• Published 5th Aug 2013
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The Titan's Orb - Old Man Dusters

Callum lives a sad, violent life in the human world... But that is soon to change as he meet some unexpected visitors that will change his life.

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Chapter Eighteen - The Plot

“So much blood for one person!” Ingeo laughed, removing the red hot screwdriver from my leg.

I gasped and looked to the ground, squinting my eyes shut.
They had been torturing me for a good half hour, I had screamed so much that I didn’t have the energy to scream any further.

“Normally they don’t last this long before breaking. I told you this one’s a good one!” Ingeo continued to chuckle, smacking me in the face.

I had become numb to his personal attacks, the tools used on me were much worse. My outer left arm had been wrecked; all of the outer muscle had been sawn with the wood saw, almost down to the bone; my thighs had been punctured multiple times by Ingeo’s screwdriver, which he had constantly kept the tip red hot with a blowtorch.

“I really like your job with the razor blades Vladimir, you fucked up his mouth good!” Ingeo roared with laughter.

The razor blades had been the worst so far, Vladimir had jammed them into my mouth to slice up my tongue and gums, I was in absolute agony, there were no words to describe such pain…

“I think it’s time for the drill, no?” Ingeo rhetorically asked, grinning.

I looked up to the drill to find Vladimir was already putting in a small drill bit. I shook my head side to side, mumbling ‘no’, spitting blood as I did so.

“You don’t want the drill?”

N-no, no, no…” I stuttered pathetically, more blood oozing from my lips.

To this, he laughed.


I shook my head, to which Ingeo grabbed my shoulder and pushed me back.

“Then tell me where the horses come from, what are they? Why are they here?” He hissed.

I couldn’t break, if I told him the truth, he would dispatch of me, and then keep the ponies for himself, or perhaps sell them. Heck, maybe even kill them just for the fun it of it!

“Then it’s time for the drill!” He sang merrily.

He took the drill from Vladimir and revved it up a few times before looking at me with a sick smile. He did a slow dance with the drill, turning around and around as he edged towards me. He finally stopped as he approached me.

“Where to drill… Where to drill…” He quizzed to himself.

He brought the drill to my right eye and revved it; I kept my eyes wide open and stared at the spinning drill bit in front of me. He brought the tool back, before lowering the drill to my left hand, where he left it for a moment, letting the weight of the drill lie on back of my hand.

Without warning Ingeo pulled the trigger of the drill and pressed down, I instantly felt the excruciating pain as the drill bit went further and further into my hand until it went all the way through and into the arm of the chair, the pain was like nothing before, worse than the razor blades, I could physically feel my flesh being blended by the drill bit as it whizzed around inside my hand. I screamed louder than before, I screamed and screamed, the pain was unbearable, I couldn’t see anymore as my brain was unable to process anything other than the searing agony in my hand.

“Scream boy! Go on! Scream!” Ingeo squealed with amusement.

And scream I did… I didn’t stop, unable to control myself as the pain grew worse and worse…

Eventually Ingeo removed the drill bit, my screams died down and I coughed savagely, before regaining my distorted vision. I gritted my teeth and looked at the drill to see my own blood dripping from the drill bit. I then looked to my hand to see the hole near the centre of my hand. I stared at the hand as the pain pulsated from it, blood flowing out with each pulse.

“Want to tell me now?” Ingeo teased.

In my pain, I didn’t hear him, and so he repeated himself, putting his nose near mine.

“You want to tell me now? Hm?”

I spat a mouthful of blood at him; it hit him directly in the face. He wiped his face and turned to Vladimir.

“Let’s go again, get the bigger drill bit this time…”

Vladimir did as he was told and happily grabbed the drill bit and handed it to Ingeo. He released the smaller bit, and refitted the bigger one before coming back to me.

“Same hole? Hm? I don’t want to fuck you up too badly, not yet…” He chuckled.

He brought the drill to my hand again, and pulled the trigger without any hesitation.

AAAHHHRRGH! You mother… FUCKER!!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, blood spraying from my lips.

The drill went deeper and once again went all the way through my hand, Ingeo pushed the drill as far in as he could, then let go of it and let it sit in my hand and in the arm of the chair. The metal drill bit was scorching hot and burnt the raw flesh inside my hand; I gritted my teeth and moaned in agony.

“Not so funny now is it? Hm? Not so fucking funny now is it?” He yelled in my face.

