• Published 5th Aug 2013
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The Titan's Orb - Old Man Dusters

Callum lives a sad, violent life in the human world... But that is soon to change as he meet some unexpected visitors that will change his life.

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Chapter Twenty Five - Friendship is Emotional

“So, that’s about it…” I told the group, concluding my story.

By now, everyone’s eyes were wide and fixed upon me as I explained my journey so far; and now, everyone was speechless.
Besides Oliver of course…

Theeee… End… Best story ever, I’m telling my grandchildren that story over a log fire one day...” He grinned.

I chuckled, while Annabel, Connor and Aarin remained bedazzled by my tale.

“So, yeah… That’s my story.” I said, trying to snap them out of their current state.

Eventually, after a good thirty second silence, Harry spoke.

“So, you really took out Ingeo, even after getting shot and tortured and stuff?” He asked.

“Eeyup.” I answered, nodding.

“You may be white… But you are the true G Nigga…” He said in a US Ghetto accent.

Oliver and I laughed, while Annabel and Aarin eventually came to terms with my story, Connor remained in shock.

“So you’re telling me, the ponies from My Little Pony are real, and in your house right now?” He asked.

“Yup.” I grinned.

“I need to start watching that show…” Annabel giggled.

“I don’t believe you.” Connor huffed, folding his arms.

“He’s telling the truth bro, I’ve spent the past two days playing Xbox with them!” Oliver said, backing me up.

“And all this time I thought you were a huge faggot for being a Brony.” Harry teased.

“Oh make no mistake, he’s still a faggot.” Oliver chuckled.

Oliver and Harry laughed together as I frowned, not amused by term that had relentlessly followed me since I joined the herd.

“I need to see them; I’m not going to believe all of this just via word of mouth.” Connor said with a frown.

That was when an interesting idea popped into my head, I removed my mobile phone and dialled my home number, and then put it onto loud-speaker so everybody could hear. A few seconds later, the phone was answered.

“Good afternoon, this is Mrs Horncastle speaking.” A voice spoke.

This voice was mellow, and too posh for my mother’s standards by a long-shot.

“Cut the disguise Rare, it’s just me.” I said.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” Rarity said innocently.

“You’re really sticking with the password?”

“Yes… I mean, uhm, I don’t follow…”

I rolled my eyes so hard that my retinas almost detached.

“Charlie and Oscar Hotel, Foxtrot to Tango without Delta.” I groaned.

“Alright Callum, all clear, how can I help?” She asked.

I could tell she was smiling to herself, just by the sound of her voice down the phone.

“Would you be a lamb and switch on my laptop and go on Skype please?” I requested.

“Sure thing, is it safe to call?”

“Yeah, there’s just a close friend of mine who isn’t quite convinced I’m alive, you see.” I explained.

“I understand, hold on a moment.” She said, and then hung up the phone.

I rubbed my forehead. I couldn’t believe Rarity had made a secret safe-word using military talk…
Charlie Hotel, Oscar Hotel, Foxtrot to Tango without Delta.
It stood for 'Callum and Oliver Horncastle, Free to Talk without Disguise.'
Rarity had enjoyed the Call of Duty games so much that she was desperate to use military code, so the password wasn't negotiable.

I switched on my phone’s Three G and loaded up Oliver’s Skype account. Moments later my own account popped up as online, and so I hit the call button and it started ringing, Rarity swiftly answered from my laptop.

“Hello? Callum?” Rarity asked.

“G’day g’day.” I replied in an Australian accent.

Rarity then switched on the Skype camera, and my bedroom came into sight, along with Rarity herself. That was when the group crowded around me in awe and amazement.

“Uhm, hello there.” Rarity said shyly.

“Yo… It's a unicorn.” Harry mumbled.

Without warning, Pinkie Pie burst into the room and pushed Rarity aside and pushed her face up against the screen.

HI!” She squeaked.

And with that, Connor fainted and flopped to the ground, thankfully onto the soft grass.

