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One night, Twilight hears a musical piece that touches her so much she feels the need to tell the artist how wonderful it was and thank her.

But some mares like Twilight tend to transform the simplest of things into the most complicated one.

note: the image comes from that deviant art page ('cause the source only goes to the image...):

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Your writing has gotten better. Although there were a few mistakes in terms of tense and word order, you should be very proud that you slammed this out in two hours. It would take me at least as long to get a decent paragraph if I tried to write in a foreign language.

Not to overuse this already overused (in my opinion) expression, but have some :coolphoto::coolphoto::coolphoto::coolphoto::coolphoto:

Edit: I meant to put this in but my battery died out at the worst possible time.


Your writing has gotten better.

I'll take your word on it :twilightsheepish:. Thanks.

wow... just wow...
I really love this story!
I dont see how it has so few views!
and I think it should be Octavia in this story, I think she would be passionate about something like this!
I also wish that their was more to this story... dont take this the wrong way but this could easily be the start to a good romance!
keep up the good work! :twilightblush:

Wow... I... actually wasn't expecting any comment on any of my stories anymore, let alone such a comment. Thanks, glad you could enjoy it.

I dont see how it has so few views!

People have better things to read or do :ajsmug:. It's sort of amazing already to think that more than a hundred people took the time to read that story. It's kind of more of a hundred than I could have expected.

I think she would be passionate about something like this!

I'm sure she would too. I only let the possibility that it might not be her to not mess with anybody else's cannon, just in case it wouldn't be compatible for some reason.

keep up the good work!

I wish I could, writing is fun :pinkiehappy:. But it's also very hard...

Have a nice new year !

oh yes i forgot that its a new year!
Happy new year! :pinkiehappy:

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