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Nov 7th "Maybe"


It's been about a week since Twilight saw Celestia's Summer Sun Celebration, an event that changed her life, but how much has it really impacted the little filly?

This is my first attempt at doing a short story, which for those that know me is not something I do. Even so chronologically this story comes after The Land Before Us, but is NOT needed to understand this story.

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Yay first comment! This. Is. Amazing! I love it!

*usual stuff*~~~
good god... so few time lately~~~

If you enjoyed this kind of writing style you might like the other stuff i've done, this does tie into my other things.

3007199 work work work~~~ a FU*KING training @ work~~~ and when we're done with that one... BAM!... the next one... oh man dude... so for: Will read when I have time again ^^"""


Well hope you enjoy the stuff when you get the chance, I think you're still on the Land before them. ---->(you :ajsleepy:


lol, its not a bad thing now you get more to read :raritywink:

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