“Well, I think it’s safe to say he believes us now.” Oliver chuckled…

After a brief chat about the funeral, and how Pinkie had somehow been able to get to tenth prestige on CoD's multiplayer mode, I ended the call with Rarity and waited for Connor to wake up, which he did eventually.

“You okay sunshine?” I asked, helping her up.

“You… You weren’t lying…” He muttered.

“Well, lying isn’t exactly my strongpoint.” I replied with a grin.

“That means all your torture; and being shot… That was all real?”

“I’m afraid so.” I answered with a troubled look.

Without warning, he latched onto me like a koala bear and hugged me tightly.

"I'm alright, I promise." I said.

He let go and stood back, before giving me a nervous look.

“So, you… You’ve killed a man?”

I paused, and took in a deep breath, before answering.

“I have…” I muttered.

“He gets it from me.” Oliver said with a proud grin.

“That’s insane… The Horn is truly unstoppable…” Harry breathed with a grin on his face.

“The Horn?” Annabel asked in sync with Connor and Aarin.

And thus, I had to explain my nickname.
Back when I first started boxing, I was an utter natural, and won almost all of my fights, I was soon quite recognised among the boxing community for my broad shoulders and my very risky superman punch, which was barely used in boxing as it left you off guard and open to attack. As my surname was Horncastle, I was titled The Horn.
Additionally, I had a playful spar with a classmate one time at school, and I charged into him, the poor boy wasn't ready and flew quite a few metres across the playground, people talked about it so much that I ended up inventing a wrestling move; simply called The Charge of The Horn. Soon enough, everybody knew me as The Horn.

“Oh, I get it.” Annabel said with a smile, amused by the name.

“You’re going back out there, to find the rest of these shards?” Aarin changed the subject, although he already knew the answer.

I nodded.

“You know you could die, right? You understand that any day could be your last?”

“I am aware of this.” I replied bluntly.

“Why are you risking your life for them?” He asked.

“Equestria is real, there's a whole entire planet out there, Aarin. There are families, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters; there are children out there with their lives depending on this very mission! I’m not going to stand back and know millions of children will die. I have to help, no matter the cost; the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…”

“Or the one…” Harry finished for me.

“Nice Star Wars quote.” Oliver grinned.

Harry and I both stared at Oliver, giving him a dead look.

“I can no longer call you my brother…” I spat.

“I was joking, ya twats. I know it's from Star Trek.”

“What happens now?” Annabel butted in, again changing the subject.

“Well, once Twilight gets back from Chernobyl, she’ll come home and teleport us all over there.” I answered.

“Wait, as in THE, Chernobyl!?” Harry exclaimed.

“Yeah, weren’t you listening to my story?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t hear Chernobyl.”

“Harry, I said Chernobyl like six times!”

That’s when Harry shuffled away from me.

“I wasn’t listening, I was thinking about something else…” He muttered.

I rolled my eyes and chuckled.

Some five, ten minutes later of talking about my adventure so far, Oliver cleared his throat and got up to leave.

“Right, we’ve overstayed our welcome, we need to get the dogs home, and the ponies kept in check.”

“What? No!” Annabel squeaked.

I looked at her, I knew this wasn't going to be easy. Saying goodbye was the hardest part, always.
Oliver knew everybody was going to get emotional so he went over to start up his car.

“You can’t just leave, not now. Not after finding out you’re alive, only to possibly die for real…” Annabel said, her eyes tearing up.

“I’m sorry Annabel, but I have to…”

No you don’t!” She shouted.

We were all taken aback, she then came up to me and prodded my chest, hard.

You don’t have to! This is your choice! You’re running off to save everyone like a hero!
I don’t want you to be a hero! I just want you to be alive! I just want you to be safe…” She yelled, beginning to cry.

Aarin came up behind her and gave her a big hug, and looked at me.

“I know you’re doing the right thing…” He breathed, trying not to cry as well.

I sighed, and looked down. I understood what I was doing, and it made this adventure more difficult than expected.
I was abandoning my closest friends…

“Annabel, Connor, Aarin, Harry…” I breathed quietly.

