• Published 5th Aug 2013
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The Titan's Orb - Old Man Dusters

Callum lives a miserable life on Earth. But that is soon to change, as some unexpected visitors will change his life forever.

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Chapter Sixteen - Rio Grande

Author's Note:

I published this on the 9th of January, which just so happens to be my birthday!

Oh yeeaah! It's mah birth'day!
Gonna drink bacardi like it's mah birth'day!
(You need to imagine me singing that like a black rapper for it to be mildly amusing...)

Good morning!” Rarity sang up to us from the ground below.

I opened my eyes and looked about, Rainbow Dash was curled up further away on the large branch, the rope had kept me nicely in place, which I was thankful for.

Come on sleepy heads! Time to get up!” Rarity called again.

“Just getting up now!” I called back.

“Spi… Spitfire…” Dash moaned in her sleep.

I thought I’d get some payback for the scare she gave me last night, and put my mouth to her ear.

HAH! TIME FOR A TEA PARTY!” I yelled in a high pitched, fabulous tone.

She screamed in shock and had a small fit, before falling off the branch, she caught herself in mid-air and flew back up.

“Surprise mutha fucka!” I said in a deep voice, laughing loudly to myself.

“You dickhead!” She yelled and flew at me, ramming into me.

I rolled sideways off the branch, and was left hanging upside down by the rope.

“I heard that Rainbow Dash!” Rarity shouted, and then looked up to see me.

“Hi Rarity!” I called in a playful voice.

“What are you doing!? You could fall!” She yelped.

“I was kinda pushed!” I replied.

“Stop messing around up there!” She shouted angrily.

“Yes dear!” I laughed.

I climbed back up the rope and onto the top side of the branch, to see Rainbow Dash sitting there, glaring at me.

“Hey.” I said with a grin.


“Love you too.” I chuckled.

“Shut up, you ruined a good dream.” She moaned.

“What? A make-out session with the leader of the Wonderbolts?” I teased.

Rainbow Dash went bright red, and dived off the branch and glided to the ground without saying a word.

{Nice guess work…} I thought to myself.

I untied the rope and coiled it up, before putting it back into my bag, I then put the bag onto my back and grabbed hold of the large ivy stem that I had climbed up the night before. I then proceeded to lower myself down the tree; the extra weight of the bag on my back made it a little harder to keep a good grip, the pulling sensation on my shoulders made each new handhold just that little bit harder to hold on to. Nonetheless, I was able to climb down the tree without any unfortunate falls to an untimely death.

“Sleep well?” Rarity asked, who was waiting for me at the bottom.

“Like a log, no pun intended.” I chortled.

Rarity burst into the strangest laugh I’d ever heard, it sounded like she had been tasered, she then looked at me, embarrassed by the laugh. We said nothing, as we both roared with laughter together.

“You really are quite the joker Callum…” Rarity sighed, wiping a tear away.

“Rarity, I think your laugh was a lot funnier than the joke.” I replied, still chuckling.

We both calmed down and headed to the tent to see the others.

As we approached the group it was clear that everypony was good to go, the tent had been packed up and everyone had their saddlebags on.

“Here.” Applejack called to me as she tossed me an apple.

I caught it and took a bite.

Mmn Granny Smith apples, my favourite!” I munched.

“Yeah, you love the taste of Granny Smi-”

“Stop there, before you get hurt.” Applejack interrupted before Dash could finish.

{Vivid imagination! Stooooop!} I thought to myself, cringing.

“Moving on swiftly!” Rarity exclaimed.

“Indeed.” I replied.

“I noticed a large body of water on the other side of the airport, indicating that we’re on an island of some sort, we need to find a crossing point.” Twilight told us.

Rainbow Dash smirked and flexed her wings, then looked around at all of us, groaned, and folded them in again, knowing she couldn’t fly and had to walk with the rest of us.

“Let’s get moving now, and out of this jungle, so we can get a good look at the water to find a cross point.” I said to the group.

“You’re not in charge, you don’t give the orders.” Twilight hissed.