He punched me in the face and I swayed sideways, I had lost nearly all my energy now. I looked up at Ingeo, tears streaming down my face.

Aw, look Vladimir, he’s crying…” He chuckled, mocking me.

In that instant, all the memories of home came back, to the last day I saw my brother, where he hit me, and then mocked my tears of pain.
All the memories came back, of him, of my mum when she was nice, and of my dad.
The pain disappeared for a second as I reminisced; I then looked back to Ingeo.

{I did not give up my normal life, to die like this…} I thought, I was not going to break.

The good memories of the past combined gave me the strength I needed, I was going to get out of here, I was going to free the six, and I was going to complete the mission.

“Fuck, you.” I growled, blood still oozing from my mouth.

Ingeo got angry at this, enraged that he couldn’t not break me. He lunged for the drill and pulled the trigger, blending my hand further, before ripping it out from my hand; blood sprayed everywhere as he held down the trigger, the drill bit showered blood like a wet dog shaking itself.

“Just look at you… There’s so much blood for just one person!” He giggled.

“Stop… Fucking repeating yourself!” I growled with pure rage.

Ingeo’s face grew contorted with astonishment.

“Still got fight? Even now? You really are quite a special one…” He said, scratching his chin.

Vladimir grunted and pointed behind me.

“Very good idea!” Ingeo laughed.

Vladimir walked around the chair and returned with the car battery, and placed it at my feet.

{Fuck…} I thought, knowing what was going to happen next.

Ingeo squatted in front of the battery and looked at it, grinning. Vladimir then handed him wires and some crocodile clips.

“I wonder… Are you a screamer? A buzzer? Or will you just drop dead like most?” Ingeo asked, more to himself than to me.

He attached the clips to the battery and held the other ends of the crocodile clips, ready to attach them to me. After a moment of teasing me with them, he attached the clips to the metal bracers on the arms of the chair, around my leather cuffs. The bracer travelled to the underside of the arm, where a long metal bar went from the bracer to my elbow; there was no avoiding contact with the metal, I was about to endure this, with no escape.

“This is going to be a good show.” He chuckled.

I gulped as he sat down behind the battery, before hitting the ‘on’ switch. Half a second later, the current hit me, the waves of electricity shot through my body and my muscles went into uncontrollable spasm, it was like getting extreme cramp in each individual muscle, but worse, it was agony. As I lost control of my muscles, I tried to scream out in my extreme pain, this was worse than the razor blades and the drill combined.

“He’s a buzzer and a screamer! I love it!” Ingeo howled with laughter.

My screams were freakish and rippled as my body jolted violently, but nonetheless, I screamed. The pain was unbearable, if it weren’t for my small psychological breakthrough just now, I’d have broken for sure.
I tried to clench my fists and control myself again, which only made the pain worse, the current shot deep into my muscles, I thought they would tear for sure. I tried to go limp and relax myself, but the pain did not cease, it only helped a small bit, but in its place, my whole body went into complete spasm and my head, feet, body and hands flew around violently in the chair, jolting up and down, around and around, all my nerves and muscles went completely haywire.
I screamed louder than ever all the while.

“Look at you go! It’s like a doll in a washing machine! Like a doll in a washing machine!” Ingeo squealed, laughing uncontrollably.

{I’m going to kill you! You psychotic! Sadistic fuck!} I thought, only just able to think properly.

Then, all of a sudden, the pain died down and my body stopped moving, I slumped back into the chair; I opened my eyes to see Ingeo had turned off the battery.

“You’re fucking fantastic boy, you really are a good one. You’re strong, I can hurt you so much more than the other ones! They all just die!” He happily chuckled, putting a hand on my shoulder and shaking me slightly.

I looked at him, panting, blood dripping from my mouth as I did so. I was completely exhausted, out of breath, and in agony, but I was not going to break now. I bared my bloody teeth and snarled viciously, I felt the rage coursing through me. The pain became anger, the agony became rage.

Still strong! I love you man, you’re such a good catch… I might even keep you at the end of all this…” He said with a big grin.

I said nothing, and simply continued to glare at him, my blood spraying slightly as I breathed through my bared teeth.

“Let’s see how much more you can take…” Ingeo happily suggested.

The leader of this drug organisation clicked his fingers, and Vladimir knew what he was being ordered to do and left the room. In seconds I heard the voices of Rarity and Applejack.

“You foul beast! You vile, vile thing!”