They all faced me, including Annabel, who looked up from Aarin's chest with tearful eyes, sniffing loudly.

“I’m not making this choice to leave you behind, but to help others. People are going to die if this mission fails, and the ponies can't do it without me. I’m doing this for the greater good, to stop evil from bringing death and destruction to a whole world.
I love you guys… You’re my best friends… Honestly, I love all of you, so damn much…
But I’ve got to do this. Without sounding cheesy as fuck, this is my destiny.
I was chosen for this, by Equestria's ruler, a demi-god! I can’t turn down a god.”

“Demi-god.” Harry interrupted.

I playfully punched Harry's arm and gave an amused huff.

“Look, guys, my point is, this is my chance to do something meaningful in my life; I can finally do something truly good.
And if... IF I die, I’ll die happy; knowing that I spent my last days doing something good.
Now that you know the truth, I can keep in touch, I’ll find ways of contacting you, I promise...”

Connor began to break down and rushed towards me, giving me a tight hug.

But I don’t want you to go!” He sobbed.

I held him tight and gave him a long, long hug, before looking him in the eye and wiping a tear away.

“Hey…” I cooed.

He looked up at me, trying to keep himself together.

“I am always going to be here… Always…” I smiled, gently poking his chest, pointing to his heart.

“Okay…” He choked.

Oliver then beeped the horn of his Land Rover, he was clearly impatient.

“I gotta go…” I sighed, breaking off the hug.

Wait!” Annabel cried with desperation.

I tilted my head on one side.

“I want you to have this…” She said, pulling off her ring and giving it to me.

The ring was simple, yet beautiful, it was a twist ring, and appeared to be made of sterling silver. I tried to put the ring on, to find my ring finger was too big; however, my pinkie finger was perfect.

“Annabel, this is beautiful. Thank you…” I thanked her, beaming.

“Love you Cal…” She said, with happy tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I love you Annaboo…” I replied, giving her one last hug.

“Now bugger off before I get emotional.” She teased, playfully hitting my arm.

I gave Annabel a hug, and she kissed my cheek. I then gave Connor and Aarin their last hugs.

“Stay safe.” Connor pleaded.

“I will.” I promised.

Harry approached me, and put out his fist, his was too manly for hugs, and so he received a fist bump.

“Don’t die again, yeah?”

“I’ll do my best.” I grinned.

I was about to walk away, when I put a hand on his shoulder and whispered into his ear.

“Remember this little bro, as my last piece of wisdom…
When you take a woman to bed, however long you think the foreplay should be… Triple it...”

“Thank you, oh wise Horn…”

And with that, I hopped into the Land Rover with Oliver, blew kisses to my dearest friends, and drove off. Back to home…

A few days later, I was awoken by a loud scream of excitement; I rolled over to find I’d overslept and the others were already up and about. I got dressed and left my bedroom when suddenly Pinkie Pie shot out of Oliver’s room and disappeared out of sight around the corner; I took a step forward only to have Fluttershy whizz past me at an equal speed.

EXCUSE ME!” She screamed.

I stood there in shock, which was when Applejack came out of my brother’s room, chuckling to herself.

“What… The hell… Has gotten into them?” I asked.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Flutters so lively before.” AJ giggled.

Pinkie flew up the stairs and came back around the corner and pounced on me, pinning me to the ground.

HIYA!” She squeaked.

“Heya!” I coughed as she got off me.

Just before I could stand, Fluttershy hurtled into me and hugged me.

HELLO!!!” She sang.

“Heeyy…” I wheezed.

I didn’t bother getting up after that, and just looked up at the two ponies, both of them shaking with excitement.

“What’s got you two so worked up?” I quizzed.

“It’s our shared birthday tomorrow!” Pinkie squealed.

“What?” I said blankly.

It’s our shared birthday tomorrow!” Fluttershy yelled and bounced around.

“Sh-shared birthday?” I asked in disbelief.

“We were both born on the same day of the year! August the Seventeenth!” She told me.

“But, wait, I… I…” I stuttered.

