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The Titan's Orb - Old Man Dusters

Callum lives a miserable life on Earth. But that is soon to change, as some unexpected visitors will change his life forever.

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Chapter Seventeen - Mission: Very Unlikely

I awoke on my side, my head pounding like a drum-set at a rock concert, my vision was blurred and I couldn’t see anything but colours and shapes; I slowly put a hand to the side of my head to feel dry blood all around my ear, a sharp pain then shot down my thigh. I reached down to get another sharp pain in my shoulder; I rolled onto my back and the pain became nearly unbearable, I had to grit my teeth just to stifle a groan. I looked over at my left shoulder to find my shirt was brown with dried blood, a gaping hole in the shirt told me exactly where I had been hit, although the pain told me just fine. Luckily I had only been hit in the deltoid, the muscle, no bone had been shattered. By the looks of the hole, it was an SMG round. If it were fired from the same Galil I had, no doubt my arm would be unusable, no matter where on the shoulder I was hit, a simple skim from a seven six two round would fuck up my arm completely.
The wound was evidently infected as well, most likely due to the sewage; the whole area was hot and there was no doubt some puss inside, I'd need to get that sorted out as soon as possible.

After inspecting my wounds and getting a hold of my vision, I looked around to see I was in a dark room, an empty storage cupboard by the looks of things, on each wall were shelves, but being on the ground, I couldn’t tell if they had any content or not. It was then when a thought ran through my mind.

{Where am I? And where the heck are the others?}

Over the next few seconds, a million and one fantasies ran through my mind. Did they make it? Are they at the first shard? Are they finding a way through the town without me? Did they get caught? Are they dead?
I shuddered at the thought of a bullet hitting any of the six; Applejack’s barb wire wound was enough for me; I hoped they got out okay, better than I did at least, these wounds were almost too much for me, and I had a high pain threshold, I don’t want to begin to imagine how bad this would be for someone like Fluttershy or Pinkie.

I rolled over with difficulty thanks to stiff, cold muscles, and tried to push myself up with my right hand. I was just getting to my knees when I heard voices outside the door. I lay back down and pretended to be unconscious. I shut my eyes quickly as the door unlocked and opened, I then heard footsteps approaching me.

“Is he up?” A voice asked.

Without warning a foot was placed on my bad shoulder, right on the bullet wound, and I was then rolled onto my back, I blocked out the pain and stayed limp. I waited patiently and took shallow breaths to simulate being unconscious.

“He’s been out for four days now! Wake him up!” The voice shouted.

{Four days!? What the fuck!?} I thought with worry, that last hit from the gun must have been really hard...

The second person did not speak, but did as he was ordered and grabbed my left wrist and tried to lift me, which he did with ease, he was no doubt the group leader’s right hand man, or his muscle or something.
Upon not responding, I was greeted with an elbow to my gut, as I wasn’t expecting this I was badly winded and sat up and wheezed loudly, before coughing and spluttering.

“Take him.” The voice spoke.

Two large hands went under my arms and I was lifted upwards, causing me to growl in pain as my shoulder wound was disturbed. My carrier ignored me and continued to drag me out of the room.
I was brought through a corridor and through a few more series of rooms. I looked at each room to see men, lots of them, from many different countries of origin, the majority of them were Brazilian, but I saw many paler white men, and numerous Pakistanis; not a single woman was in sight. I was dragged through another room to find packets, large ones, many of them containing white power, some of them a ground green herb, the packets were most likely cocaine and marijuana.
This wasn’t a gang… It was an organisation…

I was dragged into a large hall, by now I had given up on looking around and looked at my own feet as the slid across the ground. Without warning I was dropped in the centre of the room and I slumped to the ground, the pain in my thigh shot through my body again and I rolled onto my side in pain, squinting my eyes shut.

“String him up.” The voice commanded.

The voice was Spanish, or at least something of that ilk, Portuguese perhaps? I opened my eyes to see two men squatting over me with ropes, I naturally tried to struggle, and I was held down instantly. The ropes were tied around my hands, and then wrapped around my arms up to the elbow joints; I was then hoisted upwards, causing me to shout out in agony.

Shut up! You do not cry!” The same voice yelled.

I opened my eyes to see who the voice belonged to, only to be greeted by none other than the leader of the gang, the black skull tattooed on his chest glared at me just as intently as he did.

