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As Celestia takes a leisurely flight across a rather mountainous region of equestria, she notices a purple glow coming from a cave on the side of a mountain, When she enters she is invited by floors, walls and ceilings made of squarely cut blocks of a strange stone with purple lines of what looks to be some sort of energy flowing through it, she calls the mane six to come look at it, and call upon them to find out what it is and what it's purpose was. The ponies accidentally trigger a teleportation sequence teleporting them to the eridian ruins in caustic caverns on pandora.

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Okay, this is really good, but you need to slooow down, buddy. You say the chapter was short, but with that kind of information, you could have doubled the amount of words you used in this chapter. If you keep shoving the reader's mouth full of information, they'll suffocate, creat some really nasty sounds, die before the end of the chapter, and then what? You have to take your time. That is literally my only problem with this, the fact that it rushes about the speed of a motherfucking train.
However, I expect to see more, and take heed my advice. :twilightsmile:

the creature was felled

top lel

3014660 Thanks, I'll be sure to next chapter, and I'm glad you like the story!

No problem! It's hard not to like a crossover with Borderlands.

Anything involving ponies is awesome. Anything involving Borderlands is awesome. Put them together and you have a whole new level of epicosity that I really hope will continue. Also, you MUST include Gaige and more importantly Krieg. Krieg+ponies=hilarity.

3015141 Yeah, i was debating on including them earlier, still not sure, Problem is i'm new to writing and I probably won't be able to keep so many main characters in character.

Also thank you to everyone who Favorited, it makes me feel so happy to know that you guys like my story.

Please tell me there will be a Rarity/Butt Stallion joke in here. XD

New chapter by the end of the day, decided to cut this one in half so you guys could get to enjoy it quicker.

"You know, we could always dump that job on Tannis

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... that'll be fun for the ponies.

This looks to be a nice fic, but yeah, the first chapter was a bit too speedy. Either way, definitely some potential. I'll keep an eye on this one.

3020162 Yeah, I am considering redoing and/or revising the first chapter because of that. But i also really want to concentrate on getting the story done before I do anything in terms of revision.

I noticed in the first chapter it looked like you made Salvador speak as if English was his 2nd or 3rd language. In his ECHO at the beginning of the game, he talks perfectly, just replacing "buddy" and similar with amigo.

3020286 Again, I did state I didn't play Salvador much, and I adapted a lot of his personality from the Heavy in TF2. I may play him a little just to get in character more for him.

3020294: Sal's personality is basically 'I like killing things and violence'. I think he's an amiable fellow otherwise, he just has an unhealthy obsession with firearms and violence.


oh man, err are they battle tested yet? if not, there gon' die

3032610 Don't worry, brightly colored ponies are natural badasses. Plus even if they do die the Fast travel station recorded the structure of each of their bodies so they can respawn later.


But you must remember that the stations even inform you that your respawned body is only a digital reconstruction of your original body, which dies for good the first time you die. I'm not sure how happy Celestia would be to find out that the mane 6 all died and clones rebuilt, and would the reconstructed ponies be able to wield the Elements when they return to Equestria?

Comment posted by Dapper Stache deleted Aug 20th, 2013

3020863 >implying krieg will survive

we need more meat bicycle. that is all

I lol'd at the part where fluttershy talked to the skags

Piknemina grrriiiiinnn

Alright, here's you guys' status update. I'm currently working on the chapter, I should have it finished by Thursday of this week at the latest.
Edit: Slight change in schedule, I'll have it in on Saturday, or Sunday at the latest, as my first estimate wasn't very well considered. Sorry about that.

They took to killing far easier than it should take

3103349 Brightly colored ponies are natural badasses, what can I say?

While you imagined her going 'IMMA FIRIN' MA LAZOR' I imagined her yelling "SURPRISE MUTHERFUCKA" :pinkiecrazy: and yay for bloodthirsty pinkie please have blood thirsty pinkie more :pinkiesmile:

Actually, I agree with him. Aside from the Changelings in the Canterlot wedding (and even then it was more to get through them to get the Elements than to do any harm), they've had no real experience fighting, period, let alone Borderlands-style violence. I feel like there should have been at least a chapter where they were struggling with the morality of the Vault Hunters' "kill everything that moves" mindset.

3109911 Honestly, I've taken this to mind more a little bit recently. I know that most of these ponies TOATS have the potential to do this kind of thing, and do it incredibly well, especially pinkie with her 4th wall breaking abilities, and honestly, later on I may or may not have a chapter that adresses their run in with guilt, and maybe include in the Morningstar sniper rifle, just to kind of trigger the guilt trip. When I actually play borderlands, I actually do use the Morningstar a lot, Just cuz I like to have my sniper whine about how I'm a bad person as I kill people in droves. Okay, actual quote from the rifle here, "Do you feel bad yet? Cuz I do." I just can't resist using this thing to start a story arc.


The trouble is, if I remember correctly, you get the Morningstar mission from the Overlook Bounty Board. They're already at Data Mining, so they've passed the part of the story where you get it. Unless it appears there at a later date than BL, FS.

Is this story still happening? I really like is so far, and would hate for it to be canceled.:fluttercry:

3158048 Yes, It's still happening. I was just unhindered by school until now. now I've got even less time to fit the story into my now almost full schedule. I'd love to be able to write the story as quickly as i did over the summer now, but unfortunately school doesn't agree with me on that part.

You haven't updated in quite a while. Again, I really don't want this idea to be wasted and discontinued. If you're not finding time/lost interest to do this, I'd be willing to take the reins of this story if you're willing to let me. I have quite a few chapter ideas swimming around in my mind as well as a few revisions. I'm an uber-perfectionist when it comes to writing, so I'd like to think I'd do a good job on it.

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