I was completely taken aback; Pinkie and Fluttershy were born on the same day?
This only made half-sense to me, in Season One, Fluttershy stated she’s a year older than Pinkie, but in the episode Party of One, they only celebrated Pinkie’s birthday, Fluttershy wasn’t mentioned at all.

“Let me guess, is Party of One bothering you?” Rarity asked me.

“Stop reading my mind will you?” I ordered.

Rarity chuckled as I stood up, she then explained to me that the cartoon isn’t completely accurate to their lives, and only shows small snippets of reality. The Party of One episode was set in the day time, and in fact held Fluttershy’s party later on in the evening after Pinkie’s.

“Blimey… That’s awesome!” I cheered when I finally got over the shock of it.

“I know!” Pinkie chirped.

“We need a cake…” Fluttershy hissed.

CAKE!” Pinkie screamed.

“I can go get one if you want?” Oliver offered.

“I’ll go with you.” I volunteered.

And with that, Oliver and I went off in the Land Rover to the local Tesco’s supermarket.

After a while finding two nice big cakes, I went to the cards aisle and found two My Little Pony themed cards, one of Pinkie, and one of Fluttershy; absolutely perfect.
We were just heading towards the checkout when Oliver turned to face me.

“Dude, I’ve been wondering, what’s up with Dash’s wings? They kinda have no purpose.”

“Ah…” I said dully.

I went on to explain how Ingeo had plucked her feathers while we were captives in Brazil, and for him never to mention it around her, as she was still traumatised from the event, and any reminder would cause her to break down.

“Well, if that’s the case, I have an idea…” He grinned.

I tilted my head.

“Well, after you died, we sold the chickens to help with repairing the house. So we’ve got loads of stuff left over, and we’ve still got loads of medicine for chickens that aid in feather growth.” He told me.

“That’s good, but if you hadn’t noticed, Rainbow Dash isn’t a chicken.” I replied bluntly.

“Oh har har, you dimwit. We mix the medicine with that Kuphilla Amanzi stuff.” He explained.

I scratched my chin.

“You know, that might just be an idea…” I hummed.

“Well, I did get an A-Star in science.” He grinned.

“You’ve said, multiple times.” I rolled my eyes.

“Just call me Mr Genius.” He chuckled.

We arrived home and Oliver took Fluttershy and Pinkie outside to help look for the chicken medicine, while I gathered the others to write in the birthday cards. I then hid the cards under my laptop and went downstairs to see Oliver.

“So, what do you think of the idea?” He asked Fluttershy as they entered the kitchen.

“I think it’s a good idea, but I’m not sure how she’ll handle having her wings talked about.” Flutters replied.

“Well, a moment’s emotional pain is better than waiting ten times as long to have the wings back.” He pointed out.

That was Rarity came out from behind me.

“What are we talking about?” She asked merrily.

“Fixing the gay one’s flappy things.” Oliver replied.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Healing Rainbow Dash’s wings.” I translated.

“Oh, how?”

“Well, Oliver’s got the idea of mixing feather growth medicine with Kuphilla Amanzi.” I told her.

“Because I’m a genius, right?” Coughed Oliver.

“You know, that’s actually a good idea!” Rarity nodded, impressed.

“So, shall I go and get her?” Oliver asked.

“I think it’s best that I do it, she’s very sensitive about the subject.” Rarity told him.

With that, Rarity headed upstairs, and we sat back and waited for Rarity to tell Dashie to come down.

The two of them returned a few minutes later, Dash looking at the floor, trying not to make eye-contact with anyone in the room.

“Heya Dash!” I smiled.

“Hey dude.” She huffed.

“Why the long face?” Oliver asked.

“You know why the long face.” She snapped.

“I thought she’d be more excited…” Fluttershy muttered.

“Oh, I didn’t actually tell her the plan.” Rarity said, putting a hoof to her mouth.

“Ah, well, Dashie, we’ve got a little surprise for you.” I told her.

“What?” She mumbled.

