• Published 5th Aug 2013
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The Titan's Orb - Old Man Dusters

Callum lives a sad, violent life in the human world... But that is soon to change as he meet some unexpected visitors that will change his life.

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Epilogue - Your Royal Highness

The royal throne hall was silent as outer space, not a single sound was to be heard; the moonlight shone through the stained glass windows that showed significant parts of Equestria’s history, creating beams of coloured light throughout the room. In the silence, a shadow slipped by and slid across the floor and walked towards the royal thrones, on the left side was Princess Luna’s throne. The throne was made entirely out of midnight blue marble and had spiralling patterns of star constellations across the inside back, at the very top sat an engraved crescent moon; the armrests had the different stages of the moon engraved along the top, there was a navy blue cushion on the seat with a full moon printed on it, the cushion was made from enchanted silk from the shadow spiders that dwelled on the Ark Island to the north of Equestria, the silk was tougher than Kevlar, yet also soft as the fur on a velveteen rabbit…
Beside Luna’s, was the throne of Princess Celestia; like Luna’s, it was made from only the purest of marble, but it was a fair primrose instead of a midnight blue. The throne was slightly higher than Luna’s and had patterns of dancing flames all the way up to the top, where there was a large carving of the sun. The armrests had more flame patterns and the seat had a white cushion made from the same enchanted silk as Luna’s. Each throne was just as beautiful as the other.

The shadow began to rise out of the ground and developed a physical form, it grew to eight feet high before the pure black shadow disappeared, revealing Nah’Lek… The Defiler…
The demi-god from Tartarus stepped towards the throne, most of his form still concealed with a large black cloak; all that could be seen were six plated legs on either side of his body, and five glowing purple eyes underneath the hood of his large cloak.

“Nafì’u ‘awpo eyktan… Ohe eyk tsamsiyu ne tsam ye’rìn; ulte krra Ohe si, nìwotx nìsoaia terkup…” He chuckled to himself, pulling a short blade from his cloak.

He began to carve into Princess Celestia’s throne, scratching into the marble to create a message; the sound of the scraping was similar to fingernails on a blackboard, and would make one’s neck hairs stand on end. Following that was the sound of hoof steps, and a door being burst open.

Who are you? Get away from the royal throne!” Ordered a royal guard.

Nah’Lek slowly turned around, and glared at the two guards with their spears levitating beside them; they stared in fear as they made contact with the glowing lifeless, amethyst eyes. The guards gulped and stayed vigilant to their rulers, and began to approach The Defiler.

“Lower the blade, or we will attack.” The second guard commanded.

“I’m counting on it…” The cloaked demon replied.

In the blink of an eye Nah’Lek flicked a claw and the blade he was holding shot like a bullet into the guard’s throat, his spear dropped to the ground almost as fast as he did, and he clutched his throat gasping as blood drizzled out of his mouth and onto the floor.

“Copper Horn!” The other guard cried with sadness as he rushed to his friend’s side.

He looked back to Nah’Lek to find he had disappeared, he raised his spear and looked around frantically, trying to spot the creature before it was too late.

“Such a foolish creature, I thought you were Celestia's finest…” Nah’Lek’s demonic voice rippled throughout the room.

The guard’s forehead began to sweat as his heartrate became faster and faster.

“You are the guard of royalty, trained to be fearless in battle. Yet I can hear your heart thumping, I can taste your fear…”

“I am not afraid of you…” The guard muttered, pacing side to side as his eyes teared up from terror.

“How quaint… The fearless defender of the throne… Whom looks in every direction…” Nah’Lek hissed.

Two swords were drawn, and before the guard could blink his head was sliced off completely and rolled along the floor, his lips still quivering.

“Except above him…” Nah’Lek muttered.

The Defiler looked at his swords and thought to himself how much he preferred them when they were coated with blood…

He sheathed his swords and walked over to the dead guard’s body and pushed one of his claw hands into the neck where the head used to be, drenching the claws in blood; he walked back over to Princess Celestia’s throne and wiped the blood all over the message he’d engraved, making the message more visible as the crimson liquid filled in the etchings in the stone.

Nah’Lek stood there for a moment, listening carefully to the sounds around him; before suddenly whipping around and withdrew his swords again, slicing at his new target, only for his blades to be blocked by a giant golden sword.

“So… We meet again…” Nah’Lek hissed.

“So it would seem…” Said Princess Celestia.

Nah’Lek jumped back and then sprung off the throne, gliding over Celestia and landing behind her; much to the princess’s surprise, he did not attack, but instead backed away. She rushed forward and swung her blade at him, only for him to dart out of the way, she continued to attack and he merely slinked out of reach from each strike.

“You come into my kingdom, desecrate my throne, kill my loyal subjects, and then tease me… Why don’t you fight me with honour?” Celestia asked, gritting her teeth.

Nah’Lek stepped away and removed a small object from under his cloak, he tossed it behind him and it burst into a portal, purple lightning shot out from the black abyss as The Defiler approached it.

“I wish to kill you in daylight, when your beloved subjects are watching…” He chuckled deviously.

Celestia growled in anger and fired a laser from her horn, which Nah’Lek easily deflected with his swords.

Fight me! You coward!” The princess barked.

“All in good time… Your Royal Highness…” He hissed as he entered the portal.

As soon as he entered the smoky entrance it generated a sonic boom, the wave of energy rippled through the hall and shattered every window; the princess created a force field around herself to evade the shards of glass as they showered across the room.

Celestia looked around, and tears began to form in her eyes; she had worked so hard to restore order and peace after the hardships that had come to Equestria, and now the worst evil imaginable has returned…
Without warning there was a bright flash of blue light entered the room and Princess Luna appeared behind her.

Sister! Are you alright!?” She cried with worry.

“I’m fine, little sister… But I am afraid the six don’t have as much time as we thought…” Celestia replied.

The two sisters walked to their thrones, where they read Nah’Lek’s blood splattered message.

Trr’ong te ‘i’a

'The Dawn will End...' Written in the language of old… It’s really him, isn’t it…?” Luna muttered with worry.

“I’m afraid so, Nah’Lek truly has returned…” Celestia sighed.

The princesses walked to the dead guards and used their magic to clear up the blood, and then placed the bodies side by side; Princess Luna closed their lifeless eyes with her hoof.

“Do you think it was wise, sending all six of them without the elements of harmony?” She asked, looking at her sister.

Princess Celestia looked out the broken window into the night, and sighed once more.

“I don’t know little sister… I don’t know…”

Luna stood beside her and placed a foreleg over her neck.

“The boy will keep them safe...” She said reassuringly.

“I know, but I can’t take any chances, which is why I gave Twilight the vision.”

“I still do not think it was necessary sister, young Twilight will take it much too far, your student still has much to learn; including self-control.” Luna sighed.

Celestia, too, gave a long sigh and turned around to hug her sister.

“Perhaps you are right Luna… I have rushed her into this…”

She paused before looking back out into the night sky.

“I just hope they succeed in their mission, before Nah’Lek does…”

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