• Published 8th Aug 2013
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Machine And Might: Far Horizon Of Stars - Kriegor

War between people, war between worlds. It all happened, in its own way. What's left is a planet where species live together, a mix of harmony and chaos. A planet with an uncertain future. Welcome, to 'New Earth'.

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Machine And Might: Far Horizon Of Stars


Sitting by her desk, amidst her old treehouse, Twilight Sparkle looked on at a perfect holographic map of the Milky Way. Her treehouse was practically empty, Spike had moved on, and all she had was a nostalgic feeling of how things used to be. Sometimes, she wasn’t sure about how to deal with that much change, but she kept on with it. Not like she had that much of an option.

Discovering a way between dimensions brought on both its conveniences and inconveniences. Many wished to travel across as if they were running an adventure. Corporations wanted to explore the new chances for expansion, and more. But she knew better: things like that should be controlled, even avoided in some cases.

The main focus at the moment was the constant influx of USC-based corporations looking to explore New Earth and exploit its riches. Magic was certainly one of them. But as the New Earth council had chosen, it was better to keep them away for the moment. Speaking of which, a blue notification splashed itself across the galaxy, informing Twilight of yet another offer by Halcyth Incorporated to "purchase" the Everfree. Not all of it, but certainly more than Twilight was willing to part with. Still, she'd have to attend the meeting and refuse politely, again, if only to save face.

Her eyes drifted away from the galaxy map to a small, blinking holopad lying on the desk itself. Raising an eyebrow, she picked it up with her magic and subsequently read the notification it held.

Meet me at sugarcube corner as fast as you can.

- Celestia”

Twilight huffed, wondering why Celestia would decide to talk to her after so much time, let alone that late in the afternoon. She looked up at the galactic map, pondering for a second. Shrugging, she grabbed a hold of her saddlebags, placed them on her back, and trotted over to the exit.


Twilight pushed open the wooden door leading to her friend’s bakery, triggering a set of bells that signalled her arrival. She looked around the various customers, spotting Celestia sitting by a small table, a slice of cake served on a plate along with a milkshake.

She briskly trotted over to the former Princess, sitting down by her table. Celestia looked up at her, eyes darting across the inner building. “Twilight!” she whispered harshly. “Thank the heavens you’re here…”

“It has been a while, hasn’t it?” Twilight mused, turning to the waiter and shaking her head; food could come later. “So… why the hurry? Is something wrong?”

Celestia replied in a rather quick manner, “I… do not know, Twilight. This could be of lesser importance than I actually think, which is why I wished to meet you here…” She took in a deep breath before continuing, “There is something, something big trying to get into this dimension. I have... never quite felt something like this before, so I instinctually blocked it from getting here.”

“Well, the Vector is big, after all,” Twilight replied, receiving a glaring look from Celestia. “It’s… not the Vector? But... the council and I haven’t allowed anything else to come through…”

The white alicorn shivered, a shiver that soon turned into a constant shaking. “This is much, much stronger than the Vector… I… I can’t stop it, Twilight.”

She had never seen the Celestia visibly struggle with something, not even after all those years. All she could do was smile awkwardly, still holding onto the hope that whatever it was that was trying to break into her dimension, was friendly. That was, until Celestia collapsed onto the table, bringing gasps from the customers all around. “Princess!” Twilight yelled, reaching over the table and laying a hoof on her, followed by several blasts coming from outside, all of them in quick succession. Twilight looked out from the window, her jaw dropping and her eyes widening at the sight of thousands upon thousands of ships orbiting the planet, raining down fire upon it.

It was not late until the desperate screams of panic began to surface. People running towards all directions. Twilight took her eyes away from the window and ducked, just as the body of a changeling flew into it, breaking through into the bakery. “Princess! What’s happening!?”

“You have to…” Celestia muttered weakly. “Run…” A thundering quake occurred, Twilight carefully peeked over the window to see a myriad of bipedal figures further down the street, unloading rockets onto the buildings.

All the concentration she could muster up, went into the task of teleporting Celestia and herself to the only place she thought safe.

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