“Oliver’s got a nifty little idea, that could speed up the growth of your feathers!” I told her.

What?” She repeated, but with a great big smile on her face.

“Well, I know Kuphilla’s cool and all, but I thought we could mix it with feather growth medicine, and it’d speed up the growth by like, ten times over! You could have your wings back in no time!” Oliver explained with a smile.

The cyan mare’s eyes brightened as her mouth grew into a massive grin.

“For real?”

“For real.” My brother chuckled.

Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh!” She squealed, bouncing around.

We all began smiling as we watched Rainbow’s emotions overwhelm her, she was even tearing up!
Fluttershy took out the Kuphilla Amanzi and Oliver took out the medicine, before pouring some of each into a mixing bowl, Oliver mixed the substances together and handed me the bowl.
Rainbow Dash extended her wings, and I shivered as I saw how severe the plucking was; not a single feather was to be seen.
Her ‘wings’, (if they could be called that,) were like large fleshy fingers; the pale white skin had small red bumps where the feathers once were, the sight made me grit my teeth in anger, wishing I could kill Ingeo a second time over.
I dipped my hand into the thick gloopy mixture and slathered it onto her wing, making sure to cover every square inch of it; when I was finished she tucked her wing in and waited for the gloop to harden while I went to work on the other one.

“All done.” I sighed as I finished covering the base of the other wing.

She tucked it in, and we let the substance harden.

“Thanks dude.” Said Rainbow with a small half-smile.

She was clearly in a lot of emotional distress while I worked on her wings, I could only imagine what it could have felt like for her; I guessed for me that it’d be like losing the use my hands.
When the ‘Kuchicki Apecki’, (as Oliver called it), finally dried, we wrapped Dash’s torso in some bandages to keep the wings protected until they were healed.

“Now, if it works, your wings should be all good to fly in a couple of months.” Oliver told her.

“How’d you know that?” I asked him.

He replied by sticking a finger in the air and pulling a strange face.


I rolled my eyes, when Rainbow Dash suddenly started crying, we all looked at one another with confusion.

“Science isn’t that scary…” Oliver mumbled to himself.

“Dash, are you okay?” I asked her.

“Yeah I’m fine, I’m sorry.” She whimpered, running out of the room and heading upstairs.

We all stood there, taken aback, we'd assumed she'd be overjoyed.

“Shall… I talk to her?” Rarity asked curiously.

“I think we should just give her some space, I’ll talk to her later.” I answered.

Later happened.

“Hey…” I whispered as I slowly came into my mum’s bedroom, where Rainbow Dash was sitting alone.

“Oh, hey dude.” She mumbled.

“You alright?”

“Yeah, fine.”

“No you’re not.” I replied blankly, sitting next to her.

She didn’t say anything as I put an arm across her neck.

“Come on, talk to me. What’s up buttercup?”

She sighed.

“It’s just, in Brazil… Ingeo and Vladimir… What they did…” She started, and choked up.

I waited for her to continue.

“I’ve never been scared like that before, like, I thought they were going to kill me.
It was nothing like the fights I've had in Equestria, where we’re just fighting a magical bad guy and it’s over in a day or two, they weren’t trying to take over the world or anything, they just wanted to watch me suffering.
They laughed as the pulled out my feathers, they laughed!
They teased me and said how they were going to cut me up, cook me and eat me and stuff…
They were sick… They were SICK Callum!
It’s fucked me up dude… Brazil fucked me up in the head…”

I put my other arm around her and held her to my chest, she very quickly began to sob.

“Sshh… It’s okay… It’s okay… I got you…” I whispered as she cried.

Her breathing sped up and she began shaking in my arms, she was clearly panicking.

“It’s alright Dashie… It’s alright…”

She began to shake more violently and she kept thrashing her head backwards, accidentally headbutting my shoulder. That’s when I realised she was having a flashback of the incident, and was having an nervous breakdown.

“Rainbow, Rainbow Dash, listen to me.” I breathed.

“I can see it… I can see it!” She spluttered, almost head-butting me in the face.