“You monster!”

They continued to shout at Vladimir for a while until he returned into the room with a bucket of water.

“They always dance better after a soak.” Ingeo chuckled to himself.

Vladimir sloshed the water over me without warning, and then Ingeo quickly turned on the battery and jumped back. The water increased the flow of the electricity as it flowed through my body once again, so much that I heard the sound of electric itself as it jumped in and out of the water and into my body, I instantly began to thrash about in the chair, screaming out loud once more. I continued to have these uncontrollable spasms for what felt like hours. Ingeo kept turning the battery off and on again to taunt me, and to keep me alive.
My thought processes began to cease, the electricity was too much, my muscles were worn out but were forced to keep moving, my brain began to lose control, focus, power, and no more than a minute later, my body gave out, and everything went black…

“Well fuck me sideways and call me Princess… You aren’t in a coma.” Said a female voice.

I instantly recognised the voice of Nicole and opened my eyes, she was sitting cross legged by my side, Jamie and William were sitting on my other side as well.

“Jeez mate, you’re still alive and all! You’re a tough one!” Jamie said, genuinely astounded.

“When Vladimir brought you back in we all thought you were dead.” William told me.

“Not yet…” I croaked, very lightly smirking.

“I patched you up a bit while you were out, but I’m afraid your hand’s a little bit fucked.” Nicole told me.

I tensed my muscles to find they didn’t hurt too much, no doubt I’d been unconscious for a day or two. I sat up with William’s help and looked down at my hand; there was cloth covering the hole, but I could still feel it, I tried to clench my hand into a fist to find my ring finger and pinkie finger didn’t respond at all.

“The tendons seem damaged I’m afraid, you won’t be using those fingers properly for weeks.” Nicole explained.

“Fuck sake…” I grumbled.

“On the bright side, the bone’s not badly damaged, just a few scrapes, so it’ll heal in good time, but expect an ugly scar…” She continued.

{Well at least there’s some good news, my hand’s not permanently crippled…} I thought to myself optimistically.

“Your arm will be alright, give it a day or two, the legs aren’t so bad, it’ll just ache more than anything, your tongue’s already healed, and the gums are on their way.” Nicole told me.

“How long was I out?” I asked.

“Five days.”

“Fucking hell…”

“Indeed… You must have taken a serious beating… I assume they used the battery on you? That normally knocks you out for days…” Nicole hummed.

I looked down and took a long sigh, I was concerned as to how the six were holding up.

“Nicole, I’ve been here too long, I need to get out of here.” I told her.

“I’ve told you, it’s impossible.” She replied.

“What about Keira and Leala?”

“They were slave girls, they get to leave the fences, and cook in the kitchens, it’s easier for slave girls to get out. If you want to get out, you need to get through those guards outside the fence, oh, and should I even mention Vladimir?”

I shrugged, Nicole had a point, but regardless, I was going to find a way out, with or without Nicole’s help. Ingeo’s torture hadn’t broken me, it had only left me more desperate than ever before.

“Changing the subject, who’s hungry?” Nicole asked around.

“Magnum?” William asked in his childish voice.

“No Magnum.” Nicole replied.




Nicole ignored Will and got up and headed to the chain-link fence, where she told the guards that it was meal time. They let her out of the fence and an armed guard escorted her out of the warehouse.

{There’s my way out…} I thought to myself.

From there, I sat with Jamie, and made a plot to escape…

A few days later, our plan was ready. I had recovered my strength, if anything I was stronger now, I’d lost quite a significant amount of weight in the week and a half I’d been a captive.

“Right, so are you sure you know the plan?” I asked to another one of the captives, named Conor Nelson.

“Pretty much, just go apeshit.” He answered.

“Sorta, but remember we’re on the same side, so nothing too severe.” I replied.

“Got it.”

Conor was a body builder, not much older than me, he had turned eighteen only a few days before he was captured by Ingeo’s men during a raid, he was born in Indonesia, but moved to England at a very young age. He was broad like me, and perfect for my plan.

“Nicole, did you get it?” I asked, turning to look at Nicole.

“Course I fucking did.” She replied with a big smug grin, handing me a military knife from one of the guards.

“Nice job!” I praised.

“It’s crazy how easy it is to get what you want when you’re sexy.”

“Whatever.” I said, rolling my eyes.

I looked to another one of the slave girls I’d befriended, called Alisha.

