• Published 8th Aug 2013
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Machine And Might: Far Horizon Of Stars - Kriegor

War between people, war between worlds. It all happened, in its own way. What's left is a planet where species live together, a mix of harmony and chaos. A planet with an uncertain future. Welcome, to 'New Earth'.

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Machine And Might: Far Horizon Of Stars


Atlas stood atop the tram, the magnetic locks of his boots engaged as to prevent him from falling off, and a large autocannon secure in his grip. His stance did not budge an inch, even as the tram began to speed up, its direction managed by the rails that connected every city of the planet.

The tram itself hung about a hundred meters in altitude, a fall that would kill almost anyone, but would do nothing to the titan himself, if only the tram was not going at a supersonic speed.

A metallic roar caught his senses. He looked to the right to see a massive Ubor contraption catching up to the tram from behind, identified by his visor as an Ubor troop carrier. The flying, metallic machine approached fast, and without hesitation, the titan aimed the autocannon and released a loud war cry as he opened fire.


Atlas squeezed the trigger, and let fly with a blazing stream of kinetic death. Burning like suns, the rounds shattered brutally across the carrier's armor, sparks scattering as it turned to bring a hatch to bear. Snapping open, Ubor troopers emerged from within; bipedal machines with shoulder-mounted cannons, surrounding a bulky, tall field commander. Their leader swung its arm forward, pointing at Atlas. “Kambeh, kambeh!” it called out, ordering the troopers to charge in an almost mindless manner out in a ravenous horde even as Atlas swung his fire to cut them down, their feet planting themselves to the metallic surface of the tram, barely withstanding the force of the giant’s autocannon.

One after the other, Ubor troops landed heavily at the top of the tram, bending the surface under their weight. The giant’s cannon, glowing white hot, finally ceased firing as it reached its own limits. He glanced down, then back up, tossing the weapon off to the side and off of the tram, discarding it. In front of him, the mechanical bipeds were sprinting fast towards him, their metallic feet combined with their strength and speed sparking against the top of the tram. He hunched down and brought both of his fists up, cracking his knuckles, then charged at the machines.

The titan made contact with the first alien, his juggernaut-like physique colliding against its entire form, enough to break the magnetic grip of the alien’s feet, and sending it off of the ride. He looked forward once more, only to have his vision lit by a blob of plasma coming from another Ubor. He stumbled backwards, and regained his stance. Angered, he charged at it, his advantage in size overwhelmed by the agility of the smaller alien. It continued to fire bolts of plasma at him, his suit barely withstanding the heat.

He glanced upwards, seeing another troop carrier, this one armed with several turrets, approaching from above. Under his faceplate, he frowned, the odds obviously turning against him and the people inside the tram. Even then, as he looked closer and zoomed his visor in, he could see at least a dozen, smaller figures chasing the carrier. It took a few seconds for his display to recognize them as Colonial Guardswomen, Raider corps.

“Incoming transmission…” his visor displayed.

“It’s plotting a crash course to the tram!... Atlas,” the familiar, female voice of a raider called out. “Help us out, will ya’?!

He did not even utter a word, knowing well who that voice was. He crouched down, letting his suit’s thrusters light up for a moment, then allowing them to propel him through the air, heading for the Ubor carrier. For that moment, with him mid-way to the carrier, everything but the hum of his thrusters fell into complete silence. Atlas smirked behind his mask, the distance between him and the ship decreasing. He made small changes in his trajectory, as to connect with the ramp on the lower part of the ship.

And finally, he crashed against it, grabbing a firm grip of the ramp and pulling it open as the ship itself began to engage in evasive maneuvers. He stepped into the empty troop bay, heading towards an open panel and began ripping off as many cables as he could, producing a myriad of sparks, making the ship tumble and eventually begin to descend. Just before the ship began to spiral downwards, he jumped off.

With a loud thud, he landed feet-first back upon the tram, planting his fist on it and leaving a large dent. Atlas then stood back up, just in time for one of the Raiders to gently land upon the moving tram. He looked down at her, as she took off her faceplate and smiled at him. “Torres-” he muttered out, interrupted by a hug coming from the woman.

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