“Who are you?” I demanded.

By now I was hoisted up to the point where I was eye level with him, my feet were able to stand properly, but only just; the man walked right up to me and grabbed my cheeks in one hand and squeezed my face so I couldn’t talk, his eyes were black as night, and full of madness.

“You do not ask the questions!” He hissed.

He let go of my face, only to backhand slap me, causing me to roll sideways. I didn’t fall over due to the rope and simply swung back into place, my face started stinging immediately and my left eye began to water up from the pain.
It was then, that I saw them…

“No…” I gasped.

From six rusty animal cages, no taller than four feet, the ponies were staring at me in shock and terror, besides Rainbow Dash, whom was lying on her front, her face buried into her hooves.

“I see you like my new pets, hm?” The leader spoke.

Moving my gaze from the cages back to him, I glared intensely as the burning anger began to wash over me.

“Fuck you…” I growled quietly.

“What did you say?” He asked.

I remained silent.

“I said what did you say?” He said again, walking towards me.

"Fuck! Yo-"

Before I could finish, the man lunged at me, slamming his fist into my left cheek. I swung sideways again and my head jolted, my left eye’s vision went blurry and I could instantly taste blood in my mouth; from the cages I could hear all the ponies gasp.

“Leave him alone!” Pinkie wailed.

The leader turned to face her; he pulled the gun out of his holster and walked towards her.

“You telling me what to do? Hm? You stupid pink fuck!” He shouted, pointing the gun at her.

Pinkie stared at the gun, lips sealed, her eyes wide with fear.

“Don’t you hurt her!” I barked, clenching my fists.

He turned to me and glared, before walking right up to me without uttering a word and grabbed my shoulder, jamming his index finger into the bullet wound; I screamed and writhed around, I instinctively tried to drop to the ground but could not as I was suspended by the ropes. The man grinned as he continued applying more and more pressure into the wound with his finger, I shook violently from side to side, unable to hold back my cries of agony. At long last he removed his finger and placed his nose against mine, spitting into my face as he screamed at me.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP! Shut the fuck up… Okay, little boy?

I gritted my teeth together and held in the screams, although there was nothing I could do to prevent the masses of tears that were streaming down my face, nor the blood that was now flowing from my shoulder.

“You know why you are still alive?” He asked demandingly.

I remained silent, unable to open my mouth or I’d surely cry out again. The leader pulled out his pistol and thrust the barrel against my forehead, twisting it and causing the skin to tear slightly. jammed the barrel of the pistol into the bullet wound and twisted it, causing me to let a gut wrenching moan of agony.

Do you know why you are still alive?” He shouted again.

“No!” I sobbed.

You, boy, are still alive, because I want to know, exactly, what these fucked up horses are.”

I looked to the six, all of them were cowering in their cages, clutching to the bars and staring at me with a mixture of terror and sorrow. The man grabbed my hair with one hand, and pointed at them with the other.

“I know they talk, I know they're your friends, and you are going to tell me everything.” He hissed.

I said nothing, and he tightened his grip on my hair, yanking upwards and drawing a faint grunt of pain from me.

“Not talking? Hm? Okay, I see.” He said, nodding his head.

He released me and approached Rainbow Dash’s cage, unlocking and opening it up. The mare looked up and I could finally see her face, which was soaked with tears. She had an enormous bruise just above her right eyebrow, and her eyes were so bloodshot that the whites of her eyes were barely visible.

“Get out.” The leader ordered.

Rainbow Dash lay there, unmoving.

Get out of the fucking cage!

Rainbow Dash finally obeyed and crawled out of the doorway, before getting to her hooves. The leader grabbed the mare by the mane and dragged her over to me, she gritted her teeth in pain but did not resist.

{What are you doing? Fly away!} I thought.

“Go on, show him.” The man spoke with a horrific smile.

Rainbow Dash gulped and slowly looked up at me, her eyes continuing to shed endless tears, and then opened her wings.


My eyes widened in shock at the sight before me, and I found myself barely able to even breathe. All that remained of Equestria's fastest flier's wings were two fleshy limbs, covered in specks of blood. I could count the remaining feathers on my hands, for nearly every one of them had been ripped away.
They had plucked her.
I felt sick to my stomach, and yet I couldn't look away; the pale skin was covered with hundreds of little holes from where her feathers once were. What had happened here was beyond torture, the poor girl had been crippled, feather by feather.