“Did you find the stuff?” I asked.

“I did indeed, it’s just outside the drug room in a cupboard.” She replied.

“Excellent.” I praised.

“Are you ready for this dude? There’s no going back you know?” Nicole asked.

“I’m ready.”

“You must be nervous as fuck…”

“I’m not afraid… I’m angry…” I growled, crunching my knuckles.

I looked to Finn, and nodded. The gentle giant stood up, and all the captives knew that was the signal. This was an inter-captive plan, we were all going to get out of here, not only was I going to escape, but we were going to topple the entire organisation…

Callum!” Conor yelled.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“You took my fucking lunch!” He boomed, pushing other captives out of the way to get to me.

“Bullshit, I did not.” I shrugged off the accusation.

Conor ignored me and charged at me, I tensed my muscles and braced for impact. Conor leant forward and grabbed me with both hands and pushed me back, almost lifting me into the air. I spun around and shook him off, causing him to collide with William.

Maagnuuum!” He wailed, being pushed over completely.

The body builder got up and ran at me, ready to throw a punch. I dodged and put my arm under his belly and lifted him into the air completely, before hurling him back. He crashed into a wooden shelf and it broke completely.

“Dude! What the fucking fuck! How did you do that!?” Nicole shouted, astounded by my strength.

By now all the captives were in a giant ring around us, giving us space to fight; they all chanted at us to fight more. Conor got up and ran at me, throwing another punch to my chest, I took the hit and grunted and I was knocked back slightly by the blow; Conor’s punches weren’t skillful or coordinated, but they were very strong.

“The fuck is going on in there!?” A guard shouted.

Fight!” A captive called back.

Two of the guards unlocked the fence and pulled out batons, they pushed past the captives to reach Conor and I, trying to separate our staged fight.

Stop now!” One of them shouted.

I stopped immediately and looked at the guard, then clicked my fingers. Finn walked behind the rear guard and put him in a body lock, restraining him. As the first guard turned around to see what happened, I lunged forward and pulled out the knife. Without thinking I dived into him and plunged the knife into his chest, he died almost instantly.

“Holy fuck!” William cried.

Nicole merely shrugged at the death.
Finn pinned the other guard to the floor, then looked up to me as if to ask what to do.

“Let the captives judge his fate.” I said coldly.

Finn took his baton and knife, then let him go and pushed him into the middle of the ring. The captives all stared at him, before roaring in rage and charging at him; he was swallowed up in seconds and would most likely be killed.

“What’s happening in there!?” The armed guard shouted, walking into the cage with his rifle.

He aimed his gun around to intimidate the captives, to put them in their place. As he walked past me I grabbed the barrel of his gun and pulled it down, before shoulder ramming into him; he dropped then gun and shouted out for help. I pinned him to the ground and punched him in the face, hard. I didn’t stop, I kept hitting and hitting until he stopped struggling, I was unsure if he was unconscious or dead.

“We have the keys! Now onward! To freedom!” I yelled.

The captives all roared with vigour and rushed to the chain-link gate, me taking the lead. The few remaining guards withdrew the batons as to hold their ground, one of them stood in the doorway. I charged at him and he swung his baton, but I grabbed his wrist to stop his attack and pushed him back before bringing him to the ground, slicing his throat open with the knife.

The other guards knew they were outnumbered and tried to run for the door, but I was in possession of the keys, therefore they were trapped. Some of the captives sprinted past me towards the guards, the time in Captive Corner had made them more unstable, and now that they were free they were going to let nothing stop them from their revenge.

I unlocked the door with the keys and ran through, this led me to an empty corridor, I took a left and ran in the same direction Vladimir had carried me before. Behind me were the chants and roars of the other captives, unlike me who rushed to the end of the corridor, they ran into the rooms on either side and raised hell inside.

I went through the door at the end of the big hallway and saw two guards, one of them next to me. I didn’t think, my instincts took over, I lunged forward and impaled the first guard with the knife, as his body went limp I pulled the pistol out of his holster and shot the second guard. I felt no remorse or emotion as I killed them; the clone and the innocent man were enough to make me feel no mental effect when killing; the fact these men were also trying to kill me helped out a lot.

I walked down the hallway at a steady pace, keeping an eye out for more guards. Behind me were more captives, we flowed throughout the complex like ants, killing every member of the organisation we came across.

