• Published 6th Aug 2013
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An Old Whooves Tale. - WhiteSun28

The Doctor and Derpy are dumped in Canterlot a thousand years ago, and discover that ponies have been disappearing all over Equestria. but as they delve deeper into the mystery; what they find is very unpleasant.

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Sixth Element

Derpy carried the last of the stones and centered it around Celestia. There were five element stones, Pink, Red, Blue, Orange, and Purple.

“Princess, I always thought there were six Elements of Harmony.”

“There are,” she responded, “however the last element is magic and it comes from inside me and my sister!” The Doctor walked up next to Celeetia and both ponies looked up at Nightmare Moon.

“Doctor, I don’t know any imprisoning spells. I don’t know how I’m suppose to lock her in the moon.”

“Don’t worry I’ll take care of that bit. I’ll ride with you and channel my energy into your teleportation spell. It should be enough to trap her for quite sometime. This way we’ll be able to spare her destruction when brining out the sun, while separating her link with the rest of the dark matter particles and cause them to weaken control. So as soon as she’s gone you must raise the sun.” Both ponies continued to look up at Nightmare Moon and she gazed back down at them with malicious eyes.

“Would it be cowardice of me to say I am scared Doctor?”

“If you said you weren’t I’d call you a liar.” The Doctor gave a smile and looked at the Princess who exchanged the look.

“Doctor?” Derpy said from behind them. The Doctor turned around and looked at her.

“Be careful please.” The Doctor smiled and nodded his head, but then noticed the pony was holding a flowerpot. He gave a curious look at it and Derpy and she responded,

“It helps ease the tension a little.” The Doctor shook his head and focused his attention back on Nightmare Moon.

“The force field is going to give any second now Doctor, prepare yourself.” The Doctor got on top of Celestia and they both began to float up along with the orbs that were the Elements of Harmony.

Nightmare Moon launched one last powerful blast at the force field, which caused it to shatter like glass, dissipating in the air. Nightmare Moon and Celestia met at the same altitude and floated there for a moment.

“So, trying to use the elements against me sister? Isn’t that disharmonious in it’s own right?”

“Silence, you will be defeated Nightmare Moon, and your assault on the Kingdom will cease. Although as I am a kind Princess I will give you one last chance to free my sister and to never be seen from again.” Nightmare Moon closed her eyes and said nothing for a moment, but then replied with a hysterical and evil laugh. Princess Celestia’s face grew even more disappointed and Nightmare Moon readied herself to launch a magic attack. Celestia readied herself also and the Doctor gave her a supporting squeeze on the soldier.

Both of the alicorn’s horns began to glow, Celestia’s glowing orange and Nightmare Moon’s glowing dark blue. There was utter silence for a moment and the ponies locked eyes. Simultaneously they launched their attacks and the powerful blasts collided mid air. A powerful wave of air exploded and now began the power tug of war between sisters.

For a minute neither pony tried to gain an advantage over the other, they were simply measuring each other’s power output and strength.

Finally Nightmare Moon began to push harder on her spell, but Celestia checked her by pushing just as hard on her own. There was a tie in the energy both ponies put out. From the ground Derpy observed at the awesome god-like powers being displayed above her. Two giant waves of Orange and Blue energy pushed against each other waiting for the other to slip up at any moment. Nightmare Moon pushed harder now, and Celestia was beginning to loose energy too quickly due to her previous injury.

The Doctor focused all of his power into Celestia, but even then it did not stop Nightmare’s power from gaining leverage of the two. Celestia pushed as hard as she could muster; yet she was beginning to slip.

“Princess! You need-to use the Elements now!” the Doctor muttered into Celestia’s ear.

“I’m…trying!” Celestia grunted. The orbs floating around them were glowing, however they were glowing weakly as Celestia was not able to give them her full attention.

“Listen to me! You need to focus your emotions into the Element of Harmony in order for them to work!” The Doctor yelled.

“I know how to use them!” Celestia cried, giving a little bit of a push on her attack, which stopped Nightmare from gaining any more leverage on them. However Celestia’s stamina was running low and she would not be able to keep Nightmare’s attack at bay for long.

“Please Princess, I know you’re holding back! I can feel it in your energy, you’re still worried about harming your sister, but now is not the time to fear Celestia, you only make her stronger by doing so!”

“But- but, underneath the evil there is still my sister!” Celestia cried back.

“I know, but in order to save your kingdom and your ponies, you will have to overpower your sister and do what’s right!”
Celestia felt her blast slipping, and Nightmare Moon was beginning to gain control over the fight again.

“Yes sister! Destroy your own flesh and blood, it’ll be easy!” Nightmare Moon called out feeling confident.

However the Doctor yelled to Celstia, “Don’t listen to her, she’s trying to weaken you. Focus! Think of all your sister’s kindness Celstia, think of all of her generosity, loyalty, honesty, and laughter, and remember what that feels like. Remember what it feels like in your heart Celestia! Use it to fuel the empty slot your sister left in the Elements of Harmony!”

Celestia was beginning to see flashbacks of her sister and herself as young fillies playing around the garden of the palace. She remembered how Luna would pick flowers to make into a crown and dub Celestia Princess of the sun.

She also remembered when Celestia would fall down and get hurt, Luna would give her a band-aid and kiss to make it heal faster. Even if Celestia was older, it never stopped Luna’s kindness. The Elements began to glow brighter now as the flashbacks were working and giving Celestia more strength.

She pushed onwards brining the tug of war back to the middle. Nightmare growled in anger tried to push even harder on her attack. There seemed no end to her strength, while Celestia’s power was beginning to dwindle, even with the Elements of Harmony. The stone’s light started to fade and the Doctor cheered Celestia on.

“Come on Princess, hold onto those feelings, all those good memories of Luna! Nopony can take that from you, and those are powerful, powerful feelings!”

“I’m trying Doctor, but something’s missing!”

“What is?” The Doctor cried back.

“I don’t know, something that only Luna can give me!”