“Are you going to say that every time I instruct the group to do something? Because it’s really boring Twilight. As your guide, I know what to do, and where to go; so for once in your life, just shut it.” I retorted.

“Don’t speak to me in that way!” She growled.

“Then don’t speak to me in that way either.” I spat back.

“You’re on thin ice human…” She hissed to me.

“As are you… Pony…” I replied darkly.

I turned around and cleared my throat, Twilight said nothing further.

“Right, are we off then?” I quizzed to the group.

The others all nodded and hummed, Applejack stretched her hind leg and winced in pain from the barb wire wound in her hoof.

“Need me to take your bag again?” I asked her.

“That’d be much appreciated sugar cube.” She replied with a warm smile.

I took her bag and slung it over my shoulder.

“Right, let’s go.” I ordered.

We headed through the jungle in the direction we came from, and soon came to the edge of the treeline, a small way away I noticed an aeroplane coming in to land at the airport.

“Right, we need to avoid the airport and get closer to the water, so let’s head south from here.” I suggested.

“Good thinking.” Rarity agreed.

We continued south, staying just within the jungle’s treeline to stay hidden, we didn’t need to go far before we came to the end, only to find an open runway, far beyond that was the shoreline, hidden behind some buildings and another small patch of wood.

“Crap, we need to get across that area undetected…” I groaned.

“Enough of plans dude, just sprint.” Dash huffed in boredom and stretched her wings.

“On three legs? You’ve gotta be kidding me!” Applejack grunted.

“Iron Pony my ass…” Rainbow hissed to Applejack.

“Oh yeah? We’ll see about that…” She growled back.

“You know, after all this sneaking and stuff, I could use a good run.” I said in agreement with Dash.

“Why not? We won’t be here long.” Rarity agreed.

“Fun run! Woo!” Pinkie squealed.

“Fuck a countdown! Let’s go!” Dash cheered, shooting into the air and zipping across the airstrip.

“Why am I friends with her…?” Rarity sighed.

“Because she’s awesome!” I howled, sprinting after her.

I ran and ran after Dashie and didn’t look back. I needed to stretch my legs, and boy it felt good. I felt like a young Forest Gump, I could just keep running and running…

I got to the other side and into the treeline of the next little patch of forest; I looked behind me to find the others desperately trying to catch up with me, they didn’t get to the woodland for another good twenty seconds.

“You’re… You’re faster than I thought…” Applejack panted.

“Don’t sweat it, you’re on three legs.” I replied, squatting down to catch my breath.

“You’re on two.” Rarity pointed out.

“True…” I hummed, smirking.

We all re-grouped and headed through the woodland to get to the other side, and didn’t stop walking until we reached water, and much to our delight, there was a road bridge to the mainland of Brazil, I looked at my compass to find it was heading exactly where we needed, west.

“We’re going to have to go under that bridge to conceal ourselves.” I said to Twilight.

“How can we travel under a bridge? Moron.” She spat.

“There’s probably a walkway under the bridge, there normally is.” I replied calmly, not rising to her insult.

“If you know there’s a walkway, why not say that first? Why make things difficult? Hm?” Twilight questioned, as hostile as ever.

“Just in case you didn’t think of it first, I know how slow you can be.” I teased.

“How… Dare…”

“I’m joking Sparkler, we all know you’ve got the biggest head- I mean uh, brain, here.” I chuckled.

Twilight bit the middle of her lip in anger and took a very shaky breath; I decided that was enough teasing for now.

“How are we going to get over there undetected?” Rarity asked, coming up behind us.

“I guess we just stay in a tight packed group and head along the shoreline.” I suggested.

“Good plan.” She replied.

“Right, let’s get a move on then, no need for waiting around.” Applejack said firmly, walking unsteadily on her three legs.

We set off once more, and decided to pick up the pace, for minutes on end we kept walking without any need to stop.

We got to the bridge after a good ten minute walk with no problems; the bridge was about ten feet above us; just as I had predicted, there was a walkway underneath.

“Bingo!” I cheered.

“Sshh!” Twilight hissed.

“Oh calm your tits, nobody’s going to hear us.” I chuckled.