By the time the alarm had been raised, we had taken half the organisation, but the enemy were still numerous and fought back. The captives ran ahead and took the brunt of the hits, I took the side rooms to reach the six as quickly as I could.

I found a side door that led me to the main chamber, in their cages, the six stood. They had heard the entire commotion and were nervously waiting for the outcome.

CALLUM!” They all screamed in delight.

I walked across the room towards them, when there was a gunshot. A searing pain shot through me as a bullet went into my right thigh. I fell to one knee and clenched my fists, as I tried to get up, two large hands grabbed me and lifted me to my feet, locking my hands behind my back so I couldn’t move.

“Excuse me… Do you have, any… Fucking idea… How rude that was?” Ingeo’s voice sounded behind me.

I was forced around to look at him, holding a pistol directly at my face, he was walking towards me when a phone in his pocket rang.

“Fucking hell, I need to take this call... Vladimir, do me a favour and hold him still, feel free to break a rib or two.” He told Vladimir.

Vladimir tightened his grip on me and bent my shoulders backward, so badly that my own shoulder blades dug into me, making me shout out in pain.

“I can control this okay? I have the leader, some stupid fucking kid, I can get control again Hoyt! No! I can bring the slaves to the Rook Islands by next week if you give me a fucking chance!” Ingeo shouted down the phone.

Vladimir twisted both my arms, making me growl and struggle, but he did not let go.

“You’ve got your problem with Snow White already, by the time you get him, this will all be under control! I mean it! You just worry about my cousin! He may be working for you, but he’s got too much power on his half of the island, he will try to take you over!” Ingeo continued to talk to his apparent boss.

I had taken enough of Vladimir’s toying and thrust my head backwards, hitting him in the face; I heard a loud crunch as I had broken his nose. He roared in pain and loosened his grip on me, I dropped down and was able to escape his grasp, only for him to grab me again and pin me down. He put his knee on my shoulder and pressed down with all his body weight, the pain was intense and I cried out in agony as my left shoulder let out a sickening pop as the entire joint was dislocated.

“You worry about your little problem with Jason, I can deal with this little runt!” Ingeo shouted.

Through my pain, I gritted my teeth and looked for a way to escape Vladimir’s hold. I looked at my leg to see my knife leaving its holster and floating by itself, surrounded by a very slight blue aura. The knife went behind Vladimir and suddenly flew into his back. He dropped me instantly as the knife went deep into him. I stood up and punched him in the face with my good arm, before removing his own knife and stabbing him in the gut, over and over. Blood poured out of the Russian as he spun around, still trying to remove the knife in his back.
A good ten seconds later, he lost his strength and fell to the ground, dead.

Mother fucker!” I heard Ingeo scream.

I turned around to face him, but I was too late. He brought his hand down and his knife sliced deep into my chest, blood sprayed out of the wound as he lashed across my left pectoral muscle. I howled in pain and dived to the side, trying to keep my distance from Ingeo to get a bearing.

How the fuck did you do that!?

“Friendship is motherfucking magic, you prick!” I spat back, putting my hand to my chest to wipe away the blood that was quickly pouring from my wound.

I kept facing him, who was standing still, staring at me. I walked backwards and reached Vladimir’s corpse, where I ripped the knife from his back and pointed it at Ingeo.

“I will fucking spill you!” He growled.

“You want some!? I’ll give it to you!” I roared, running at him.

He started off cocky and made a lunge for me, to which I steered his knife away and sliced his arm. He hissed in rage and made another swipe, to which I jumped back.

“Why don’t you die!?” He roared.

“Because I made a promise.” I grunted back.

“A promise does not keep you alive!” He shouted back.

“That’s because you’ve never made any.” I retorted, making a swipe of my own.

He dodged and jabbed his knife at me, it skimmed my dislocated left arm and only created a small cut. I instantly counter attacked, and he tried to grab my wrist, he just got a hold of me when I kicked him in the chest, knocking him back and almost toppling him over.

“I’m not starting to like you anymore boy…” He growled.

“My name is not boy.” I hissed.

Then who the fuck are you!?” He screamed, charging at me full pelt.

I dodged his savage strike, ducked under his second slash, and plunged my knife deep into his stomach.

“My name is Callum Horncastle… I am the sworn protector to those six ponies… And I am the last face you will ever see…” I told him coldly, twisting the knife in his gut.

