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Rainbow Dash was dead.None of the elements took it well, But worst of all was Twilight, living secluded in her room, never uttering a word to anyone, as she studied a forbidden art that could change everything forever; for better or worse. That was the case. But after a forbidden magic ritual gone wrong, Rainbow Dash ends up as a bodyless soul chained to a locket, unable to be seen by most ponies and unable to speak or touch them as well, now Twilight must travel across Equestria and its neighbors to find a mythical gem, which may be the only way to get her mare-friend back.

Events that lead to the story start just before the Season 3 finale. It begins about one and a half years after Twilight would have become a princess. Celestia did not test her as she had begun to date Rainbow Dash, and didn't want to add stress. AU tag because of yet unrevealed events.

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 123 )

Okay, so I had this all set up, both chapters, and the I go to the front page to see if it's there...without submitting it :derpyderp1:

They seem pretty OOC, might want to get a proofreader or something.

I have a hard time believing Rarity would just up and say "Rainbow Dash died a couple days ago, sorry kid."

It has a lot of promise, just needs some polishing.

Prediction: Twi is going to join the ranks of us necromancers.

:pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy::rainbowkiss::raritystarry: ZOMBIE RAINBOW DASH ALERT!

This is a pretty good story man. I'm really liking this site the more & more I find good stories like this

may i have permission to read your story on youtube?

3106887 absolutely! post the link in the comments!

3130740 thank you! it will be uploaded on either sunday or monday, ill post the link when it is uploaded!

ok and will you be sending me the password though private message

Oh god Twilight. Don't. You. Fucking. Dare. Look what it did to Ed and Al.

I don't really believe everypony would up and scatter if Dasha died.
Also: Prologue.

3169526 Pinkie Pie left because Rainbow Dash was her best friend, she had memories of her everywhere she looked, and she couldn't stand it anymore; Twilight, Rarity, and Applejack didn't leave; Fluttershy left because of reasons similar to Pinkie Pie.

Here's what I'm predicting, Raainbooow!!!!!!!!!!! *agonized screaming*

And RD will come back as some horribly altered barely living abomination, and will be royally PO'd with Twilight.

I've probably been watching too much FMA.

That, or Twilight sacrifices half of her soul, to bring Rainbow back halfway, so then they're both stuck in this limbo type state, and then crazy stuff happens.

God this makes me want to watch FMA again.

I like it.

(I'd go into more detail, but I'm not really cut out to be writer-much less a reviewer.)


3172322 yeah, you've been watching too much FMA, it's not a bad thing though.

3203287 guess, it's not a bad guess

Damnit, don't do it! Haven't you ever watched Fullmetal Alchemist? It's a bad fucking idea.

Or Buffy, or heck jus about any thing with resurrection? Only in D&D is that stuff free...

Will RD come back and possess Twilight? Maybe she comes back half alive and eternally tortured because she's no longer of this world, but can never go back for some reason or another? Maybe it's something like Rd's soul is brought back, but it's been chained to some monstrosity that only forbidden arts could create? Will Twilight die instead, and be condemned to suffer for eternity, and Rainbow has to get her back? Maybe just FMA with ponies?

Idk, I have to go write any essay- Give me a reason to procrastinate!

3236976 you really want to get that right don't you, I admit there is some FMA inspiration, but it won't be an exact copy-paste, in fact, far from it. you'll see what I mean.

3236986 Actually, I just spend my time thinking up creepy grimdark/sad story ideas and telling myself "I'll write these someday..." :twilightsheepish:

3236989 you should do that, I'd read them

3236995 Aww, now I'm morally obligated to write them.

You horrible person, you :twilightsmile: *Goes off to finish stuff for her essay, then brainstorms!*

by the by, I need to make a new portrait for the story in time, any app suggestions to do so with?

or if you can do it for me that would be greatly appreciated as well

Good story so far. My guess it is some kind of alchemy (hence the carbon and water) with a magic twist.

I was just looking at the statistics, today we hit the highest number of views per day for this story, at 192.
Thanks for reading!

i'm wondering if she's going to make rainbow dash a new body (using the assorted chemicals and such) and then draw her soul into it (using the magic runes). this sounds a lot like Full Metal Alchemist, but this time i'm praying it works. i want dash to come back and make everypony happy again!

3237618 good guess. Although, I would like to see someone predict why the pictures were important...

3237843 easy, the picture would be a catalyst (or a focus) for how she wants rainbow to look. she would use it to make the spell, as a whole, go smoother because that would be one less thing she needed to focus on.

3237874 Congrats on first guess on how the pictures play in. have a moustache:moustache:

Okay, I am stunned, I am utterly and completely flaberghasted. I looked at the total views for the story. After I posted that we hit 192, the views skyrocketed to 242. Thank you very much to everyone who takes time out of their day to read my story, you all deserve this. :moustache:

God fucking damnit, Twilight.

now twilight just has to figure out how to form a stable connection between the body (cause you know she's gonna try again) and rainbows soul, without sacrificing any more body parts. unfortunately, that means using someone else's body parts for the trade. unless she can figure out how to transfer the connection, and through that, the soul, to the body, instead of making a brand new one from scratch. i wonder if there would be a way to fuse, both spiritually and physically, the locket to the body. that would allow the connection the locket has to be used by the body, and would allow rainbow to have control over the body. she'd just have to be careful, as her entire being would now be centered around that locket.

See, Twilight, when you don't have a strong enough container and a good link between container, soul, and binding agent, you get an imperfect, immaterial resurrection...

I have a little trouble believing that being ripped from the land of the dead, chained to some physical object of sentimental value, and requiring that much energy to do so isn't incredibly painful for RD.

I'm probably thinking about necromancy too much in my spare time...

So many ideas as to more stuff for this, ughh... I should go work on my own stories.

3305669 she doesn't have a body, so she can't feel pain.

A teensy bit fast but not a major problem

not bad not bad....seem to be hitting into way to much Fullmeatl but not bad

3357652 Yeah...I was worried about that.

i don't see three stories on your account i just see one

that's because I haven't posted anything yet. The first one is Friendship is Magic: the Gathering, a crossover, and the other is Dreams, a new take on HiE

*cough cough* Philosphors stone *cough cough*

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