I held her tighter, trying to calm her as much as I could.

“It’s not real Dashie. It’s not real.”

“No… Make it stop… S-stop, stop!” She stammered with her breathing now at an alarming speed.

“Rainbow Dash listen to me, it’s not real. It’s not real!” I said firmly.

Her legs started kicking as she went into complete meltdown, she was having a serious panic attack and had gone back into shock, I knew she would pass out if she didn’t slow down her breathing soon, so I did the one thing I could think of that might work.
I lifted her onto my lap and cuddled her tightly, one hand stroking the back of her head, as I began to sing.

Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry… You don't know how lovely you are…
I had to find you, tell you I need you… Tell you I set you apart…
Tell me your secrets, and ask me your questions… Oh, let's go back to the start…

I don’t know why I sang Coldplay, I suppose it was the calmest song I could think of on the spot.
Regardless, it seemed to be working, as Dashie’s shaking had died down to a shiver, and her breathing had slowed right down, so I decided to carry on.

Running in circles, coming up tails… Heads on a science apart…
Nobody said it was easy… It's such a shame for us to part...
Nobody said it was easy… No one ever said it would be this hard...
Oh, take me back to the start…

I was about halfway through the second verse of the song when Rainbow Dash opened her eyes and looked into mine, so I stopped singing my vision was slightly blurred as my eyes were watery, it was deeply upsetting to see such a confident character be this broken.

“Hey you…” I said softly.

Her lip trembled, before she began to sob in my arms.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” She cried.

I held her head lightly and put my forehead to hers, making sure she knew she was safe and protected.

“Whatever for?” I asked.

“I’ve never had a panic attack with someone before; I don’t like this side of me being seen.” She choked.

“It’s okay Dash, really. I’ve had panic attacks before, I know what it’s like, don’t feel like you have to hide this, I’ve noticed even from the cartoon that you have anxiety, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I promise.”

I had Rainbow Dash figured out, she was self-conscious and hid her insecurities behind her athletic and boisterous confidence, but was in fact, just as sensitive as Fluttershy, if not more so.

“You’re the best dude…” She sighed hoarsely.

I gave her another tight hug and wiped the tears from her eyes, she looked at me and smiled weakly.

“Come on you, sort yourself out, and let’s go join the others.” I ordered, tickling her chin.

She gave a spluttered laugh and grinned like an idiot as a blush began to show on her cheeks, I left the room and headed into Oliver’s room to find Pinkie annihilating Rarity and Oliver on Call of Duty again.

She’s almost got a nuke! Stop her!” Oliver screamed, throwing his controller at me.

I quickly swapped to my best character class with a UMP, and quickly killed Rarity a few times to get a UAV drone and to ensure Pinkie wouldn’t get her first, I then threw a flash-bang into Pinkie’s little hideout, stormed in, only to get blown up by her claymore hidden in the doorway.


Pinkie only had one kill left, so I decided to go full Taliban style, I pulled the pin on a grenade and rushed into the room.

ALLAHU AKBAR!” I yelled as my player exploded next to her and killed her.

Pinkie snorted, and removed the controller from her mane.

“Giving up?” I teased.

She looked at me blankly, before prodding the controller, not even looking at it.

Tactical Nuke incoming! It’s all over!” The game announced.

I looked to the screen, to see Pinkie’s character still alive on the ground, using the Last Stand Perk, which gave her an additional few seconds of life, and had shot Rarity's character with a pistol.

“Well, that happened.” Mumbled Rarity.

“Sometimes, I don’t even know why I question you…” I told Pinkie.

“Me neither, you know?” She agreed.

“No, I don’t know, that’s the point.”

The conversation was changed as Rainbow Dash entered the room with a weak smile.

“Hey, are you okay?” Rarity asked her.

“Yeah, I’m good.” She replied, looking from Rarity to me.

I smiled at her and gave her a small wink, letting her know I was there if she needed me.

“Great to know, now, can we stop this boring-ass talking and watch a film or something?” Oliver suggested.

“Good idea!” Applejack agreed.