“You… Mother… Fucker…” I growled quietly.

Ignoring the insult and continuing to grin like a madman, the leader started stroking the back of Dashie's head.

“This one, I like her, she's got some spirit. But the thing is, alright… The thing is, she tried to fight. She attacked my men and then tried to fly away, and I didn't like that, so I made sure it won't happen again.”

He then smacked Rainbow's rear and ordered her to get back into her cage; the mare, completely broken, did exactly what she was told with little hesitation, her head hung low, with tears dripping onto the floor as she went.

“Now, you are going to tell me everything about these things, or I will do the same to the yellow one."

I glanced at Fluttershy, the poor thing was buried in her own mane and tail, shaking.

"In fact, perhaps I'll just cut her wings off entirely, and nail them to a wall somewhere..."

I couldn’t hold it in anymore…

YOU BASTARD! I’LL KILL YOU! I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!” I roared, pure rage now coursing through me.

At this, the leader started laughing, completely unphased by my anger.

“You? Kill me? Oh you are a funny boy, I like you. You’re better than my other guests.” He chuckled.

FUCK YOU!” I bellowed.

He walked up to me and pressed his forehead against mine, grabbing me by the collar as he did so.

“Fuck me?”

Yeah, fuck you.” I growled through gritted teeth.

“I think, boy... You need to be taught who I am.”

With a snap of his fingers, three men from the corners of the room walked closer to us.

“Teach this one what happens when you’re rude to the host.” The leader ordered.

The bonds on my arms loosened, and the men grabbed me and immediately began to beat the ever-loving fuck out of me, I collapsed to the ground and they proceeded to kick and stamp at me, there was nothing I could do but curl into a ball and take the assault, quietly sobbing as they did so. With each blow I took to the head, everything grew fuzzier and fuzzier, until I was eventually beaten senseless.
By the time the men were finished, my vision was nothing but a blur, all I could hear was a high pitched ringing, and all I could taste was blood. I didn't have a damn clue what was happening anymore, I didn't even know my damn name, all I knew was that I was in pain. Someone grabbed my arms and unbound me from the ropes, which was then proceeded by someone hoisting me up and dragging me away, although I could not say where.
The pain slowly faded away, along with the tattered remains of my consciousness as I finally blacked out...

I was woken by a wet flannel against my face, I slowly opened my eyes to see a fuzzy shape in front of me, dabbing my face with the flannel.

“You’re awake…” A voice spoke dryly.

The voice was female, I tried blinking to get my vision back and I got a slightly clearer picture. The woman was kneeling beside me, she had long deep green hair and had numerous ear piercings, she looked rather young, no older than myself. She dabbed the flannel against my left cheek and I flinched in pain; as I moved, all the pain in my body returned and I tried to curl up, rolling sideways, the girl put her hands on my chest and held me still.

“Steady, relax.” She ordered.

She sounded British, and seemed to be trying to help me, so I did as I was told and kept myself still as she pressed the cold fabric to my face again.

“Who are you? Where… Where am I?” I mumbled, my words slurred.

“Captive Corner.” She replied dully.


“You’re in Captive Corner, it’s what we call this section of the building; it’s where all the prisoners and slaves are taken.” She told me.


“Yup, this place has quite a few of them; the guys become punch bags and target practice, and the girls become slaves; talk about sexism, am I right?” She moaned.

“So, you’re a slave?” I quizzed.

“No, I’m totally a guy, these tits are just your imagination.” She replied sarcastically.

“Who are you?” I asked again, trying to sit up a little bit more.

She helped me up before replying.

“The name’s Nicole; Nicole Gilbert, and, you are?”


“Callum what?


She raised her eyebrows.

“Ooh, fancy.” She said with a smile.

This girl seemed pretty cool, she was a slave, yet by the looks of things, really didn’t give a shit.

“So, how long have you been here?” I asked.

“Hmm, about three months now.” She replied.

“Is there a way out?” I asked.

“Well, last week a couple of slave girls escaped, two sisters called Kiera and Laela; how they got out is beyond me.” She answered.

“You don’t seem too bothered, being a slave.” I said, noticing her calmness.