“You don’t know that.” She grunted.

“Oh shut your trap and get up on the walkway.” I said gruffly.

“Make me…” Twi growled.

“Do you want to go there?” I said, growling even deeper as I squatted next to her ear.

Twilight said nothing and trotted uphill to the bridge with haste; I found that as much as I hated threatening her, it was necessary to get her arse in gear, as she simply refused any order I gave her when she felt confident enough to challenge me. I had to keep her in her place.

The others caught up and headed uphill with us, and we got to the walkway underneath.

“What if someone shows up ahead and sees us?” Rarity asked.

“Not sure…” I replied.

“We make sure he’s dealt with.” Twilight grumbled.

“I beg your pardon?” Rarity gasped.

“We want no witnesses.” Twilight replied.

“Have you heard yourself…?” Rainbow Dash said in disbelief.

Twilight merely hummed.

“You’re seriously talking like that, you genuinely meant that. When you say to ‘deal’ with witnesses, you mean to kill them; what’s happened to you Twilight?” Rarity asked, completely taken aback.

“I ensure on completing this mission quickly, with no faults; I cannot take lives into account. I’m growing up Rarity, I’ve matured, every now and then, some lives need to end, sometimes someone dies, and sometimes, it’s necessary.” Twilight replied, a lot calmer than I had expected.

I was completely taken aback. Twilight was very different from anything I could have expected, she was talking like a ruler there. What she just said was actually quite relevant; as dark as it seemed, I was actually on her side here.

“That’s… That’s horri-”

“That’s a very good point, regardless of the darkness behind it.” I butted in from Rarity.

“Then it’s settled.” Twilight said.

“I’m not having any of you fight, if there’s a witness, I deal with them.” I instructed.

“You... You can’t be agreeing with her… That's... That’s barbaric.” Rarity stuttered.

“As Twilight said, it’s necessary.” I replied, letting out a sigh.

“I want no involvement.”

“Then don’t watch.” I muttered.

“Enough talk, let’s just move and reduce the chance of a witness in the first place.” Dashie groaned.

We all agreed and headed across the underpass.

We were about halfway across when we found exactly what we were dreading, a man was walking our way from the other side. He looked skinny and frail, even from the distance we were at, I could tell he was a small man.

“What do we do?” I asked Twi.

“What we planned, deal with him.”

“How though? Do you honestly want me to kill him? Or just knock him out?” I asked again.

“I want to take no chances; do what you have to.” Twilight responded.

{You’re taking this to a level it doesn’t need to go to…} I thought to myself.

“Twilight are you sure?”


“As you command, group leader.” I replied with a sigh.

I didn’t want to kill, not yet. The clone of myself was bad enough, but I had to obey Twilight in order to get more of her trust, and for her to witness my strength so she wouldn’t challenge me as much, so I guess I didn’t have a choice.

As the man got closer, he looked towards us and saw the six behind me; he slowed down and squinted, trying to get a better look. I walked right up to him, and much to my luck, he took no notice of me, transfixed on the ponies. I took one look at them and nodded, Fluttershy and Rarity looked away, Applejack also turned Pinkie away so she couldn’t see.

“Like with Graham, this is nothing personal…” I mumbled quietly, before I made my move.

I gave him a full powered uppercut to the jaw, the poor fucker had no idea what was coming and I saw his whole head jolt backwards. I took no hesitation as I pushed him to the rail of the walkway and hit him in the face a few more times, before bending his back over the rail, he cried out in pain before I silenced him by elbowing him in the gut as hard as possible. I finished him off by flipping his legs over the rail; he fell to the ocean below, flailing around in the air like a fish out of water.
He hit the water and didn’t resurface; he was dead, without a doubt.

I looked down at the water for what felt like hours; my forehead began to sweat, and much like when I had to kill my clone, I felt my stomach wrench from the gruesome feeling within.
It felt as though there was no oxygen in the air, and I began taking deep, shaky breaths.
Everything went numb and cold for a while, as though I'd died myself...

“Are you ok?” Dash asked, walking next to me.

