious, and made me want to distance myself away from the church even more.

I turned off the television when the credits started to appear on the screen and sighed. Yes, I felt good because I just spent time with my most favorite show of all time, but I knew that high would crash and I'd need to come back for another fix.