“Well so far all I do is wash plates, cook food, and hand it to all the guys. At least I’m not used for sex like the others; I think it’s the hair, it’s a turn-off for them I suppose.” She replied, combing her fingers through her bright green locks, descending to chest length.

“Oh… Kay…” I said slowly, unsure of how to take this girl’s attitude to being a slave.

“You’re new, I can tell. Let me guess, you tried to challenge the head, and so you got beaten to tails?” She asked.

“To tails?” I quizzed.

“Heads, tails; like a coin. Really? God, you’re slow…” She teased.

I blinked at her dully, I needed to get out of here, not sit around and listen to jokes.

“Yes, that’s what happened. I have six friends with me; I need to get them and get out of here.” I explained.

“Good luck.” She snorted.

I tried to sit up and she held me down.

“If you want any chance of even surviving here, you need to stay on your death bed for a while. If they think you’re fit to stand up, they’ll turn you into a punch bag or a gun target by tomorrow.” She told me.

“I need to get out of here Nicole, you don’t understand how important it is that I get my friends out of here.”

“And you don’t understand how impossible that is.” She replied, lightly booping my nose.

Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt, so it wasn’t broken, thank god for that at least…

“What can I do?” I asked.

“Play dead for a couple of days, get your strength back.” She answered.

“What about my friends?”

“Hope.” She simply replied, putting a hand on my good shoulder.

“Okay…” I sighed.

I looked around to see we were in a large warehouse room, with a chain-link fence splitting the exit from the rest of the room; all around were men and woman sitting around; a good hundred of them all together, they were most likely slaves. This appeared to be the living quarters of all the captives.

“Down.” Nicole ordered, forcing my head down and covering my eyes with the flannel.

I heard footsteps approach me, and then a small silence. After a good ten seconds, the person walked away, and Nicole took the flannel off again.

“A guard?” I asked.

“The Red Boulder.” She replied.


“That's his nickname; his actual name is Vladimir Kikashkov, he’s the boss’s right hand man. He does all the manual labour for this place and tends to beat the shit out of new slaves to test their strength, if they die, well, they’re not strong enough…” She replied.

“Russian I presume?”

No, he’s totally English, didn’t you tell by the extremely British name?” Nicole mocked.

{No doubt he’s the one who picked me up and dragged me off earlier.} I thought.

“So, who is he? Can you give me some info on this place?” I asked.

“Everything?” She quizzed.

“Mhmm.” I hummed.

Nicole took a deep breath before explaining.

“Right, well first off, you’ve got Vladimir; better known as ‘The Red Boulder’. The bastard’s supposedly un-killable; he’s been shot about four times, once at point blank range! Trust the fucking Russians to breed a living, breathing version of the Incredible Hulk.
This whole place is a pirate organisation; they make drugs, sell drugs, kill people, steal things, trade with terrorists, and capture a lot of people; they tend to take good folk, and then sell them back to their families for profit.
It’s all run by the leader of this whole joint, Ingeo Montenegro, he’s the Spanish twat with the big black skull on his chest.”

“Cunt…” I growled.

“Yeah, you’re not the first to call him that.” Nicole chuckled, before she continued.

“Anyway, Ingeo’s been the head of this place for years; he’s the most feared man in Brazil, everyone knows his name, even the authorities. He’s hidden himself right here in Rio, yet he hasn’t been caught, he’s like a rat in a sewer…
Everyone calls him the Bogeyman of Brazil.
Many police searches have been taken out, but more than half are killed; heck, there have been more cops killed this year than there are slaves in this room!” She told me.

“Bloody hell…” I gasped.

“He hires shed loads of mercenaries to become part of his organisation, and he can afford it with the amount of drugs he sells; he’s basically got all of Brazil in his pocket…”

“Jesus…” I mumbled.

“No, his name’s Ingeo; close enough though.” Nicole smirked.

I looked at her for a good five seconds before we both started laughing, which caused my injuries to hurt again.

“Don’t make me laugh, it hurts.” I coughed.

“Don’t find what I say funny then!” She snapped back, sticking her tongue out.

I lay there and looked at her for a moment, she actually looked quite badass. The piercings were cool, when normally I disliked them, her hair was completely shaved on the sides but the green hair on top covered that. I dare say she looked awfully feisty.

{Bad Callum, bad!} I thought to myself.