I shook my head to regain my senses and I looked to the blue mare.

“I’m fine.” I answered hoarsely.

“Bullshit.” She muttered.

I took a deep breath. I had just killed someone, like, properly. I’d killed my clone before, but I just killed another person, I had ended an actual life… I felt nauseous, sick… So unbelievably sick…

{Get a grip Callum...} I thought.

“Let’s move, quickly.” I ordered.

I didn’t need to say it twice, Twilight took one look at me before she trotted ahead, the others did the same, Rainbow Dash stayed by my side.

“What’s it like?” Dash asked.

I remained silent.


“Rainbow Dash please just shut the fuck up.” I choked up.

“Got it.” She nodded.

I took a very deep breath and wiped the sweat from my brow, it was over and done with; this mission was my purpose, I couldn’t let killing be a problem for me, I just had to accept I’m killer now, and move on…
And then, as if my mind had been warped, I felt a fresh wave of coolness run through my body. Similar to getting a tingle up my spine, but it felt pleasant; the feeling of horror and dread left me, and it was replaced with calmness, a feeling of relaxation and understanding.

I felt alive…

“Callum, are you sure you’re alright?” Applejack asked, prodding me with a hoof.

I cleared my mind of all thoughts and gave myself a little shake.

“Yeah, I just… I just needed a moment; let’s get going.” I replied.

We kept moving across the walkway, I tried my best to push all my emotions aside, as they were all currently going crazy. Luckily there were no more people, and we got to the other side with no more problems. When we got to the end we found the walkway came out to more woodland, the odds appeared to be in our favour for now.

“Before your map closed down, I noticed that we’re headed towards a very urban area, what do we do about that?” Rarity asked.

“Stick to the shadows and alleyways if we can; I’ll scout ahead and make gestures on if it’s safe or not.” I answered.

“Sounds like a pretty good plan, unless the egghead has any complaints.” Dash said.

Like robots, we all turned our heads in sync to face Twilight; who looked from face to face. She took a good long look at me, before facing the group as a whole.

“What he said.”

I smirked, I had a feeling Twilight wasn’t going to object to me for a while after what she had just seen…
We headed off the walkway and into the jungle, still moving at a brisk pace, we didn’t stop and simply continued to walk south-west through the jungle.

Without running into problems, we reached the other end of the woodland, to find a large road, on the other side was the urban area Rarity mentioned, a side road turned into the entrance to a rundown town. The place was absolutely filthy, litter blew around the street and graffiti was sprayed all over the walls, the only thing that looked like it was contributing to the economy was a motorbike dealer on the corner of the road.

“What a disgusting place to live.” Rarity groaned.

“Well we’re not living here, so let’s just get through as quickly as possible.” I replied.

She nodded and we took a step forward when I noticed a CCTV camera atop one of the buildings.

“Hang on, we need to find a way around that.” I said, pointing to the camera.

It was then when we heard a sound I knew only too well, a gunshot.

“What was that?” Twilight yelped.

“Get down.” I replied firmly.

We all lay down and waited, and a few seconds later we heard an engine revving; not long after that we saw a van come into sight and a few motorbikes, I could clearly see the riders were armed.

“What are those things?” Rainbow Dash asked.

Sshh!” I growled.

The van stopped and the bikers around it also came to a halt, the riders dismounted as the van’s back doors opened, more men climbed out of the back, four of them. They too, were armed with rifles, they took shots into the air and a woman screamed. In seconds everyone had run away into their homes, one of the men looked around before walking to motorbike dealer’s stand; he was clearly the leader of this gang, he was tall and thin, he wore camo trousers and two gun belts across his topless body, a large black skull was tattooed on his chest. Whoever this guy was, he meant business.

“Who is that guy?” Rainbow Dash asked again.

“Shut up Rainbow…” I hissed.

The man pointed at the bikes, and the other men walked ahead and started cutting through the ropes binding them together. The stand owner walked out and started shouting at the men, and without any warning, the leader pulled a pistol out of the holster on his leg and shot the owner in the knees, he fell to the ground, screaming in agony.