He dropped his own knife and gasped. I pulled my knife out and pushed him back, he held his stomach and looked at me with desperation. He tried to mumble words to me but instead he coughed up blood. He took a few steps forward before he fell to his knees, and then to his face, dead…

I looked at his body, and then to my bloody hand as it dropped the knife, I had won.

“I did it…” I breathed.

I stared at the body before me for what felt like hours, his blood continued to pool around him. I had done this. I had ended lives with as much thought as swatting flies, I had become a killer, and one of my kills had even been in cold blood.

{What have I become?} I thought, shaking slightly.

“Callum, get us out of here!” Applejack called.

I shook my head and cleared my mind, before looking to my friends.

“Ingeo has the keys in his front pocket.” Twilight told me.

I looked down to Ingeo and rolled him over with my foot, as his face came into vision I could have sworn the eyes moved to look at me. I tried to block my emotional distress and reached into his pocket, which was as bloody as the rest of him. I pulled out the keys, walked the cages and opened them one by one. Applejack ran forward and gave me a tight hug, not caring for the blood on my hands and the blood still oozing from my chest.

“You did it Sugarcube… You did it…” She sighed.

She let go and stood back, Fluttershy was the next to hug me, but she remained silent.

“We need to get out of here…” Twilight said.

I looked to Rarity to see she was still in her cage, as was Rainbow Dash.

“Rarity? Are you okay?” I asked.

She looked up and gave herself a little shake; I walked to her and looked her in the eye.

“I know you killed Vladimir, don't let it get to you too badly, you had to do it; I would have died without your help.” I told her.

She nodded slightly and took a deep, shaky breath. Out of all six ponies, I honestly hadn’t expected Rarity to be the first to kill someone, but if she hadn’t levitated the knife to stab Vladimir, either he or Ingeo would have killed me for sure.

“Come on Rainbow.” Applejack called the blue pegasus over.

Rainbow Dash didn’t move, she lay in her cage, motionless; I went over to her cage and got inside with her.

“Rainbow Dash?”

“My… My wings…” She croaked.

“I’m sorry Dashie…”

“My wings are useless… I can’t fly… I never will again…” She choked up, tears welling up in her eyes.

“You don’t know that, they could heal up soon; your feathers will grow back...” I assured her.

“It takes almost a year for them to moult, and some were plucked, they’ll take more than a year to grow back!” She cried, burying her head in her hooves.

“I know, I know…” I hushed.

“My wings… Are ruined!” She wailed into her hooves as she began to sob.

“Rainbow Dash, come on, staying here won’t make them grow back any faster, we need to get out of here. Fluttershy can use her Kuphila Amanzi to speed up the process, but we need to leave.” I told her.

“Okay…” She said after a long pause.

She slowly got up and walked by my side as we left the cage.

“Where’s the exit?” Applejack asked.

“Back the way I came, near Captive Corner.” I replied.

“Where?” Rarity quizzed.

“I’ll tell you later, let’s move.” I instructed.

We headed to the main door, and I heard gunshots on the other side.

{I guess the fight’s still going on.} I thought.

“Wait here.” I said, going to Ingeo’s corpse and taking his pistol.

I opened one of the double doors of the main exit to see a few more of Ingeo’s men with their rifles, squatting behind crates, down the other end of the corridor were some captives, armed with rifles of their own, upon seeing me, they ceased fire and let me take care of the enemies.

“Afternoon.” I said dully.

I shot the guards quickly, one of them turned around just in time to see me, but it was still too late as I shot him in the chest.

“Good shot sir!” Nicole called from the other end of the corridor.

“Why thank you ma’am!” I called back.

“Wait there.” I said to the six who were behind the door.

I ran to Nicole and she did the same, when she reached me she dived at me and hugged me tightly, this hurt my dislocated arm a lot, but after what I’d recently been through, I easily shrugged it off.

“You did it, you crazy son of a bitch. You goddamn did it…” She said.

“When Callum wants, Callum gets.” I replied.

“So did you find your friends?”

“I did.”

“All okay?”


“Can I meet them?”



I had to think fast, they couldn’t be seen by anyone, or a lot of questions would go around, and I refused to kill anyone again just to hide the six, I still felt sick inside from that incident.

“Dude, the fuck! Look at your chest!” Nicole shouted.

The cut on my chest was deeper than expected, it went pretty deep, blood was still oozing from it, not enough to cause serious blood loss, but enough to make most of my shirt completely red.

“Yeah, I kinda had a knife fight with Ingeo.” I said.