“What can I do in the meanwhile?” I asked, coming back to the main topic.

“Lie down and shut up.”

“Fun…” I moaned, leaning back.

I suddenly felt a sharp pain shoot into my leg, I jolted upwards only to be held down by Nicole.

“I’m getting the bullet out.”

“It hurts.” I growled.

“Grow some balls.” She hissed back.

She then proceeded to clear all the excess blood from my thigh and press down on the wound, I gritted my teeth and let her continue as she stuck a thin stick of metal into the hole and reach the bullet.

“The fuck is that?” I asked through my teeth, trying not to flinch again.

“Just a bit of metal tubing from a mesh or something.” She replied happily.

“Is that safe?”

“Totally, you’re only in a professional hospital. This is the best you’re going to get, so shut up.” Nicole ordered.

“Yes ma’am…” I grunted as she inserted the tubing deeper into my flesh.

At long last, she was able to get the tip of the metal under the bullet and bring it to the surface of the wound, where she scooped it out. I squeezed my eyes tight and gritted my teeth even harder to battle the pain. Nicole proceeded to put some cloth onto the wound and strap it to my leg with some old shoe laces.

“Done.” She merrily sang.

“Thanks…” I sighed in relief.

“No problem.” She replied with a big grin, clearly pleased with herself.

I rubbed over my other bullet wound in my shoulder to find the infection had mostly cleared and was beginning to heal a little bit.

"Oh, yeah, I was able to sort that out too while you were out; squeezed out SO much puss from it. Did you live in a sewer or something?" She joked.

"Funny enough, I was running through a sewer when I was shot there; so good guess." I replied.

She grinned, before standing up and patting me gently on the forehead.

“I’ll leave you with sleeping for now, I’ll fetch you some food when I can.” Nicole said.

“Thank you.” I mumbled.

I rolled onto my side and closed my eyes, and tried my best to get my head around everything that’s happened, and how I’m going to get out of this hellhole. My head was still aching so I doubted I’d be able to sleep for some time, but I tried to get some rest at least...

“Hey, get up, breakfast.” Nicole ordered, nudging me.

I awoke, it’d been the fifth day in the Captive Corner. I’d come to know some of the other slaves and prisoners.
There was William, some American who constantly looked on the bright side of life; he tended to make the other slaves laugh with his childish behaviour and a certain act he put on, which featured acting like a toddler. He went to and fro to the slaves asking for a Magnum ice cream, in a nasally loud tone. He’d even asked one of the prison guards once. He got beaten for it, but according to him, it was worth it.

You had Jamie, a small, plump Indonesian boy with glasses, he was a joker. He constantly put on a flirty gay-boy act, regardless of him having a girlfriend back home. He found it fun to put other captives out of their comfort zone by flirting with them and invading their personal space.
Then there was Finn, he was tall and broad, he stood about six foot five. He rarely spoke, and never made eye contact with anyone; he was what the captives called ‘The Gentle Giant’.

I had spent quite a lot of time bonding with these captives, and ended up feeling quite sorry for them, they were all innocent people with ordinary lives, captured for the sake of a greedy, drug dealing monstrosity of a man. I knew the six and the orb was my mission, but I was going to help these captives escape if I could.

“Thank Nicole.” I gruffly growled, absolutely starving.

I looked into my handcrafted bowl, pre-cooked chicken skin and some rice; in slave standards, it was a bloody banquet. Without a moment’s hesitation I dug in, using my hand to scoop rice into my gob. I saved the chicken skin for last so the flavour would last. I dangled the thin browned flesh above and ate it all at once; the whole breakfast was gone in less than a minute.

“Hungry by any chance?” Nicole asked.

“No, just a bit peckish.” I sarcastically groaned, now in ecstasy from the meal.

“Hey, sarcasm is my thing!” She growled.

I replied by sticking my tongue out at her, she responded to that by prodding my bullet wound; it ached a bit, but it had surprisingly healed quite quickly.

“Ha! Didn’t hurt!” I teased.

She jabbed the wound as hard as she could and I yelped.

“It hurt! It hurt!” I squealed.

The two of us laughed together for a short while until the whole room went silent, we looked over to the prison gate to see Vladimir had returned, and was walking directly towards me…

“Fuck…” I mumbled.

“Do not fight him.” Nicole hissed to me.