“Holy sh-”

I interrupted Rainbow Dash by grabbing her muzzle and holding it shut.

“Shut up unless you want to end up like him.” I said.

She nodded, and I let go of her muzzle. There was another gunshot and I looked back to see the bike owner had be put out of his misery; the leader then took a few shots the CCTV camera, and hit it on his third shot.

“We need to move while everyone’s hiding.” I instructed.

“Are you crazy?” Applejack gasped.

“Rarity, use a diversion spell to make a sound behind them, while they’re investigating it, we move into the alleyway.” I ordered.

“What sound?”

“Replicate the gunshot and loop it, really loud bangs, it’ll buy us more time.”

“Good idea.”

“Hehe… Loud bangs…” Rainbow Dash snickered, to which I glared at her, she quickly nodded and stopped.

“Girls, get ready to move, but move quietly.” I said to the group.

They all nodded and we shuffled forward to the edge of the road. Rarity’s horn lit up, and the sound of machine gun fire sounded off behind the gang, they all dived into cover and randomly started shooting in the direction of the sound, a few house windows were shattered and people inside the houses screamed; the gang then ran ahead to investigate, while the leader went inside the small store where the bike owner lived to take anything inside.

“Go, now.” I ordered.

We all ran as fast as we could without making a sound towards the van, we ran alongside the left side and stopped to hide and look for the next place to run to, I quickly went around and looked into the back of the van to find a few assault rifles, SMGs, and magazines lying on the floor.

“Fuck it, I might need this.” I said to myself, leaning in and grabbing the closest rifle and a few magazines.

“What is wrong with you, put that down.” Twilight hissed with fury as I came back around the van.

“It’s for emergencies.” I replied.

Before she could reply, there was the sound of breaking glass inside the bike dealer’s shop, I looked ahead of the van to see the gang were still searching for the origin of the Rarity’s decoy, we didn’t have much time left until they came back. Looking along the street from us, I noticed an alleyway.

“In that alley, go.” I ordered.

We all ran into the alleyway, I took one last look back to ensure we hadn’t been seen.

We kept going down the alley until we reached the end, where we stopped for a breather.

“Who were those guys?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I don’t know, some form of gang, whoever they are, they’re not friendly.” I replied.

“You’re telling me? They just killed someone back there!”

Fluttershy whimpered and crouched down, I then gave my rifle a look. It was a Galil, a big one too, full black; I looked on the side of the gun to see the issue; it was a Seven point Sixty Two Millimetre make. These guys weren’t just hooligans with guns, they had some decent kit.

“These people are dangerous, we need to move quickly and get some distance from them.” I said.

“Then let’s go already.” Twilight snapped.

I nodded and took point; I looked around the corner to see an empty road, an alleyway on the other side. I looked back to the six, pointed to the alley, and nodded. I then sprinted to the other side with the others just behind me.

“You all ok?” I asked when we got there and stopped.

They all nodded, and we moved to the next alley, repeating the same pattern for each empty road.

“Where to now?” Rainbow Dash asked as we came to a dead end in one of the alleys.

I looked around, and found a wooden door beside us.

“No, don’t, there could be people inside.” Rarity said.

“I go in first, I make sure it’s safe, then we move.” I snapped back.

She nodded and the six stood back as I tried the door, as predicted, it was locked. I took a step back, and then kicked the door in with all my might, and the door burst open on first try, I rushed in and pointed my gun around to find a middle aged man and a woman, woman screamed and the man instantly stood in front of her, ready to give his life to protect her; I instantly gathered they were partners.

Por favor! Por favor!” He cried, putting his hands up, trembling like an earthquake.

GET UPSTAIRS! NOW!” I boomed, gesturing to the staircase with my gun.

The man quickly pulled his wife to the side and told her to go up the stairs; she scrambled to the stairs on her hands and knees, sobbing loudly.

GO ON! UP THE STAIRS! GO!” I roared at the top of my lungs, pointing my rifle at the man.

The man crouched down and ran as fast as he could and got to the stairs, and sprinted to the top with his lady by his side.