“You killed him?”

“No, I’m totally dead right now.” I replied, sticking my tongue out.

“Fuckin’ A!” She cheered.

“Vladimir too.” I replied.

“Fuck off…”


“You killed them both?”

“Well, sorta, yeah. I killed Ingeo on my own, but Vladimir was killed with some assistance.” I replied.

“Well, either way, the unkillable one is killed. You’re a pretty awesome leader Cal.” Nicole grinned.

“Thanks.” I smiled, looking away shyly, naturally modest.

“So, how many captives died?” I asked after another long, awkward pause.

“A lot…”


“More than half…”

“Fucking hell.”

“Yup…” Nicole sighed.

“So who’s left?” I quizzed.

“William and Jamie, Alisha, and one or two others, the rest found a way out and have pegged it to freedom.” She replied.

“Blimey, the others just left?” I said, astounded.

“We’re captives, not friends, it’s everyone for themselves.” She shrugged.

“I guess…”

“Well, I’m going to go loot the place, cheerio.” Nicole said, walking off.

{Thank god, she forgot about the six.} I thought to myself.

I headed back to the main room and faced the six.

“We need to go through the side doors, there are still people around. Just, well, not ones that want to kill us.” I joked.

“Got it.” Applejack nodded.

“Any objections Twi?” I asked.

Twilight was in no mood to question me, after watching me stab two men to death.

“What he said.” She mumbled to the group.

Everypony followed me as I went into the side door I had previously entered and made my way through the various rooms, we soon came across the main drug room, bags and bags of cocaine, marijuana and god-knows what else lay around the place.

“Don’t touch any of these substances.” I ordered.

“What are they?” Applejack asked.

“Drugs.” I replied.

Everypony instantly squeezed into single file and avoided the bags as though a slight touch would kill them.

“So I assume drugs exist in Equestria?” I asked, walking through the room.

“Yeah, it’s mostly grown abroad in places like Zebrica and Congataur.” Twilight replied.

“Where’s Congataur?” I asked.

“South of Zebrica, the Minotaur Realms.”

“Fair enough.” I shrugged.

I gestured for the six to stay put as I left the drug room and into the cupboard on the other side.

There in the middle of the room lay all our bags and my jacket; I grabbed the items in my good arm, putting all the straps on my right side. I then headed back to the drug room, where I gave the bags to everypony.

“Let’s move.” I said, pointing to a back door in the drug room.

I headed to the door and I opened it, on the other side was a beautiful sight.
The jungle.

“Alright, the coast is clear, let’s get the heck out of here.” I said as I left the room.

The fresh air pleasured me on a level beyond comprehension, I took a deep breath in and felt the cooler, cleaner air enter me and flow from my lungs to my blood and bring my body back to full functionality.

“Sneaking off are we?” Nicole angrily scolded from behind me.

We all froze and turned to face her, we’d been caught out.

“Calm your tits, I just escaped a drug complex, I wouldn’t be half surprised if the main cast of My Little Pony behind you are just hallucinations, and if they’re not, fuck it, I need something cool in my life to remember.” She told me.

“You know us too?” Pinkie asked, grinning.

“Oh great, you talk too, well, you’re probably real, and if you are, hello.” Nicole replied.

Hi!” Pinkie squealed.

“Nicole, honestly, does nothing surprise you?” I asked.

“Hey, I’m lucky to be alive right now, so if the supernatural is going to happen, I might as well enjoy it while it lasts.” She shrugged.

“Oh… Kay…” I blinked.

“Well, nice to meet you dude, I’m going to find a way home now, good luck with, well, whatever it is you do with six cartoon ponies in Brazil.” She chuckled, waving and turning around.

{What… The… Hell… Just… Happened?} I thought to myself.

“Was that like, the human version of Rainbow Dash?” Applejack chuckled.

“I wouldn’t be surprised.” I replied.

Rainbow Dash smirked for half a second, before her face dropped again and she kept walking.

“Right, Nicole is one of a kind, let’s not get seen by anyone else, let’s move.” I said, picking up my pace.

“What about your wounds?” Fluttershy asked.

“They can wait, I’ll live for now, so let’s just go.” I answered, wincing in pain as I attempted to shrug.

She simply nodded and headed for the jungle, we had done it, we had escaped Ingeo’s stronghold, toppled his entire organisation, and liberated Brazil from his grasp.

We were free…

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