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Tupac and Biggie were two men that would have hardly needed an introduction in the early 90’s. Most famously known for being the frontrunners of a growing feud between the west and east coast hip hop scenes, their rivalry would forever be cemented in history.

Unfortunately these two kings of hip hop became casualties of their own war, but both will be given a second chance. Only one catch comes with the deal and it’s named Equestria. Is this relatively peaceful land ready for these two thugs and what they will bring to the music scene? They say some rivalries are better left dead; however there are some that simply must live on.


This is a collaboration fic with Sonson-Sensei, give his stories a read!

Warning: Fic contains cursing, hardcore rappers, ponies becoming hardcore themselves, and real rap. (Not that trash you hear on the radio. That ain’t rap, that’s...Ew.)

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This is a good story.

Were you inspired by Inspectah Dash's thread?

Either way, faved and upvoted.

Tupac just introduced nigga to Equestria... that's fucking awesome. like and fav my nigga.

P.S. not all the shit on the radio is that bad, most of it is, but not all. Future go in, even if he does sound like a dying Billy goat.

2995743Yes, and No. Here's how it went,

When I first started writing, I always wondered how 2pac and Biggie would enter Equestria, and what they would do. That was before I read a thread that Inspectah Dash posted long before the most recent one, and before I even knew who he was( I found him through the Ice Cube story)

It was about....maybe 4 or 5 months ago when he made the thread,

In a way, yea kinda.

First off, Tupac is overrated.

Second off, I'm not sure if his characterization here is accurate or even respectful. This is coming from a hip-hop fan, so take it into account. I'd reccomend watching interviews and whatnot to get a better idea of how he talked and what being inside his head was like.

Tupac was very mellow musically and poetically, so maybe instead of makin him out to be this typical pants-sagging thug, you capture that melancholy nature in his character. Biggie was a bit more of a gangsta, so perhaps this characterization is a bit more accurate for him?

Also, when the Boondocks drops nigga like machine gun fire, it's funny. Here it seems... Really forced. Like really forced.

Mix that with some punctuation errors and overall this shit is irksome. Work on it.

OK! I can't wait to see what happened when biggie comes in.

Biggy Smalls and Tupac Shakur in Equestria? This I have to read...


I'm not sure if his characterization here is accurate or even respectful.

I don't think there was ever risk of this being accurate or respectful in anyway.

That said, I did enjoy it. Play on, fair author, play on.

This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!


I require MOOORREEEE!! :flutterrage: :raritydespair:

I favorited this, somewhere if I had to guess, in 2010-11-12. Whichever one, it's been a couple years. As of now, the anticipation ranks #2, #1 being Half Life. I'm been waiting, for this fic, filled with hope and promise to somehow resurrect. If you get notice of this comment, this isn't a request or demand. I am outright BEGGING you. To continue this fic. Please.

Aw Shit it't about to go down

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