GO ON! GO!” I yelled, chasing them half way up the stairs until they went around the corner.

I heard a door upstairs slam, and I knew my job was done. I came back down the stairs to find Rainbow Dash had poked her head in the doorway.

“It’s safe.” I said dryly.

She entered the room and the others joined her, they gathered around me, their eyes full of fear.

“You scare me when you shout…” Rarity mumbled.

“I know, and I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to be like that if we’re going to succeed in this mission.” I replied, taking a deep breath in.

“Where now?” Applejack asked.

I looked out the front door and found the road had people dotted here and there, and on the other side was the next alleyway we needed to get to.

“Across that road.” I answered.

“How do we get across?” Rainbow Dash quizzed, putting a hoof behind her neck to scratch an itch.

I took a moment to think, when I looked back at when the gang arrived earlier, and an idea popped into my head…

“When I shout ‘go, go, go’ I want you all to sprint to that alley as fast as you can.” I instructed.

“What are you going to do?” Twilight demanded.

“Clear the street…” I replied, opening the front door.

I stepped out and took a few paces into the road, before I performed the most daring thing I’d ever done in my life…

EVERYBODY MOVE!” I yelled, raising my rifle in the air, I then pulled the trigger.

All hell broke loose, everyone started screaming and running around frantically as my rifle fired into the air, the recoil almost took the gun right out of my hands, I tightened my grip and continued firing until the magazine ran out. I let go of the trigger, put a new magazine in, and started pointing the rifle it at random people.

GO ON! GET LOST! MOVE!” I growled, gesturing with the gun for people to run away.

And they all did just that, after no more than ten seconds the only visible people were the ones running far away down the road.

Go! Go! Go!” I shouted and took another shot into the air.

The six emerged from the building and sprinted across the road and into the alley, not hesitating for a second.

“Now that’s what I call crowd control!” I laughed loudly.

I then heard the sound of multiple engines coming towards me, so I edged closer to the alley. To my absolute horror, numerous motor bikes came into vision, before the gang leader’s van too, came into sight; the bikers looked at me and revved their engines, before aiming their guns towards me.

FUCK!” I shrieked and sprinted into the alley.

I heard gunshots behind me and then the sound of the bullets hitting the brick wall behind me; my heart skipped a beat as I came into the true realisation that people had just shot at me.

“What was that?” Dash asked, full of excitement.

We’ve been spotted! Run for it!” I shouted, whizzing past all six ponies.

WHAT!?” Twilight screeched.

RUN! FUCKING RUN!” I screamed at her.

With no further instruction, the six sprinted after me as I charged down the alleyway as fast as my legs could carry me, once again there was a dead end, and I smashed through the door at the end and a woman inside squealed in fear.

Oh shut the fuck up!” I growled at her as I ran through the house and out the front door into the next abandoned road.

I heard her scream again as the ponies entered the room and followed me, I kept running down the road until I found another alley. Just before I entered, I heard more gunshots and the woman’s scream being silenced; the gang were after us…

What have you done!?” Twilight shouted at me, panting furiously.

Don’t talk, just run!” I shouted back, passing through the alleyway until we found a turning point.

Behind me was a gun shot, and then the sound of a bullet impacting on the wall right behind me, I looked to see a massive break in the brick, I looked back for a split second to see the gang right on my tail.

“Holy fuck…” I said shakily as I dived into the next alley.

We came to a dead end, and no doors.

“No… No no no no no NO!!!” Twilight screamed in fear.

I looked at the ground to find a manhole, without saying a word I bent down and lifted the cover off.

“Down there! Now!” I shouted.

The ponies clambered down one by one, I knelt on one knee and faced where we had come; a man came around the corner and started running at me, I did what every instinct in my body was telling me to do, and I pulled the trigger.
The man ahead fell to the ground, dead instantly. More men came around the corner and I opened fire on them, two of the men screamed in pain and fell to the ground, a few of them were able to get back behind the wall. It was then when the most terrifying moment of my life occurred, they started firing back.
A bullet whizzed past me and hit the wall behind, Applejack screamed in sheer terror as another bullet smacked into the brick right beside her head. She ducked down and clambered into the manhole after Rainbow Dash, it was just Rarity and Twilight left to go.