The Red Boulder now stood before me, and gestured for me to get up; I decided to toy with the Russian.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

Once again, he gestured for me to get up, grunting.


He squatted down and grabbed my throat and lifted me into the air with one arm, I kept calm and allowed him to lift me, I held my breath and looked him in the eyes.

“You, d-… Don’t scare me, Russian.” I choked.

He squeezed my throat harder, but I battled the pain and glared back at him; at long last, he released me and I dropped to my knees. He grabbed the back of my neck and held me back up to my feet, and pushed me to walk. To which I refused.

“Callum just go.” Nicole pleaded, worried for me.

“If you want me to move, you’re going to have to move me.” I told Vladimir, showing no signs of fear.

He squeezed my neck tighter to where the pain was almost unbearable, but I once again resisted and held my ground. Eventually he gave up and lifted me up and over his shoulder.

“Fucking hell… You’re insane…” Nicole gasped, amazed that I’d been able to get my own way.

“When Callum wants, Callum gets.” I chuckled, sticking my tongue out as Vladimir carried me away.

“Wish me luck!” I merrily sang to the captives.

Magnum!” William cried to me.

The captives all laughed, we had it figured that I was needed for something, which is why I was still alive after how I challenged Ingeo and had even spat in his face, apparently people got shot for that around here. With that theory, Vladimir wouldn’t be able to seriously hurt me, let alone kill me; it was all a bluff to intimidate me, so I could do whatever I liked to get on his bad side and suffer no consequences.

I was taken out of the chain-link block and then out of the warehouse room, this led us to a large corridor, where I was carried along right to the end. After a few twists and turns into other rooms, I found myself in the same chamber from before, and in the corner of the room were the six, still in their cages.

Callum!” They all gasped, heck, even Twilight looked happy to see me.

Vladimir put me down and I turned to face them, and gave them a hearty salute.

What are you so smug about? Hm?” Ingeo growled from the corner of the room.

He walked out of the shadows and into the middle of the room to face me, he raised his arm and went to hit me, I stood there and decided to take it. The fist made contact with my face, on my right side, causing me to turn around completely; he had a good punch…

“Tie him up!” He shouted.

His men rushed to me and I put my arms out, allowing them to bind my arms.

“You really are a strange one, you know? You’re letting this happen.” Ingeo said, clearly confused.

“Well, you’re the host, and I’m the guest; should I not abide to your house rules?” I rhetorically asked.

“Do you not fear me?” He growled.

“Perhaps, a little.” I shrugged.

My change in attitude had been down to Nicole. Over the past few days she had taught me to be sarcastic and blunt with Ingeo; few people talk to him in such a way, and she suggested that I would stand out to him if I did. So rather than challenge him, I’d just toy with him.

“You know why you are still alive? Yes?”

“You asked me that like, five days ago.” I replied.

I was hoisted up and he came forward and hit me in the face again.

“Do not be smart with me!” He yelled viciously.

Okaaay, I’ll be stupid.” I grinned, pulling a stupid face to emphasise the point.

From behind Ingeo, I heard Applejack chuckle, and much to my fear, he heard it as well.

“Who laughed? Hm? Who fucking laughed!?” He roared.

“You’re cute when you’re angry.” I teased.

“I’ve had enough of you… You need to fear me!” He screamed in my face.



“Am I bovvered?”

What does that fucking mean!?

“Does my face, look bovvered?”

Vladimir!” Ingeo shouted.

The Russian walked beside me.

“Take him to the chair…”

I fear I had been too cocky with Ingeo, I had let Nicole’s attitude get to me, and I had attempted to copy it, and clearly I did not fit that role.
My bonds were undone and Vladimir tried to push me to a door nearby. I tried to make a break for it, only to be yanked back by the scruff of my neck, Vladimir grabbed my wrists and pushed me to the door, I struggled and struggled, but to no avail, I was brought to the door and pushed through. The room had a wooden armchair in the middle of the room, with leather straps around the wrist and ankle areas. On the walls were tools, lots and lots of tools. Saws, knives, razor blades, a drill, complete with drill bits. On a table behind the chair, was a car battery.

“Oh… Fuck…” I mumbled.

{What the fuck have you gotten yourself into…?} I thought to myself, gulping.

“Keep the door open!” Ingeo ordered.

I want the horses to hear his screams…

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