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Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle have been together for as long as anypony can remember, and they wouldn't have it any other way.

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This was a fun thing to help out with. And an enjoyable read, too.

Very well done on it, dude.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Ah, TwiDash. I can't wait to give this very promising story a read.

3024535 Hopefully it won't disappoint!

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what the fuck is with people making me like rainbow dash.
damnit thar like 5 fics that have gotten my to like that blue Olympian softball team member.
arrogant loudmouthed douchey pegasus.
now write a different mane six daawww ship so i can stop hating myself for upvoteing and faveing this.

3024648 There is a TwiPie in the works.

a difficult yet compelling pairing.
second in difficulty in my eyes to celestia pinkie,of whitch ive only seen one done well.
cant remeber the title though. caught it on e.q.d. some time ago.

"Lyra," I deadpanned. "We are hiding in a bush. A bush. What could possibly be so secretive and important that we need to hide in a bush to talk about it?!" I shifted about, trying to sit somewhere the branches wouldn't stab me. "Couldn't we do this in - oh, I don't know - your house?!"

"Got it." I gulped, knowing all too well not to incur the wrath of an angry unicorn

I think something is missing here, or I'm not seeing something. Good work on this, I like how you made Dash's thought processes.

3024706 Thanks for seeing that, the GDocs transfer missed that paragraph somehow.

To be honest, Rainbow's voice seems slightly too formal throughout the piece. In the show, her speech patterns and word choice tend to be relatively casual. She wouldn't think/say something like "dreamed of clouds and lavender," for example. It's a nice line, but it doesn't feel very Dash-y, at least to me.

That aside, though, this was still very cute. I always enjoy seeing how simple, everyday moments can be the sweetest when they're shared with a loved one. Warm fuzzies all around. :twilightsmile:

Boooo! Twidash is the one ship to rule them all. :trollestia:

All those poor "EHRMERGERD DASH ISN'T A WUNDERBERT" fans are gonna be ma~d

Oh, I liked this. :pinkiehappy:
The structure was fun and interesting, what with the non-linear timeline narrative... thing. I don't know the term. It was cool.
The actual content itself gave me the warm and fuzzies something fierce. Adorable and fluffy, nothing really happened, but I enjoyed every second of that nothing.
Romantic slice of life at it's finest, I suppose. :heart:
Hell, I think you might've even managed to warm the cold, blackened lump that is all that remains of my heart. :twilightsmile:

3025001 Thanks zaponator! It was fun to write the kinda nothing fluffy story for once.

Loved it, thank you for giving me another TwiDash to read! It was worth the wait.

Dawwww that was nice great job!

this is one of my favorite one shot twidash romances!

Right in the feels at the end there... :pinkiesad2:

Awww, this was quite adorable! I love it when these two are all kissy and cuddly! Good job! :twilightsmile:

3026088>>3026308>>3026758>>3026809>>3027164 I'm glad you all liked it!

Dash. Pinkie Promises. You don't break them :pinkiecrazy: Seriously, why was that necessary?

On the one hand, I rather liked this fic overall. On the other hand, Rainbow Dash gave up her life-long dreams of becoming a Wonderbolt? And Twilight let her just give up her dreams like that? Doesn't sit right with me.

3028914 She didn't really give up her dream, her dreams changed. She still loves to fly but becoming a Wonderbolt means a long time away from home and away from the one she loves. She doesn't want that.

Yeah, but it just seems like Rainbow Dash is willing to give up her dreams for Twilight, but Twilight isn't willing/able to help her achieve her dreams? It seems a bit one-sided to me. I dunno if what I am saying makes a whole lot of sense to anyone but me. I have seen at least one other Twidash fic where Rainbow Dash gives up the Wonderbolts for Twilight and I can't help but think "why?". Why can she not both achieve her dreams AND be involved in a meaningful relationship? I mean, plenty of famous athletes do so in real life. It just seems really sad and bittersweet when it is supposed to come off as romantic. It just seems a bit depressing to me. A happier ending would be where Rainbow Dash would have suggested to Twilight that she'd be willing to give up the Wonderbolts for her, and Twilight gets upset and refuses to allow her to just throw away her dreams and vows to support her in helping to achieve them. Then she does just that: Twilight helps Rainbow Dash achieve her dreams while the two still remain in a meaningful and loving relationship.