I popped more shots back at the attackers, causing them to go back behind cover; one of them put his head back around and I took a shot, his head jolted back as blood and brain matter splattered over his gang mates, my first real headshot.

I took a few more shots before the rifle started to click. The magazine was empty, I didn’t have the time to reload; I turned around and pushed Twilight down the manhole, who landed on Rarity, I then slid down the ladder and helped them up.

What did you do that for!?” Twilight screeched at me.

Much like you, I don’t want to DIE!” I boomed back at her.

The sound of footsteps above showed the gang had no signs of giving up the chase.

“You killed some of them didn’t you?” Rarity asked.

“Run.” I ordered.

She nodded and ran along with the others; I ran ahead to look for an exit, ahead was a barred metal gate, and beyond that was a large pipeline, which meant there was a sewer network not far off.

Keep going and don’t stop!” I shouted to the group as I opened the door and let the ponies through.

As I was closing the gate behind me, I heard the echo of men shouting, they were in the network with us.

I took out the empty magazine and reloaded the rifle, the charging handle pinging loudly as I pulled it back and then let it go; I ran after the six, who were some distance ahead now. Behind me was the sound of more gunfire and another bullet whizzed past my head.
The fear and adrenaline coursing through my body was like nothing I’d ever felt before, I sprinted at my maximum and caught up with the ponies in seconds. Applejack was clearly as scared as I was; she was running on all four legs again, the barb wound was numb to her as true fear took over.
More gunshots sounded off and more bullets flew by, a bullet went through Applejack’s tail and the red band she wore split in half, causing her tail to flow out naturally.

{That was too close!} I thought.

Suddenly, a searing pain went through my outer left thigh as a bullet went through my leg, I screamed in pain and lost my footing, tripping over and rolling in the muck in the centre of the sewer pipe.

Callum!” Applejack screamed.

I was able to get to my feet with the momentum of my roll and desperately ran as fast as I could with the added bullet wound, but to no avail, another bullet skimmed my right calf and caused me to slip once more.

No!” Applejack shouted to me, slowing down.

DO NOT STOP FOR ME! JUST RUN!” I howled at Applejack.

She nodded and sprinted after her friends; I rolled over and clutched my rifle to my chest, I took a deep breath and aimed at my attackers once more. The first man came into sight and I opened fire, he fell face first into the ground and skidded to a halt, I aimed down the iron sight and shot as many men as I could. If I was going to die now, I was going to give the six as much help as I could before I went.

My magazine ran out after I had shot around ten of them, another shot was fired at me and a bullet went directly into my left deltoid. I gasped in pain and dropped the rifle, the pain was like nothing I’d ever experienced. Even with the serious adrenaline, the pain was still almost unbearable, it felt like the bullet wounds were on fire, I blinked back my tears and I tried my best to crawl away, my lower legs were now coated with sewage, I looked down at my thigh to see the left side of my brown cargo trousers were dark red, wet with my blood.
I looked back up to see the men running past me after the others, completely ignoring me; I rolled over to watch them pursue the ponies.

No…” I groaned, still trying to hold back the tears from the searing pain in my shoulder and leg.

A hand grabbed my shoulder and I couldn’t help but cry out in pain and shock, I was rolled over and I looked up to see the leader of the gang. He squatted over me, looked me in the eyes, and smiled; it was a sick smile, a dark thought had run through his head, and it clearly pleasured him to think about it. He then drew his pistol from his holster, grabbed me by the throat, and then smacked me in the side of the head with the pistol. My head jolted to the side and I grunted deeply with pain, everything went fuzzy, my head began to throb and I could feel a blood trickle down the side of my head. The leader then stood up and rolled me onto my side with his foot. I tried to get up again, and he brought his gun down onto my head again, I face planted into the muck beneath me and I felt even dizzier, the pain began to grow numb as all my senses went haywire.

I made one last attempt to get up, before the gun hit the back of my head a third time, and all went black.

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