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Horilous, a changeling spy, had been living in Equestria for years before the mega-spells hit. He had wormed his way into the Equestian Hierarchy. He had even gotten hired at the ministry of image. He fell asleep one night, ready for a promotion to manager in his local branch and the brand new pip-buck that came with it. He didn't wake up to that day. He awoke to pillars of radioactive fire, death, and destruction. His chitin was bleached, his body irradiated. However, the world didn't have the decency to let him die. He burrowed his way deep underground. He forced himself into hibernation, hoping the world he would wake up to would be the same he dreamt of days ago.

He would not…

Credit for the original idea goes to Tracer, a reddit friend of mine, who gave me the opportunity to continue his story.

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You gonna remade it or continue from where he ended ?

3012210 I'm continuing from where he left off.

Cool story wish i can help.

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