If Rainbow Dash had become a Wonderbolt and then retired to have a relationship with Twilight or had become a Wonderbolt AND was in a relationship with Twilight, that would be a Good End. Having her give up everything she ever worked for, regardless of what she gained... I can't help but see that as a bittersweet ending at best.

Very cute. Thank you for the gift of fluff. Nommed it down like cotton candy.

3029362 I'm glad you enjoyed it!

She smiled and walked past me, rubbing her side againsine.


Aside from that, a fluffy little oneshot! Good job!:twilightsmile:

You my freind, are way to good at this.

3030677 I'm glad you enjoyed it!

wonderful bit of cute stuff there is just something about TwiDash that i cant resist :rainbowkiss::twilightblush:

She smiled and walked past me, rubbing her side againsine.

I think you accidently a few letters, as they say on the intertubes. Other than that easily-fixed error, I liked it a lot. :twilightsmile:

3029529>>3030880 Thank you for spotting that.

Well! As far as fluff-technique goes, you certainly have my respect and admiration. Your first-person Rainbow is easy to read and immersively descriptive. When she crept into Twilight's bed... ahem. :twilightblush: We'll move on. The subplot with Lyra hits straight to the heart and is quite relatable. Lyra herself is also cute and hilarious.

So yeah, 95% of this story is pretty great! Unfortunately there is indeed the rather large elephant in the room. I'm going to try to explain myself so it doesn't just look like I'm being kneejerk about canon stuff, because while I do prefer show-faithful fanfic, I'm also really easy to sell a premise to.

The second I read Dash's line,

"I knew I loved Twilight the day I gave up being a Wonderbolt."

I instantly thought to myself, "Wow, talk about megaton! That's a really great and powerful angle that I never would have thought of! I mean, being a Wonderbolt is RD's lifelong dream which we've seen her gradually work towards for during all three seasons of the show! This is going to be one intense, character-building romance fic if it's going to show how a love can be so deep as to overcome that sort of inner drive!"

That was what I thought, as a reader. This is a great thing to have readers think, mind you -- it's how you can build character conflict and change even in a slice of life story. It's how fluff becomes deceptively fulfilling fluff. :pinkiehappy:

Unfortunately, this is where the story ends. We go from canon dreams to fanon memory, with no bridge in between, and quite honestly I sympathize with anyone who might feel a bit cheated by the end. I know I sure did. Anvil on my heart. :raritydespair:

I don't even need a "compromise" ending. I would have been totally on board with Rainbow's dreams changing. Happens to folks all the time. But for something that deep-seated and at the core of her character, I really wanted -- nay, needed -- to know how we get from one to the other, you know?

I don't know if this fic comes after another story you wrote and things were explained there, but on the off chance it does, you may wish to reference it, especially for readers new to your work such as myself. :twilightsheepish: That said, the ending stops me from my initial favoriting intentions, but an upvote's certainly in order, I think, for the rest of things. Also, I like your style -- I think I'll look around the rest of your works, if you don't mind? :twilightsmile:

3032140 Thank you very much for this comment, it made my day. Looking back at this, I think you're right it needs that little bit more.

No worries, glad I could help! And yes, I certainly think there's another story in here just begging to be told.

...one that may well have Twilight staring down Spitfire.


the ending though... <3

3034750>>3034216 Thank you very much!

3032593 I may have to consider that...

D'awww that ending was so adorable. Great work I loved the story keep it up :D

3046981 Thanks for the comment!

So many feels! but twidash is one of my favorite ships, mostly because it reminds me of me and my mare...ur girlfriend.

I just have to point out that Rainbow Dash just broke a Pinkie Promise. Lyra made her Pinkie Promise that she wouldn't tell anyone about that.

But seriously, I like how Lyra was written in this. She wasn't the cliche of being obsessed with humans. She's hyperactive, but in a nervous way. She's nervous, confused, and just doesn't know what she feels. And it's perfect for the role she plays in this story.

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