• Published 8th Aug 2013
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Machine And Might: Far Horizon Of Stars - Kriegor

War between people, war between worlds. It all happened, in its own way. What's left is a planet where species live together, a mix of harmony and chaos. A planet with an uncertain future. Welcome, to 'New Earth'.

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Might Incarnate

Machine And Might: Far Horizon Of Stars

Might Incarnate

The sun shone brightly above Berlin, such a beautiful city. Luna fought hard to keep her eyes from drifting towards the massive towers that surrounded the road of war: a massive trail that extended all the way towards an equally large conglomeration of gravity lifts and dropships, waiting for their army to arrive. She stood in one of Barlin Citadel’s balconies, next to Admiral Adamant.

Luna had been chosen to represent the army of her homeworld. Thousands upon thousands of soldiers, tanks, and combat walkers stood at the far end of the line, waiting for their cue. As well as them, the march was set up and already being broadcasted on all channels of Colonial holovision. The entire USC was watching, waiting for it to begin.

And with a step forward from Luna, she triggered the start of the marching drums and horns. Flaring her wings open, she flew upwards, making herself more imposing.

“For ages, we lived in peace,” she dictated. “A peace brought by ignorance, as we did not know about the wonders of the universe.” The main core of the army began to march. Enormous quantities of exosuited ponies, gryphons, and changelings. “It only lasted until the war between Equestria and Gryphonia began. The latter threatened to bring destruction upon their native sisters and brothers, as war within the same planet brings no gain!”

“And that all changed when the Vector arrived…” She lifted her hooves up. “Bipedal titans encased in full armor suits! Their faces hidden by inexpressive masks! But they were not to bring chaos, no… They were lost.”

Luna took in a deep breath. “They entered contact with the Equestrians, and looked down upon our meaningless war! From then on, it was decided: it had to be stopped!”

The marching infantry made way for the tanks and other vehicles. “With one swift hit on one of our cities, they demonstrated their might, forcing both battling sides to stand down! Peace, was now near…”

“But they were still lost… and they were human, shades of grey.” Luna strained, bringing down lightning and thunder upon the tip of the tower. Following that were the batallions of airborne troops. Pegasi, changelings, and gryphons. “Though a civil war broke out between them, when they settled down, it was not as as chaos bringers, but as friends. It was then that we were taught the values of cause! They were far from their home, yet they taught us all they knew.”

“Cures for illnesses that we thought had none! Philosophy unmatched, technology… They and us, we became brethren! Doing what none could have thought possible, they united the entire planet under one banner! The United Species Coalition, aptly named after their home! We raised a military of unmatched might with their help!” The spectators, as well as the army, cheered on.

“And now, we found ourselves in their home, ready to face the challenges that wait for us! Our might be combined, the Ubor be damned, and let us go to war against these evil machines!”

And with that, the combat walkers stomped past the tower, joining the core of her people in boarding up for the Vector, all ready for a new kind of war.


Luna hovered down, settling herself next to Admiral Adamant as the spectators cheered for her army. She looked up at the man and smiled, nodding. With her finished, the Admiral took the spotlight. He stepped to the front, and released a bestial war cry. Immediately, the Colonial Guardsmen began to march, each of their steps quaking and thundering in a coordinated fashion. The war anvils began to sound off.

First was the infantry core. They marched forth, rifles in hand, mouthing off their war chant as loud as they could. “Our wrath, will be brought, upon thee!”

“Our strength, remains true, to you!”

“For natives, of, New Terra!”

“Our faith, will see, us through!”

The marching Guardsmen threw their arms up, yelling out war cries as the chant was repeated again. Enormous tanks and vehicles began to roll through, followed by dropships, gunships, and Raiders, all flying above the main infantry.

A tremendous, metallic roar sounded off in choir as the unbelievable heavy combat walkers stomped past. Their entire parade, a full legion of the Colonial Guard, reached their end point, boarding the dropships, heading up the gravity lifts, into their ships.

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