We all gathered around the TV while Oliver picked out a film.

“What are you guys thinking? Horror? Action? Comedy?” He quizzed.

“Something light hearted that we can all watch, yeah?” I put forward.

“How about A Million Ways to Die in the West?

“Sounds grand!” I grinned.

Oliver put in the DVD and we switched off the lights, ready to start the film. Dashie sat next to me and leant into my side; I had a feeling she would be stuck to me like glue for a few days now. I found Rainbow Dash and I very similar, we both were athletes with high fitness, yet had little self-confidence and had to cover it up with a big false-confident persona.
She covered up by being a show-off and pretending to be absolutely fearless. Much like I covered up by acting like an idiot, and rushing into things so I appeared to be brave and headstrong.
Regardless of everything that’s already happened, knew our adventure was far from over. I felt like Dashie and I would grow a lot closer; I just hoped that Rarity’s conspiracy wasn’t true, as I really didn’t want our friendship to be made awkward by a one-sided romance.

“So, what’s this movie about?” Applejack asked.

“You.” Oliver replied, chuckling.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Southerners, farmers, Texans, Yee haw, and all that.” He told her.

“Huh, interesting.” AJ replied, now looking forward to the film.

Oliver was just about to hit play, when Pinkie jumped up into the air and screamed.

What the hell is wrong with you!?” Oliver barked.

It’s the apocalypse! It’s the time of the living dead! Run for your lives!” She screamed as she bolted out of the room and into the bathroom, locking the door.

“I swear to fucking god, she’s either on drugs, or just completely broken.” Oliver muttered.

I patted Rainbow Dash’s shoulder and she took her weight off me so I could stand up; I left the room and went to the bathroom, and knocked on the door.

“Pinkie? Are you alright?” I asked.

I’m twitching like a squirrel with Parkinson’s! Do I seem okay!?” She yelled.

I stood there for a good five seconds without uttering a word.

{What the hell has gotten into her…?} I thought.

“Twitch! Twitch’a twitch! Bad twitchy! Bad twitchy!” She bleated like a sheep.

Her Pinkie sense had apparently gone AWOL; suddenly there was a loud bang from downstairs.

Callum! Was that you?” I heard Oliver call from his room.

Nope…” I nervously called back.

Something was downstairs…

I went into my room, grabbed Wrinkleboom and loaded two slugs into the barrel, Rainbow Dash stuck her head into the room.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

“I’m about to find out…” I grumbled, clicking the barrel into place and holding the gun properly.

“Be careful…”

I nodded and headed to the stairs, there was complete silence, I gulped, took a deep breath, and eased down the stairs, tightening my grip on the shotgun. I went from the living room, to the dining room, to the kitchen, and found nothing; I checked the downstairs toilet and also found nothing.

{Maybe it was just the wind?} I thought to myself.

While every part of me wanted it to just be the wind, but I didn’t doubt Pinkie’s senses for a moment; I did another circuit of the house, slowly checking room to room, this time looking under the tables and thoroughly searching each room, including the small storage room under the stairs.
There appeared to be nothing at all, and I began to assume it might have been the wind after all. I lightened the grip on the shotgun and took a breath of relief, before the Scottish voice in my head decided to point something out.

{The back door is closed, as are the windows… So how can there be wind?}

I gulped, realising my conscience was right. I tightened my grip on Wrinkleboom once more, and did one last circuit of the house, in reverse this time, just double checking that I’d covered each room, and each nook and cranny.
I was about to call up the stairs to let the group know everything was fine, when I felt a knife come around me and push against my throat.

“Drop the gun…” A voice whispered.

I remained calm, and slowly bent down to place Wrinkleboom onto the floor; I stood up and the knife was taken away, I sighed a breath of relief and turned around to face the intruder.

Callum! Is everything okay down there?” I heard Rarity call.

Everything’s fine!” I called back, not moving a muscle and keeping eye-contact.

We stood there for a few seconds in silence, before finally the knife was put away.

“It’s not nice to scare people with knives, Twilight…”

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